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Matteo Coltro Wedding Photographer
Based In: Italy, Lake Como
Other Locations: Milan | Tuscany | Florence | Amalfi | Positano

Hello! My name is Matteo. My favorite part of being a wedding photographer is the relationships I get to form with the couples whose love I capture. There’s so much happening on a wedding day and it all goes by in a flash.

But here’s the thing, nothing is absolutely predictable on the day you marry the one you love, and I wish to make sure that everything you heart is in your images, safe, sound and with you for years to come. I have a soft spot for genuine authentic moments snapped when no one notices, the explosion of colors around you, the burst of feelings and the look on your faces that will probably make your mammas tear up a bit. I dance the fine line between poetic editorial and spontaneity as I want your images to extol your romance and sophisticated style.

I was born and raised in Milan, so the love for fashion is in my genes. After graduating economics and marketing I found the world of finance too colorless and focused my energy around photography. My first successful business was my brand, the Matrimoni all’Italiana studio which kept on growing and bringing my vision closer to what you see in my work today. I am based in Milan, the most fast-paced capital of Europe, where creativity is big business, looking good is compulsory ,and after-work drinks are a form of art. However, I will meet you just about anywhere if this means I get to take images of your love.

Love is the thing you know!

Lake Como wedding photographer