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Francesco Spighi Photography
Based In: Florence, Tuscany - Italy
Other Locations: Amalfi, Venice, Rome, Siena | Paris (France) l London (UK)

Hello, I’m Francesco, Portrait and Wedding Photographer based in Florence Tuscany but operating through Italy as well as abroad. Friendly and relaxed approach mixed with personal, eye catching photojournalistic style is the only way I know to capture your love and your true emotions.

I’m a daydreamer. I like to observe people and their behaviour; I search an unusual point of view in every picture I take and I’m steadily committed to improve my work. I’m a Lover, a Dreamer and a Photographer. In order of preference… I love my family, nature, getting lost somewhere, and ice cream. Photographs are emotions and I’m excited every time I take my cameras. In a nutshell: I'm in love with people in love.

This is me. And you?

You’re fun, you’re different, you’re a little bit crazy, and you’re totally in love! Photography is important for you and you want to engage the absolute right person. You understand that these photographies will be the only memories of the most exciting day of your life, and in the coming years you will share them with your grandkids. You want some candid shots and you want them to look natural.

If you happen to be here searching for something different enjoy exploring my blog on my internet site. Then if you like my style drop me a line, and I’ll be there with you to make something beautiful.