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Mateos wedding
Based In: France -- Paris
Other Locations: England l Russia l European and Worldwide Destinations

Because I love people, I specialize in photographing people; I love to record their emotions. Therefore my motto is “to catch emotion and the life that goes with it".

My work is centered on the people I photograph, making sure I catch light and shadow at the right moment. I put in the extra effort to be at the right place at the right moment. I offer a style of contemporary photography influenced by photojournalism and fashion editorials. I don’t require my clients to pose for me if they don't want to, and I help them achieve more relaxed formal photos.

My aim is to capture your wedding from the bride’s and groom’s point of view. As you are pronounced husband and wife, I won’t get in your way and I will work as discreetly as possible. The only way to do that is to let your day flow by without being intrusive or interfering in any way. To move around, to listen, to stay candid with opened eyes… and capture for you everlasting photographs to remember those moments for a lifetime. I love to spend time post-processing my photos to give them an even more stylish look and to develop my own style keeping creativity in mind.

Tell me about your wedding as you imagine it, tell me about you as a couple, tell me your dream, and then ask me to catch it for you… Paris wedding photographer