Best of Wedding Photography

Johnstone Studios
Based In: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Other Locations: Lake Tahoe, California; Reno, Nevada; San Francisco, California; Napa Valley, California; Sacramento, California

After vows are exchanged and the last dance is done, your gorgeous photographs will be the reminder of the moments you cherished on your wedding day. Gift yourself the emotional, candid, creative photography of Tourine and Trevor Johnstone Lake Tahoe wedding photographers and you will be giving yourself memories to last a lifetime. Based in Lake Tahoe, this artistic team of photographers will capture the obvious and the unexpected. You will fall in love with their unassuming approach to capture all the details and moments both planned and unplanned throughout your day. Imagine seeing each other as you walk down the aisle, while going unnoticed is your family tearing up in the crowd, and the surprise discovery of these emotional and cherished moments simultaneously captured for your collection of photographs.