Best of Wedding Photography

Franco Milani
Based In: Milan, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Verona, Lake Como , Lake Garda, Rome, Tuscany l UK - London l Switzerland l France - Paris l Monte Carlo l Greece

"I take my inspiration from the moment, trying to respect the features that make that day unique and unrepeatable; I try to capture the most exciting situations and exalting the truest instants. Mine are simple and sober photographs, snapshots stolen in moments of absolute spontaneity."

Franco Milani, photographer in Italy, has got a great expertise in his art, reached through over 20 years of wedding photography.

His work is a passion with him. His narrative style aims at telling through pictures a moment in one's life, without interfering with reality going by.

Similarly to a writer and his works, his job is to tell an event, a situation, an emotion through a personal photographic writing. Therefore, it's not only technique and professionality, but above all the desire to catch those emotions and feelings which give photographs their deep and intimate meaning.

Elegance, discretion, taste, spontaneity, lightness and feeling are the main aspects which embrace his photographic style.

Franco Milani is a member of ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers).