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Katz Photography
Based In: Nairobi, Kenya
Other Locations: Kigali, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Wedding Photography is more than just images. Our approach to a wedding is that it should not be a photo shoot! Telling your story with images that have authentic moments is all we are up to. We are driven to remind you the true emotions of…

Kigali Wedding Photographers | Katz Photography

Our Kigali wedding photographers describe Kigali as a good place for weddings. The choices for wedding photo sessions are boundless. Our awesome Kigali wedding photographers would like to share a few of our much-loved places. Let’s start with the picturesque Hôtel des Mille Collines. How about the lush rainforest of the Volanoes National Park? Then there is the enchanting and lovely gardens at the Presidential Palace Museum. Today is a very good day – you just located award winning, professional and the top wedding photographers in Kigali. Be sure to book early.

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