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Chris Lang Photography
Based In: Wilmington NC 28401
Other Locations: North Carolina and South Carolina

Chris Lang is a multiple-style photographer. He does not tend to stay in one style or the other but rather photograph several different styles at the same time. For Chris, lifestyle wedding photography is an attitude, a flexibility, a way to create individual styles that reflect the personalities of his clients. Therefore, it is fluid, free flowing and not bound by any “one” look. That’s why you will see a blend of styles on my website. It is about me creating with your style or “lifestyle,”not just shooting mine. There is a lot that goes into style. Chris has coined his style for wedding as Lifestyle Wedding Photography. It encompasses Fine Art Wedding Photography, Wedding Photojournalism, Creative Wedding Photography, and some Classic Wedding Photography. Chris takes a very unobtrusive approach to weddings that allows for you wedding day to unfold naturally.

Chris has established himself as a trusted photographer among professional organizations and clients worldwide and for the past 8 years working as a commercial photographer for A PGA Tour Event. His work has been featured internationally in both print and web publications along with local and national marketing campaigns. Chris has become know for his own “Signature Style” of wedding photography and consumate professional.

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