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Rose Schaller Photo
Based In: Hudson Valley, NY
Other Locations: Block Island, RI

I absolutely LOVE being a Hudson Valley wedding photographer. It is not where I started as a professional, in fact I was dragged kicking and screaming into wedding photography BUT I'm so glad I gave it a try. I could not imagine my life…

Block Island Wedding Photographers | Rose Schaller Photo

Our Block Island wedding photographers often say that love and romance are everywhere – a perfect location for wedding photographs. Imagine sharing a tender glance with your new spouse as the sun sets along the sands of Mansion Beach or Crescent Beach or Ballard’s Beach. How about some mysterious and romantic wedding shots near the North or Southeast Lighthouses? Do you prefer to capture history in your wedding photographs? Grab your Block Island wedding photographers and head down to the Block Island Historical Society, or another of your favorite places. There is some special location for all our couples near your venue. Our wedding photographers in Block Island at Best of Wedding Photography would be honored to capture your treasured moments.

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