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MIKI Studios
Based In: London, England, UK
Other Locations: UK - Derbyshire, Manchester, Buckinghamshire, Surrey l Italy l France

We want couples to be able to fully RELAX and enjoy their wedding day and then trust us to be passionate and CREATIVE in crafting imagery that documents their day in a unique and AUTHENTIC way:

This is our passion, wedding photography is our craft.

Weddings are all about emotion and this is what we are drawn to. The emotion is everything we trying to preserve - not just moments but moments that will evoke emotions and memories for years to come. It's then about trying to present them in the most creative way available at the time - creative in a way that perhaps interests the viewer especially those who weren't there.

It's easy to take a photograph of grandma crying and those who know her for them to "feel something". It's a much harder challenge to depict her in a way that even someone who doesn't know her understands why she felt what she did and understand her importance in that moment and in a way that piques their curiosity as to why it was shot that way.

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