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Luca Tibberio
Based In: Florence, Bologna, Milan, Italy
Other Locations: Europe and UK | Mexico l Italy - Amalfi Coast, Venice, Rome

Hi all! My name's Luca and obviously you've found me here because I'm a wedding photographer. I was born in Milan, but I live in a very little town in the center of Italy, with my wife and my daughter.

I love my job because I love meeting people and telling their stories, that's all. I love my family, the real fuel of my mind and heart. I hate describing myself using the 3rd person, as you can read!

I'm not an award winning photographer, just a direct man who simply adores what he does. When I was child, trust me, the only thought in my mind was plaiyng.....not taking photos.....

I don't like use adjectives to describe my photographic style, even if the most appropriate ones to describe the feeling you may feel while looking at my pics could be spontaneous, unconventional and intimate.

I travel all around the world, so if you've enjoyed looking at my photos, please feel free to write to could find your photographer.....and I could improve my English!

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