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Francesco Rimmaudo Wedding Photography
Based In: Taormina-Caltagirone-Sicily - Italy
Other Locations: Switzerland l Germany

Francesco Rimmaudo was born in 1980. Since he was young his passion for photography deepened. He spent the beginning years of formation as apprentice, attending in Milano the prestigious Academy of Photography, Jhon Kaverdash; as well as taking part in various workshops learning the art to plan lighting -- giving force and personality to the subject, making his photography the as mirror’s soul of the author and the subject. His work interests includes various sectors such as wedding services, fashion books, beauty’s concourses, still-life, portraits and publicity.

His releases are the result of the harmony, the seeking and the constituents’ proportions to the forms, to the toning down of colour or grey, of lights and shades. In particular in his wedding photography he finds ways to express his personal style by fancy and discretion exploiting not only the suggestive Sicilian settings but also picking particular moments and situations of the ceremony.

He likes to respect spouse’s characters and to interpret them in their natural way to being…by a little of complicity. Natural and artificial light meets up and illuminates by colours next to ours dreams, wedding scenes to tell an important day of life. The capacity of synthesis to illustrate the application of technics in the wedding’s photography and the perfect knowledge about themselves, give him, in spite of young age, one of the many appreciated and esteemed Italian photographers.

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