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Rares Pulbere Photography
Based In: Barcelona, Spain
Other Locations: UK - London l Italy - Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Venice, Rome l Spain - Ibiza, Mallorca, Granada, Madrid

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." Oscar Wilde With this in mind, I’m on my journey in this adventure called life. Hi, I’m Rares and I am a passionate traveler, an explorer of life, always looking…

Mallorca Wedding Photographers | Rares Pulbere Photography

Many congratulations from our artistic Mallorca wedding photographers on your upcoming wedding day. The whole island of Mallorca has breathtaking scenery and hundreds of places for wedding photos. Some of the places that our Mallorca wedding photographers may suggest are in the beautiful natural parks, and the majestic Tramuntana Mountains on the west coast. Then there is the awesome Arab landscaping in the 15th century Jardins de Alfabia including bamboo groves and lily ponds. Es Pla is full of culture and quaint windmills. For more culture and romantic history with medieval majestic architecture, Palma is wonderful. And if you love mansions and stunning gardens, La Granja de Esporles is absolutely lovely. Whatever your preference, our highly-skilled wedding photographers in Mallorca will be much obliged. You will be speechless with the beauty of your finished wedding album.

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