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Carl Bower Photographs
Based In: Denver, Colorado
Other Locations: Maryland, Virginia l Washington, DC

As a documentary photographer, my primary concern has been making revealing, interpretive images of subjects both common and misunderstood. I began photographing weddings several years ago, approaching them in much the same way as my long-term projects or a magazine story.

Aside from taking the occasional group photos, during my normal coverage I don't arrange or stage my pictures in any way. I prefer to work with reality as I find it, and the authenticity of the resulting images is important to me. I want my subjects to look back at their photos ten, twenty, fifty years from now and remember precisely what they felt at the time. My focus is to convey the feeling of the day, the often complex relationships between those involved, and most of all, what is specific to them as individuals.

I work unobtrusively. It's hard to show people as they are if you're drawing attention to yourself. So I blend in, present but overlooked, quickly part of the background. I naturally concentrate on the couple, but also on their family and friends, what's happening in the corners, along the edges. I want the pictures to help them remember what they experienced, but also to show them things they never saw.

I tend to work with people seeking a different approach, those seeking not so much a book of Wedding Photos, but a series of beautiful, revealing pictures of one very specific point in their lives. Which just happens to be their wedding.

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