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Chris Lang Photography
Based In: Wilmington NC 28401
Other Locations: North Carolina and South Carolina

Chris Lang is a multiple-style photographer. He does not tend to stay in one style or the other but rather photograph several different styles at the same time. For Chris, lifestyle wedding photography is an attitude, a flexibility, a way to…

Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographers | Chris Lang Photography

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and for finding the very top and professional Myrtle Beach wedding photographers at Best of Wedding Photography. With 60 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches along the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean, the places for wedding photos are plentiful. This is one of the best beaches on the east coast and ideal for stunning sunset images. A couple of places where our Myrtle Beach wedding photographers have enjoyed taking wedding photos are Myrtle Beach State Park and Huntington Island State Park. Huntington Island also has a romantic lighthouse. Just let our wedding photographers in Myrtle Beach know the location of your wedding, and they will search for the very best spot for you. Don’t forget to book them early. You will be amazed with the final imagery in your wedding album.

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