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Melissa Jill Photography
Based In: Phoenix, AZ
Other Locations: Charlotte, NC l Tucson, AZ l Kauai, HI l San Diego, CA l Portland, OR l New Hampshire

There's one thing you should know about me before you hire me to shoot your wedding... I might cry during your ceremony. Despite my best efforts, I've done it a number of times. Ok...a lot of times. There's just certain couples whose love and pure joy at the culmination of their years of waiting for one another pours out of them and infects everyone at the wedding… and I get sucked in. I can't help it—I shoot with my heart. And if you're one of the couples I've described above-I want to shoot your wedding. I want to be there.

I'm single. Always a wedding photographer... rarely a bridesmaid (because all my friends want me to shoot their wedding)... never a bride. I'm waiting for Hollywood to contact me about making a sequel to "The Wedding Planner" –- "The Wedding Photographer." I would be there. Even though I've never planned a wedding myself, I love the atmosphere that surrounds them-so much emotion, so much beauty; every detail meticulously planned out by the bride and hopefully implemented with the help of her wedding consultant (trust me-it helps a lot with the stress factor). The family and friends who are most important in the lives of the couple all in one place to celebrate. And I get to document it all with art. I get to help tell the story that will live on in their memories long after the day is over, the flowers have died and the guests have gone home. I have one of the best jobs in the world. I love it.

When I was in high school I took my first photo class. We made cameras out of shoeboxes. It's amazing how far we've come. Up until six years ago, I enjoyed photography as a hobby. I studied philosophy, theology and math in college; taking art classes for fun—never dreaming I could be paid to be creative. My dad was an electrical engineer; my mom a nurse. It just wasn't something I thought of. But God had other plans, as He often does, and they were laid out in front of me six years ago. And all I had to do was put one foot in front of another. I've been shooting weddings for six years now and love it.

So I might cry at your wedding but I promise I'll keep shooting and the photos won't be blurry because I use auto focus. Technology is great these days. Phoenix wedding photographer