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Lauren Newman Photography
Based In: Tel Aviv, Israel
Other Locations: France | UK | Greece | USA | Destination Weddings

Hi! Im Lauren, I was born in London but grew up along the gorgeous coast line of Southern France. I'm soon to be married myself! to a tall, dark & handsome Israeli man who shares my home & heart with our furry dog baby, called Olive. We live…

Caesarea Wedding Photographers | Lauren Newman Photography

Ben Kelmer Studio
Based In: Israel, Tel Aviv
Other Locations: UK - London l Germany - Berlin l New York

I was born and raised in Tel Aviv and from my earliest years, I can recall a strong fascination and growing passion for colour and the seemingly endless happenings unfolding in the city before me. Photography is second nature to me. My aim is…

Caesarea Wedding Photographers | Ben Kelmer Studio

Our professional and excellent Caesarea wedding photographers know that Caesarea is a most wonderful and unique place for wedding photos, especially the powerful historical component that this city was dedicated to Caesar Augustus by Herod the Great. From Caesarea National Park to the Caesarea Ralli Museum to Mei Kedem to the Sebastos sea harbor and much, much more – our talented and top Caesarea wedding photographers will be happy to capture your precious wedding memories. Be sure to include our wedding photographers in Caesarea early in your planning process. Congratulations!

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