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Manuel Rusca Weddings Photographer
Based In: Genova, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Liguria, Portofino, Cinque Terre, Piedmont, Tuscany

My name is Manuel Rusca, a specialized photographer to crown your dream of love, with splendid pictures of rare and precious moments in an unforgettable wedding party.

I always loved photography, but I started being seriously invested in it after 2002 when I got into my parents' Studio Specchiomagico. I've learned the secrets of the dark room, of black and white film and optical benches. Right after that I switched to digital photography to never look back. The artistic and technical progress was extraordinary. I discovered wedding photography and reportage. The discovery was to me, who I always loved to capture the stories of people's lives, electrifying, I could tell your story as a job; your stories, captured in an instant, in a picture, forever. This is why I love weddings and I focused on capturing unique moments during a very organized event: every couple brings its own mix of novelty and chances creating the occasions to always take new and different pictures. I don't have to do much, the stories are already there, I just have to express my sensitivity to see them, notice them and take pictures.

You won't see me staging fake moments, I won't ask a father to hug her daughter, nor I will ask the bride to have a little, fake tear run down her face, because those things are very likely to actually happen, and so I'll be there, ready to document those moments. Those are the moments that matter and that will stand through time.

In the last few years I've worked on hundreds of weddings in hundreds of places, I've felt emotions that brought me to tears, others had me laugh with happiness, but each and every one made me understand that love is the only thing that matters. I'm not there to tell my story but to tell yours, maybe reliving my own a little, every time I will do it with all the passion, the creativity and the commitment that I have.

Everywhere you are, in the Ligurian riviera with its fantastic beaches, in the shady inland within its woods and Mediterranean patch, or in the sweet hills of the Tuscan countryside, your wedding deserves a photographer who's able to paint the best pictures of the ceremony, with taste, sensitivity, discretion and fantasy. I guarantee a wedding shooting that will surprise friends and relatives with unforgettable pictures of your most beautiful day.

Come visit me, I'm waiting for you; you'll find the photographer you are looking for.

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