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Andres Barria Photography
Based In: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico
Other Locations: Cuba - Havana l US - California, New York l Mexico - San Miguel De Allende, Mexico City, Monterrey, Saltillo, Guadalajara, Cancun

"To capture a moment as if a caress unfolding, an essence, a point of existence, of coming into being and perishing away, where the hidden lens reveals and signifies forms unseen: the ephemeral and ethereal, those auras of the falling hours…

Saltillo Wedding Photographers | Andres Barria Photography

Congratulations from your ‘cream of the crop’ Saltillo wedding photographers on your forthcoming wedding in this charming colonial town --- the capital of Coahuila. There are several idyllic locations for your wedding photos – making your wedding album a true treasure of wedding memories. Our professional Saltillo wedding photographers would like to share a few favorite places as requested by our couples like Alameda Zaragoza with its beautiful park on a picturesque lake or Casa Purcell Cultural Center or Catedral de Santiago de Saltillo. Our top wedding photographers in Saltillo have only touched the surface of the possible places for your romantic wedding photographers. Be sure to give them a call early in your wedding planning process to ensure they are not booked for your special day.

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