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Sergio Sarnicola Wedding Photographer
Based In: Verona, Italy
Other Locations: North of Italy l Bari, Naples, Como, Venice, Florence l Spain - Barcelona

Hi! I am Sergio. I firmly believe that wedding photography is a true form of art. I have a passion for detail, and I am constantly searching for a different angle to see things. When I drive, sometimes I take the longest road to enjoy the…

Bari Wedding Photographers | Sergio Sarnicola Wedding Photographer

Thanks from our top Bari wedding photographers for finding us here on Best of Wedding Photography – we happen to think that Bari is a city filled with love and romance. And our Bari wedding photographers would love the opportunity to work with you in producing excellent imagery documenting one of the most important and happiest days in your lives. And the locations for wedding photographs are vast and we will find some that match your personalities. Here are a few we would like to mention starting with history and intricate architecture – the rustic Basilica San Nicola or the Il Succorpo della Cattedrale di Bari or Castel Del Monte. How about a beautiful landscape of Lungomare e Murat a Bar? Parco 2 Guigno is very pretty. How about sharing a romantic glance as the sun sets along Pane e Pomodoro Beach? And there are so many more locations – our wedding photographers in Bari will be happy to assist in finding something for you close to your wedding venue. Congratulations on your engagement!

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