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Nina Photo
Based In: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Other Locations: All over Croatia l All over Austria

Based in Dubrovnik, Croatia - I live with my best friend and husband, together with our two furry friends a dog and a cat.

Having been in love with photography and photographing mostly nature around me, once I started looking for a photographer to shoot my own wedding - I was amazed at how beautiful wedding photography can be. Since then it has been my dream to share people's lives in their happiest and prettiest moments.

Today, living my dream - I shoot every wedding as passionately as the first. And somewhere along the way, my husband started sharing that enthusiasm with me and now we're two photographers on every wedding.

We prefer natural and casual photographs, without the traditional posing, but with much love and attention to detail. We try to document the day unobtrusively.

Dubrovnik wedding photographer