Best of Wedding Photography

Based In: Brighton, East Sussex, England
Other Locations: England - London l Manchester

We're relaxed documentary wedding photographers, providing photography throughout the UK and worldwide. We have over 14 years of telling stories and capturing memories. We're super laid-back and relaxed, and love capturing images full of joy and laughter. We have a zero stress approach, we're about capturing raw, emotional images, candidly and discreetly, but even when things get a little more face-to-face we still keep everything to be light, relaxed and fun.

Brighton wedding photographer

Based In: New Haven, CT
Other Locations: New York City l Los Angeles l Seattle l France l Germany l Japan l Worldwide

JAGstudios approaches photography with a fresh perspective and distinctive style. We have the inherent ability to capture the true substance of what matters most in timeless images. We document naturally with artistic and candid photographs that reveal spontaneous expression and emotion, while paying attention to every detail.

Your investment is priceless.

New Haven wedding photographer

Digital Studio Lucca
Based In: Lucca (Tuscany)
Other Locations: Italy - Florence, Amalfi Coast, Venice l Germany l France

Hello, my name is Medhanie Zeleke, owner of Digital Studio Lucca Photo&Video services and you are in my personal website, where I showcase my latest work and passion in life: photograpy and videography.

Basically i am interested in anything that is visually capturable, which is almost everything. i usually work alone and tend to choose my projects with great care before dedicating everything on it, but i also love the challenge of working with a team of photographers or videographers.

Utilizing tools from the latest generation and a set of highly professional skills, i produce photographs and audio-visuals of the highest quality. Some of my services include: photography services in value, digital photo albums, dramatic slide shows with musical accompaniment, video footage mounted on various media outlets (DVD, Bluray), video trailers, and more. Providing these and other services particularly tailored towards weddings, but also for clients and companies interested in advertising their products through excellent audio and video tools.

Tuscany wedding photographer

Katz Photography
Based In: Nairobi, Kenya
Other Locations: Kigali, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Wedding Photography is more than just images. Our approach to a wedding is that it should not be a photo shoot!

Telling your story with images that have authentic moments is all we are up to. We are driven to remind you the true emotions of how it felt like looking at your wedding photos many years later. We are all about creative story telling with images. It’s “Creative Documentary Wedding Photography!”

We are a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Nairobi, Kenya and we are passionate story tellers…with images!

We are Monicah and Timothy Katua.

Nairobi wedding photographer

Dallas and Sabrina Photography
Based In: Barcelona, Spain
Other Locations: Spain – Seville, Mallorca, Costa Brava, Granada, Canary Islands, Valencia l France - South of France, Cannes, Bordeaux, Nice, Paris, Normandy l Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia l Greece l Italy l Iceland l Scotland, Ireland l Morocco l Worldwide

Hi, we are Dallas & Sabrina. We are best friends, husband and wife, travelers and destination wedding photographers. We are two Canadians living in beautiful Barcelona Spain. It was photography that brought us together and we feel beyond privileged that we get to meet incredible couples all over the world, be invited into one of the most special days of their lives and preserve their memories.

We believe that art should evoke an emotion and our goal is to convey feelings through photographs rather than to just document a wedding. When you look back at your photographs on your 1st, 10th or 50th wedding anniversary we want you to be transported back to that day and relive all those moments.

Photography isn't just a job to us it’s our art and passion. The wedding day is filled with so many raw emotions and capturing them is what inspires us and what makes us love wedding photography.

Whether you're having an intimate elopement in Santorini, Greece, a castle wedding in Girona, Spain or a backyard wedding in your hometown in Vancouver, BC we can’t wait to get to know your both and tell your story.

Barcelona wedding photographer
Spain wedding photographer

Magdalene Kourti Photography
Based In: Rhodes, Greece
Other Locations: Athens, Santorini, Corfu, Crete, Sifnos

I am Magdalene, an award-winning visual artist & photographer. I have studied fine arts and digital arts, in London. Moreover did participate in many exhibitions and experimental short film festivals and received distinctions such as from BBC and the Adobe’s award in digital imaging world festival in Australia. My work was on the cover of Grace Ormonde wedding style magazine. As a documentary wedding photographer, I capture weddings and elopements spontaneously to emphasize moments & emotions. I am into documentary wedding photography since 2009.

As a wedding photographer in Greece, I am mostly into the island, summer weddings, as on Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Hydra, Spetses, Santorini, Amorgos, Naxos, Mykonos, and many other islands, but also city weddings as in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larnaca, Nicosia etc. Regarding my services, I do cover destination weddings, elopements, proposals, bachelorette, honeymoons, anniversary, portraits of families & friends, newborns, couples sessions & solo travelers. I offer high-resolution images, flush mount albums, prints, thank you cards & slideshow.

Adrian Bonet Photography
Based In: Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Other Locations: Cancun, Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Adrian Bonet is a destination wedding photographer based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. He is a well-known professional with more than ten years of experience and a great number of weddings photographed. Currently, he is focused on the production of wedding photo shoots in Riviera Maya for couples from all over the world. His style forms part of a photography trend called Creative Wedding Photojournalism, which is a combination of documentary photography and creative portrait photography.

Playa del Carmen wedding photographer

Robin Goodlad Photography
Based In: Wimborne, Dorset, UK
Other Locations: Hampshire, Devon, London, Bath, Cumbria l All of UK

As a documentary wedding storyteller through pictures, my aim is to record every detail of a wedding day using beautiful natural light, and making the most of the beautiful locations available at any wedding venue. I focus upon capturing every moment, anticipating events through careful observation, rather than orchestration. With unlimited coverage on the day, I ensure that every single element is covered with impeccable attention to detail.

Wimborne l Dorset wedding photographer

Francesco Carboni Photographer
Based In: Rome, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Como Lake, Verbania, Venice, Amalfi, Florence, Apulia l Spain - Barcelona, Madrid l Portugal - Lisboa l UK - London l France - Paris l Greece - Santorini

Francesco Carboni is a talented wedding photographer in Rome but operates all over the world.

He has many years of experience and creating services throughout Italy and Europe.

Style: "I love photographing people, their emotions and making them revive through my shots.

I like to work with a contemporary and elegant style with few poses and whatever I have in mind is a special photo I look for a way to realize it.

If you have not chosen your wedding photographer yet, contact me without obligation for a quote appropriate to your needs.

I move wherever there is a story to tell."

Based In: Central Italy, Rome
Other Locations: Italy - Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi, Tuscany l Spain - Andalusia, Ibiza l Greece

ZONZO - Named one of “30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography” by Rangefinder Magazine, New York 2018

Life is made up of days lasting 24 hours each. We can’t have one longer or shorter, but we do have memorable moments, fragments of life we want to keep alive in our memory and in the memory of those we care most.

Here we are: Simona and Angelo, two wedding photographers who deeply love what they do, that is telling stories of memorable days in people’s lives. Every wedding is a blank page, a new story we want to experience together with all its protagonists, its places and twists. Aware of the responsibilities that such a role requires, we always keep in mind that our job is both Creativity and Standards.

To record a very true moment in a picture, you should be free to feel and express it completely, forgetting about the camera. That’s why we always look to be as discreet as possible, with no interference in what it’s happening around us. Of course, we know that pure and genuine gestures happen only once and we won’t never ask you to fake them.

If you agree with us come to discover more about us on our website,

Ciao Ciao!

Simona and Angelo

Rome wedding photographer

Matteo Lomonte Photography
Based In: Italy, Puglia
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Como Lake, Amalfi Coast, Venice l Greece

Matteo Lomonte was born in 1983 in Gioia del Colle, a little town in the south of Italy. In 2001 he started to develop his passion for photography and after a self-taught training, he worked with professional photographers all over Italy. His passion became deeper, especially his interest for the importance of the light and the value of shadows. His will to learn new techniques led him to different types of photography genres, especially

  • engagement photography
  • wedding photography
  • elopement photography

His need to photograph pushed him to be willing to travel all over the world. With the right lenses in his hands, Matteo is able to capture every special moment of a relationship: the empathy between the lovers weaves together the delicate style of the photographer.

Matteo catches at every feeling, he flatters every emotion with dedication, he focuses on every special moment, he collects all the details, he captures smiles, preserves gazes and then he turns everything into pictures.

Those pictures will be memories you can always feel on your skin. You have to be moved in order to move.

Being part of the essence of an important day is a necessary condition.

Everything gets mixed up in an emotional frame and the perspective overturns and pushes the photographer to show himself through the couple.

Puglia wedding photographer

Stefano Cassaro Photography
Based In: Venice - ITALY
Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Tuscany, Ravello, Lake Como l United Kingdom - London l USA - New York

I’m an Italian Destination Wedding Photographer based near Venice and Garda Lake but I work in all regions of Italy (Florence, Tuscany, Portofino, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Lake Como, Apulia, etc...) and I’m available around the world.

I’m deeply in love with my partner and her beautiful son. I’m a dreamer and a life-enjoyer: I love to see the world as children do! I love Photography. It’s my life. My photographic style is built upon elegance and beauty, both emotional and spontaneous.

In my photographic Art you will find a lot of quality and aesthetic research to make your day wonderful! I work very very hard to produce high quality wedding images for the high class bride and groom.

Your wedding photographer, Stefano

Venice wedding photographer

STEFANO SNAIDERO | INESSE Handamade Photography
Based In: Via Macedonia 94 - Rome, - Italy - P.IVA 08960931007
Other Locations: France, Switzerland

Stefano Snaidero was born in Venice in 1979. His passion for photography develops following the footsteps of the great reporters Studia Reportage obtaining a Masters in Photojournalism at the Superior Institute of Photography in Rome and immediately starts working with the most important newspapers and national weeklies.

From 2004 to 2008 he was photographer of the most important Italian photojournal agencies, creating exclusive services for Ansa, Contrasto, Grazia Neri and Prospekt. In the years 2006-2007 he was assistant photographer Mimmo Jodice with whom he worked for the realization of the book "Rome" published by Johan & Levi.

In the world of photography and video ceremonies he has been working since 2003 with field training with the most important photographic studios in Rome where he refines a technique that combines the ability to capture unique moments of reportage, with the elegance and exclusivity of images typical of the fashion and the star system. Also in Rome, he founded the INESSE Handmade Photography® studio, which makes his distinctive trait of reportage, creating elegant, dynamic and high-quality images.

"Mine is a work that comes from a strong passion, but that has given me a great responsibility: to transform into images of unrepeatable moments that will one day be your memories. Whether they are photographic or video, what I'm looking for is to make unique all the moments in which you will choose to have me at your side, trying with discretion to understand what makes your story unique.

Rome wedding photographer

Estefania D Photography
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Santorini, Mykonos l Mexico - Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende Mexico, Riviera Maya l Lebanon - Beirut

I am a destination wedding photographer full of energy and creativity. I love the uniqueness about each wedding, which allows me to do something fresh and interesting every time.

My highest goal is to capture the beautiful, fun and meaningful moments at your wedding, no matter where in the world it takes place. Please let me know more about your special day!

Athens wedding photographer

K. Lenox Photography
Based In: Boston Massachusetts
Other Locations: Charleston SC, Beaufort SC, York Maine, Available for Travel

K. Lenox Photography is a boutique wedding photographer who believes in providing the absolute best client services that I can. Talking to my couples whenever they have questions, or helping with vendor recommendations is important to me. Since 2011, my goal has been to keep my client relationships personal, ideas fresh and the products I offer timeless.

I believe in being 'human" and embracing our own "weird". The way we see ourselves is all in perspective. I want every bride (and groom) to walk away from their time with me feeling empowered and beautiful. (Because you are!) Photography isn't about capturing perfection- rather it's about showing a true and authentic version of yourselves. I embrace the beauty of imperfections- so rather than try to make the "perfectly posed portrait"- I aim to truly capture the genuine relationship that you guys have. (Besides, who's perfect anyway)

Boston wedding photographer

Contarin Photographers
Based In: Vicenza, Veneto
Other Locations: Venice, Verona, Milan, Turin, Rome, Palermo

Contarin team consists of professional photographers specialized in wedding photography.
We have always researched spontaneity. We tell love stories for more than 20 years through natural images: in a discreet and delicate way we want to know you and put you at ease, without posing. Thanks to our care for the the bride and groom and our endless passion for spontaneous photography you can enjoy a photo album that speaks only of you and your special day!


20 years experience (more than 900 wedding done).
A meeting and a pre-wedding photo session to get to know you and to break the ice.
Photos for the whole day of your wedding.
Two photographers present throughout the day.
Photo Booth.
Proposal album, a selection of the various shots of the day (customized from you).
Manual graphic layout.
Wedding albums printed within the studio, in the highest quality photographic paper (example: Fine-Art) and customizable from covers to the form.
Post-wedding photos in Venice, Verona, in other regions or countries.

We will be glad to receive you in our studio, a space designed specifically to put you at your ease and take a short break from the stress of the preparations. We will welcome to show you the quality of craftsmanship, with which we print each of our albums. You can gladly choose the ideal package for you. We will follow you on your unforgettable day to the end and than we will shortly show you a selection of photographs that you can freely change in order to create a draft of your album with you. Once the draft is confirmed, we will proceed by printing on the best high quality photographic paper and you will finally have your very own album.

We propose to the bride and groom if they can like the idea, to take some pictures before and/or after the wedding day.

We always look for important wedding photographs, not just beautiful ones.

Vicenza wedding photographer

Claudiu Guraliuc l Weddings and Portraits
Based In: Cluj, Romania
Other Locations: Germany - Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf l Switzerland - Basel, Zurich

During the last 5 years i`ve had the privilege to photograph over 100 couples both nationally and internationally. Also, i have photographed projects for numerous commercial clients, from oil companies to restaurants, healthcare, IT or jewelry retailers.

I had my work published by the largest circulation photography magazines in US and UK and by several curated galleries.

​I consider myself amongst the lucky people who can say that they make a living doing what they love. For me, its like winning the lottery. Every day.

Available for on assignment work anywhere in the world.

Cluj wedding photographer

Bradley Hanson Photography
Based In: Minneapolis, MN
Other Locations: WA - Seattle, Tacoma, St. Paul, Orcas Island l WI - Madison, Milwaukee

Since 1999, I have been a professional photographer serving in Minneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA and international destinations. While weddings are my first love, I also apply my style to portraits, promotional images, live music, commercial and editorial work for a number of clients and publications.

I regularly travel for weddings, and have been commissioned to photograph weddings all over the world. Recent travel weddings include: Bali-Indonesia, Hong Kong-China, Udaipur-India, Bangkok-Thailand, Seoul-Korea, Zihuatanejo-Mexico, Honolulu-Hawaii, Washington DC, Anchorage-AK, Vancouver-BC, Portland-OR, Sun River-OR, Seattle-WA, Tacoma-WA, Orcas Island-WA, Spokane-WA, Sioux Falls-SD, Spillville-IA, La Crosse-WI, Minneapolis-MN, St. Paul-MN, Duluth-MN, Chicago-IL, New York-NY, Burlington-VT, Atlanta-GA, Phoenix-AZ, Napa-CA, Sonoma-CA, Fremont-CA, Palm Springs-CA, Palo Alto-CA, Berkeley-CA, Carmel-CA, Los Angeles-CA, San Diego-CA, Sausalito-CA and San Francisco-CA.

Over the past 19 years, I have photographed over 600 weddings, from as few as 6 guests in Seattle to 600 in Seoul.

My work has been featured in ad campaigns for and Sony Ericsson mobile phones, album cover art for musicians: Pete Droge, Downpilot, Fauna, February, Kim Field and The Mighty Titans of Tone, Rachel Harrington, Sugartown, Brother Sun Sister Moon, Visqueen, Truckstop Souvenir, Declining Winter, Memory Drawings, and Broadcast Oblivion. My images and quotes have been printed in local and national magazines, including Minnesota Monthly, Rolling Stone (Germany), Fuji Love Magazine, Fuji X Passion Magazine, Olympus Passion Magazine, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Times, Seattle Sound, Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, Photo District News (PDN),, ROCKRGRL, The Big Takeover, Three Imaginary Girls, Washington Free Press, Local Planet, Seattle Police Annual Report, Seattle Police Foundation Calendar, Lutheran Brotherhood "Leader" Magazine, Women's Health Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Seattle Bride, Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom, The Knot, Conde Nast's Brides Magazine, Wedding Pages Magazine, Wedding Expo, Herban Feast's wedding brochure and Banquet & Event's promotional literature and billboards. My images have been used in websites for the Arc School of Ballet in Seattle, Seattle Police Foundation, Daniel Boen Law Office, Bel Canto audiophile stereo equipment and Jai Healing chiropractic office.

I have been interviewed in Martha Stewart Weddings, Seattle Bride, Minnesota Bride, Junebug Weddings, Mpls/St. Paul Magazine,, ShutterStock, Photography Live and Uncut with Paul Griffiths, X100C, Photo Business XPosed,, Fuji MIrrorlessPro, Fuji X Passion Magazine, Olympus Passion Magazine and MirrorLessons.

Minneapolis wedding photographer

Shevtsovy Photography
Based In: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Other Locations: Montenegro – Kotor l Italy - Lake Como, Florence l France - Nice, Bordeaux l Spain – Barcelona l Switzerland – Geneva l India l Iceland

Shevtsovy Photography is a family duet of wedding and fashion photographers. We are located in Europe and photograph mainly here but also open for worldwide unusual propositions (we photographed in Vietnam and Iceland).

We entered photography art in 2008, and now we breathe and live photography.

Our style is emotional elegant storytelling with gentle notes of cinematic photography.

We enjoy stories, we like to tell stories in photographs and to listen them with our eyes), viewing that you can relive some point of life. We love to tell the story of the wedding day photographing elegant loving couples. We are about capturing you two for who you are and what your relationship is, capturing the little things and the big feelings.

Dubrovnik wedding photographer

Martin Dabek Photography
Based In: Bristol , UK
Other Locations: Cardiff, Cheltenham, London, Wales, Somerset, Devon, Cotswolds, Wiltshire, All of UK

Hi I'm Martin, Bristol Wedding Photographer covering the South-West, the whole of the UK and destination weddings. I have been photographing awesome weddings for fun and relax couples since 2009 and so far it's been an amazing journey.

Friendly, unobtrusive, relax, arty and quirky are some of the many great adjectives used over the years to describe my style.

I specialize in producing unique and creative images combining reportage wedding photography with some natural looking portraits. I love capturing the little moments, the candid ones when nobody thinks I'm looking and I'm a big fun of bold colours and timeless black and white images.

Endorsed and recommended wedding photographer for:

- Kings Weston House, Bristol

- SS. Great Britain, Bristol

- The Mansion House, Bristol

- Priston Mill, Somerset

- Brympton House, Somerset

- Coombe Lodge, Somerset

- The Roman Baths, Bath

So although I am a Bristol Wedding Photographer I am always happy to travel across the UK as well as abroad to photograph beautiful weddings.

Carina Photographics
Based In: Minneapolis/St Paul MN USA
Other Locations:

Joanna Carina of Carina Photographics believes that capturing the story behind your timeless love requires more than just perfectly posed portraits - she finds the adventurous, joyful, passionate and silly moments in between. Joanna’s wit and humor puts everyone at ease, bringing out natural personalities and genuine emotions. From the intricate details to the ecstatic moments, from the biggest laughs to the joyful tears, let Carina Photographics capture your timeless love.

Minneapolis wedding photographer

Kerry Morgan
Based In: Beziers, South of France
Other Locations: France - Montpellier, Carcassonne, Nice l England - London

I want to give my clients incredible pictures that make them say "Wow!". I am based in the south of France but can travel worldwide. I love creating stunning imagery for my clients. Images that tell a story, full of emotion and mean something. I mix documentary pictures, that are unposed and natural with stunning groups and portraits that won’t take you away from your guests for too long, so you can really make the most of your day.

Beziers wedding photographer

Ivan Lukacic
Based In: Krems an der Donau l Vienna, Austria
Other Locations: Germany l Croatia

“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.” Dorothea Lange

Krems an der Donau wedding photographer

Matija Kljunak Weddings
Based In: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Other Locations: Croatia - Hvar, Rovinj, Split l France - Aix en Provence, Normandy

Hi, I'm Matija, a Dubrovnik wedding photographer. What sets me apart is the time I'll devote to getting to know you, so I can tell the story of who you really are. I find that each couple is truly unique and the only way to do your photos justice is to tailor my approach to you.

How? Well, let's find that out together! I'll start by learning more about you, so we can figure out what will work best. This way you'll get authentic, honest photos of your big day without me ever getting in your way. Of course, all of this is a two way process and you'll get to know me as well!

I'll experience your wedding by your side and witness it unfold as a true insider. I won't pretend to be invisible but I won't boss you around either. Most often I'll just snap a quick shot, smile and get out of your way. And like all my couples, the moment you see your finished shots you'll know I beautifully captured your true selves on that special day!

My photos are cinematic, colorful, sometimes unexpected but always honest. I believe each part of the wedding is equally important so I strive to shoot the preparations as beautifully as the ceremony, and the session as beautifully as the reception. I save no effort and my couples recognize this time after time!

Selene Pozzer Photographer
Based In: Venice, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Lake Como, Verona, Tuscany, Lake Garda, Rome, Milan l US - New York, California

Love, passion, emotions, joy. I think these are the best words to describe what I do.

I think of myself as a citizen of the World, and one of my greatest achievements was turning my passion into my dream job - Wedding Photography.

I am a Wedding Storyteller: besides creating beautiful images, candid and emotional portraits, my ultimate goal is to narrate the couple's story, their love, their emotions in such a special and unique day.

My relationship with the couple starts way before the wedding day: I am a very empathetic person, and I really get involved in the lives and the stories of the people I photograph.

I want to know the people I photograph, I want to know their stories: I really care for people, and my goal is to make their memories everlasting, to tell the story of their love in the best way possible.

I love couples in love, those who fear not to show their emotions, their truer selves.

I believe in Love, in all its forms.

Wedding Photography has brought me all around the world for Weddings and Couple portraits: I love traveling, meeting new people, exploring new places and new countries.

My style has been defined as fresh, bold, fun and emotional, but most of all, timeless: my goal is to create memories to be cherished, a visual heritage of the most sincere, powerful and emotional moments of the people's lives.

The idea of creating the best memories for the couples I work with brought me to open a second business as well: ManiSol Wedding, an all-female wedding photography and videography team based in Italy and working all around the world.

Venice wedding photographer

Elisa Bellanti Foto Event Studio
Based In: Taormina, Sicily
Other Locations: Agrigento, Palermo, Catania, Messina

I'm Elisa Bellanti, a wedding photographer based in Sicily in the Taormina City.

I'm member of Foto Event Studio, a photographic and videographic studio with a team of photographer specialized in weddings.

We have been working in the field for about 10 years now and we have done weddings all around Italy and Europe, in cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Taormina and Rome.

Elena Fedorova photography
Based In: Cancun, Mexico
Other Locations: Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Cozumel, Riviera Maya

Hello! My name is Elena and I have been creating fine art wedding photos for more than ten years. I reside in Cancun, Mexico and available for a wedding photography in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel island. My heart desire is to capture your unique love story the most authentic way, so many years after you will be able to live through your wedding day once again. Photography is an art that creates connection between the present and the future by presenting a wonderful gift – memories, shaped in the form of the photographs. You are warmly welcomed to take a look at my website, that I cherish very much, as it represents my artistic vision on one of the most important events in life – wedding!

Cancun wedding photographer

Panagiotis Kounoupas
Based In: Athens - Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Santorini, Mykonos, Hydra, Monemvasia, Sifnos, Paros, Peloponnese l Switzerland l Italy

Hello! I am a storytelling wedding photographer and my base is in Athens - Greece. My approach to photographing your wedding is to cover discreetly all your important moments without directing you and without intervening in the course of the event, in order to tell your story just as you lived it. Such a day is full of intense sentiments, joy, tears, emotions, all of which I seek with my camera, always with a creative point of view. Anything that is an important part of your story is captured by my camera.

I love destination weddings and as a wedding photographer I have traveled in many locations in Greece and abroad.

Athens wedding photographer

Volodymyr Ivash
Based In: New York
Other Locations: All over the world

I love to photograph weddings because it charges me. To capture and feel your emotions, moments of joy, feelings, build exceptional breathtaking compositions that amaze and absorb.

We were working more than 400 weddings all over the world: Europe, USA, India and different islands all over the world. We had Indian weddings, celebrity weddings - one of our last client was goalceaper of Barcelona and Germany national team Marc ter Stegen. We win different kinds of international wedding competitions.

New York wedding photographer

Creative Couple Studio
Based In: Savona, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Cinque Terre, Positano, Venice, Como & Garda Lake, Florence | UK - London | France - Côte d’Azur | Worldwide

We are a creative couple both in ife and at work. There’s a strong connection between us, we create empathy and complicity with the people around us. Our starting point is Savona, but so far we’ve been travelling around Italy and abroad to tell your wonderful stories in our unique style. It was music that brought us together and photography that wrote the steps of our journey. What guides/inspire us in our path is the pursuit of authentic emotions and naturalness.


Giorgia is a cheerful, enthusiastic and romantic person.She knows how to catch your emotions thanks to her innate sensitivity. She enhances complicity in the couple and that’s the key to capture the most significant moments of your special day.


Fabrizio is rational, direct and sincere.
He will approach your wedding instinctively and spontaneously. He will be able to keep you at ease, with a keen eye on details, and his photos will give you emotions every time you’ll look at them.
He loves music and he remembers every song of every wedding he captured. He will create the right harmony so that you can be the protagonist of your perfect melody.
She appreciates and notices all the details of the taste and personality of the couple, telling your story in a unique way.
Savona wedding photographer

Sara D’Ambra Photography
Based In: Milan, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Venice, Lake Como, Apulia l France l Australia

Every wedding is unique and special. Her mission is to represent that day and you honestly but with a romantic touch, through storytelling images about situations, emotions and moods that you could taste even after years.

She loves to catch hugs, smiles, laughs, little details. She loves to take pictures with natural light, especially at sunset time. She doesn't like to be photographed in plastic poses and therefore she won't certainly ask you to do that! She's discreet but present, advising you but without any forcing mood.

Milan wedding photographer

Fotoshoot Productions Co Ltd
Based In: Curepipe, Mauritius
Other Locations:

I am a professional Photographer in Mauritius of French Nationality. I started photography in 1994 and rubbed shoulders with professionals from that time. My early photographic years was spent into landscape, portrait and still life. In 2001, I bought my first digital camera and started to experiment with this new tool until I bought my first DSLR in 2005. I started shooting a collection of pictures related to hidden places of Mauritius in order to be different to the Sea, Sun and Beach photos that all other photographers were doing. Eventually, a friend of mine asked me if I could cover his Wedding. It was the beginning of a new passion in photography. I spent a lot of time looking at what other Wedding photographers were doing abroad and saw stunning images which ignited in me a dedication for epic and out of the ordinary Wedding photos. In 2011 I founded Fotoshoot Productions and the business hasn’t stopped growing since then.

In 2015 and 2016 I was awarded best Wedding photographer by Wedisson and in July 2017, I was ranked by the site as being among the 10 best Wedding Photographer in the World. In August 2017, I won the Gold Award of Best Wedding photographer from the Oneeyeland World’s Top Ten Wedding photographers photo contest. You can only be passionate in what you do in order to be among the best. I consider each Wedding to be a story and the images are the words used to tell this story. I always ask couples to interact and forget me since I’m only there to capture what happens between them. I believe that the best pictures are those which captures moments not poses.

Curepipe wedding photographer

Jaime Glez Photography
Based In: Riviera Maya - Mexico
Other Locations: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Merida, Puerto Morelos l Cuba

Jaime Glez is a fashion photographer turned wedding photographer with a great eye for creating exceptionally stylish photos that capture personality and passion! We are known for helping brides and clients look their best!

Originally from NYC and based in Mexico. We offer fun-filled, elegant and romantic wedding photography. We believe wedding photography should be fun and a little out of the box with cool action shots, candid shots as well as classic.

Riviera Maya wedding photographer

Based In: Austria (Munich)
Other Locations: Italy - Como, Garda l Germany - München, Stuttgart, Salzberg

More than 10 years I have been working as a wedding photographer. I’m a huge fan of wedding and family photography and am very focused on human connections. I love to capture real emotions in a journalistic kind of way. It’s all about love, like how his eyes sparkle when he sees her, or the way she smiles at him during the ceremony. For telling your own wedding story I’d love to start capturing this special day with the getting ready and finished when you are enjoying the first dance as newlyweds.
I always strive to capture the wedding day exactly as it happens, as each moment has its own story and beauty and to create images that are as unique as you are as a couple. I don’t just shoot, I will capture you, your real emotions and beauty. Nothing gets me more excited than photographing the most important day in your life – the wedding day! It´s my pleasure to find out more about your individual love story. My goal is to depict any moment with a maximum of naturalness and beauty.

Munich wedding photographer

Aidan Dockery Photography
Based In: Bangkok (Thailand)
Other Locations: Vietnam, Bali, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai

Originally from the UK, Aidan Dockery has called South East Asia home for the past eleven years. Here, as well as all over the world, he has captured countless weddings with his easy-going style and energizing spirit. It is easy to see the beautifully vibrant and rich culture of South East Asia reflected into his images, as well as his personal love for travel, people, and celebrations. This multi-award winning photographer describes his process of shooting as less about behind-the-camera directing, and more about him capturing the natural moments and interactions between the couple. All of these attributes combined allow Aidan to produce wedding images that are vivid, fun, and full of the memories that will make you smile for years to come. Based in Thailand, available worldwide.

Bangkok wedding photographer

Playa Weddings Photography l Videography l Super 8 Film
Based In: Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico
Other Locations: Colorado l Arizona

Paul and Rachel Schrank are a husband and wife destination wedding photographer and videographer duo who have been documenting weddings in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, weddings in Playa del Carmen, weddings in Tulum, and destination weddings in Mexico since 2004. Rachel is an award-winning wedding photographer who works in the documentary and photojournalistic style and whose passion connecting with people, discovering and depicting their joy, and finding poetry in reality. Paul is a music-loving documentarian whose signature cinema verité style and passion for storytelling shine through in each and every one of his wedding films. We also are proud to be the only studio in the Riviera Maya that offers Super 8 wedding films, shot on actual super 8 film and vintage film cameras.

Finding Poetry in Reality Since 2006!

We love where we live and what we do! Paul moved to the Riviera Maya in 2006. In fact, he was one of Playa del Carmen’s first wedding videographers. We have a history of happy clients that stretches back almost 10 years here in the Riviera Maya!

Destination Wedding Photo Video Packages

We offer destination wedding photography and videography packages in the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, the rest of Mexico, and worldwide. We also offer awesomeness such as photo booths, live event coverage, and photo albums.

We travel free of charge to destinations throughout the Riviera Maya, including Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum, Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Isla Mujeres, and Cozumel. We travel for a flat rate to the rest of Mexico, parts of the Caribbean and Latin America, and the continental United States.

Craig Williams Photography
Based In: Essex UK
Other Locations: London, Suffolk, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Cambridgeshire

As an Essex Wedding Photographer who covers the whole UK and beyond I love to work in new place and enjoys seeing weddings with fresh eyes.
I approach a large part of the wedding in a documentary way like a silent observer capturing the moments that you will want to remember and keep as lasting memories.

I have shot wedding all over the UK since starting in 2003 I have covered over 350 weddings of all types and styles, this experience has given me the ability to be able to understand the the importance your visions and plans. I want to show your story, your wedding through me eyes.

Susan Pacek Photography
Based In: Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Other Locations: Mexico - Cancun, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, San Miguel de Allende l US - Colorado

To me, wedding photography is about telling a story. A story about love. A story about family. A story about friendships. It's about capturing the candid moments, the tender moments and the passion.

I am an award-winning destination wedding photographer originally from Colorado. With over a decade of experience and more than 500 weddings captured, I can honestly say that I'm still crazy in love with photographing weddings!

My style is a mix of photojournalism and fine-art. Capturing the moments as they happen and creating timeless images of you and the love of your life.

Isla Mujeres wedding photographer

Photography S&S
Based In: Austria (Salzburg)
Other Locations: Switzerland - Bern, Zürich l Austria - Vienna, Innsbruck l Germany - München, Stuttgart

We are a young husband and wife photographer couple. We document human stories with a camera. Our only goal is to convert your wedding day into images, that tell a story for generations to come. We’re pleased to live our dream and travel the world together with our daughter while making friends all around the globe. We love weddings and we love to travel and most of all we love destination weddings and adventurous elopements. It’s not even so much about weddings, but about you and your story on any given day. Wedding days are just perfect for that. So much happening, so many great and little moments that tell their very own story. So many emotions, friends and family. There couldn’t be a better day to tell an amazing story in images. Images that reflect you, as you are.

Salzburg wedding photographer

Torino Foto
Based In: Torino, Italy
Other Locations: Torino - Via Frassineto 12/b

The tales are carried out by the photographer only in part, we tell what our brides have created and with such passion they have built: spontaneity, joy, joy of their moments is told through our eyes.

Torino wedding photographer

Shootinghip – Robert Burress
Based In: Hampshire, United Kingdom
Other Locations: Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Dorset, Kent and London

I’m a Hampshire Wedding Photographer based in Petersfield covering all of the home counties and London (and beyond). I believe in natural, storytelling images that capture the reality of your wedding day. I define my style a bit different to other photographers. I call what I do “Wedding Photography in the First Person”. I have a very straight forward goal. If I can show your images to someone who had never been to your wedding and make them feel as though they had, then imagine the impact that my images will have on you.

For me weddings have always been about people and light. Follow those two things and the story will develop by itself. I love to see connections between people and always feel like the eyes tells the best stories. My package structure is simple and inclusive and a second photographer is always available.

At home I’m a father of two brilliant kids, have a dopey but loveable Labrador and am engaged to be married to a gorgeous woman who makes my life amazing. I hope you can take a few minutes to have a look at my extensive website.

Maria Shall Photography
Based In: Rome, Italy
Other Locations: US - New York City, Washington, San Francisco l Italy - Como l Spain - Barcelona, Madrid l Israel - Tel-Aviv l UK - London l Czech Republic - Prague

I am destination wedding photographer Maria Shall and I`m working in weddings for more than 7 years. I've captured more than 100 weddings in 15 cities and want to continue 🙂 As a professional traveler, I can say that I can work in any place)). Wedding for me is the most intimate and magic moment, needed to be captured for many years. My mission is to tell a story of this day to couple, to their family and children. I`m proud to say that my couples receive their photo story (40-50 pictures) in 5 days after wedding and all photos (up to 800) in 30 days. Also I provide Same Date Editing slideshow.

Rome wedding photographer

Moreno Belloni Photographer
Based In: Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Other Locations: Tuscany, Como Lake, Venice

Moreno Belloni has been in wedding photography since 1986. He has completed more than 1000 weddings.

He belongs to the ANFM,an association with includes only selected professional photographers,a guarantee for the tranquility you deserve,so that the day of your wedding,remains simply the unforgettable day you've always dreamed of.

Moreno prefers natural and spontaneus photos, like in a photojournalism style, with ,sometimes, a posed shot that transmits emotions.

His presence is characterized by a strong professionalism and great discretion in following the event.

Milan wedding photographer

Noel Del Pilar, Destination Wedding Photographer
Based In: San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
Other Locations: Caribbean l New York l Miami

Noel Del Pilar is a destination wedding photographer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He travels the world to capture destination weddings with his unobtrusive approach and fashion-influenced style.

An international award winner for his work in wedding and engagement portraiture, Noel photographed the first wedding 25 years ago in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the love affair with photography was born.

Noel's images are described as a photojournalistic style combined with a fashionable, artistic, directed portraits to create wedding day images that are real and full of emotion.

In recent years, Noel’s images have been published in national and local wedding magazines such as Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Agenda para la Novia, among others.

In addition, Noel is a preferred vendor of some of the best hotels in Puerto Rico, like the Ritz-Carlton, El Conquistador Resort, San Juan Marriott Resort, El Convento Hotel, La Concha Resort, Rio Mar Resort, Trump International Golf Club, among others.

Filipe Santos Wedding Photographer
Based In: Portugal
Other Locations: Porto, Lisboa, Algarve, Coimbra, Aveiro, Viseu

The album should tell the story, moments, emotions and also the personality of the couple and their family ...

This is my challenge …

Portugal wedding photographer

Salt Studio
Based In: UAE/Dubai
Other Locations: UAE - Abu Dhabi, Sharjah l Russia - Moscow l Cyprus - Limassol, Paphos, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Nicosia

Salt studio: wedding, family and portrait photography Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and all around Middle East

What is Salt Studio?
-It’s more than 12 years of experience in photography; more than 12 years of life, feeling, searching and love.
-It’s international standards of quality in sphere of modern photography.
-It’s not just a photography, it’s your history, your family and personal value. We do it professionally, delicately, and with love.

It’s SALT. It adds taste to your life. It spices up the moment and preserves the memory. We work to capture pure emotions and beauty. Salt Studio will pack and salt your wonderful memories, enabling you to open the box with your memories any time, to remember all best moments in your life.

Dubai wedding photographer

Moritz Schmittat Photography
Based In: Guildford, Surrey, UK
Other Locations: London, Woking, Farnham, Weybridge, Horsham, Farnborough

I photograph each wedding as if it was my own, I always go the extra mile, run that extra piece for that one priceless shot. I’m a hard-working ever-learning creative photographer. I try to see moments that others don’t see, compose shots that others don’t wouldn’t notice and I always treat my couples as friends rather than clients. I’m not a classic wallpaper documentary photographer - I like becoming part of the action, part of the day as I believe having an open and friendly approach results in better pictures than playing a spy-paparazzi game.

Being a Surrey Wedding Photographer I offer both photography and video production as one package. Have a look at my website to find out more.

Elena Haralabaki
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Santorini, Mykonos l Italy - Venice, Tuscany, Florence l Austria - Vienna l All destinations Worldwide

Hello! My name is Elena Haralabaki and lately I have undertaken numerous events both in Greece and abroad. I absolutely love photography as it's giving me the creative fulfillment that I seek in my everyday life! I am a recognized member of Fearless Photographers, WPS, ISPWP and MyWed with more than 40 award - winning photos over the last years. That means, that I constantly deliver photos and services with consistency at the very highest level, always passionate for more meaningfully amazing photos that fill you with life and emotions.

Athens wedding photographer

Based In: Los Angeles, California
Other Locations: Hawaii - Honolulu l Mexico l California - Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs

BohemiaDelMar is an award-winning wedding photography studio based in Southern California, but travels world-wide. They have been published in several top magazines and blogs and have won coveted awards in the photography industry. Misti and Colin, the husband and wife team behind BohemiaDelMar, understand what it's like to be on both sides of the aisle, as well as all the thought, time and money that has been put into creating your perfect wedding day.

Misti and Colin spent several years living in the Caribbean shooting destination weddings and are happy to call the Los Angeles and Orange County areas their beautiful new home. Their sense of style is inspired by love, fun and adventure. Between their personalities, they strike the perfect chord between fine art and photojournalistic photography.

They strive to create beautiful images whether that's in an emotional, authentic moment, or a creatively-inspired photo designed to create a memorable piece of art.

Above all else, your wedding day should be fun, beautiful, effortless and unique to you. BohemiaDelMar's goal is that you get just that, because the biggest day of your life should be everything you dreamed of.

Los Angeles wedding photographer

Andy Sandy photo and video
Based In: San Francisco
Other Locations: Napa/Sonoma, South San Francisco, San Jose, Pleasanton, Berkeley, Bay area

I loved photography since I was child, and studied photography in 1995 as a senior in high school. Back then it was film and I still kept the first picture that I shot and developed in the school's dark room. I explored many different professions after graduating from California State University of Fresno with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. However, life took me back to my first passion, photography.

Sometimes we need to go back to the beginning in order to go forward so here I'm today doing photography as a full time career with steep dedication.

San Francisco wedding photographer

Married to my Camera
Based In: Guildford, Surrey, UK
Other Locations: Italy l France l United Kingdom - Sussex, Hampshire, London

I am a Surrey wedding photographer in the UK specialising in an unobtrusive form of documentary wedding photography. I love being there to witness all the emotion of such a momentous day in two people’s lives. I enjoy capturing as much of the day as possible and I’m always on the lookout for those small little interactions and gestures at key moments, that can so easily be missed. I really believe in allowing the day to flow naturally, and providing my couples with a set of images that will take them back to how they felt in that moment, whenever they look at their pictures.

I’ve been photographing wedding for over ten years at venues throughout the UK and abroad. I enjoy meeting all my couples before the day, to get to know them better, and make the experience of being photographed more enjoyable and relaxed.

Marcus Anthony Photography
Based In: Wilmington, NC
Other Locations: NC - Raleigh, Charlotte

I work for couples who love to have fun and don't take themselves too seriously. If you're looking for stunning photography from a hilarious individual you've come to the right place. If you want traditional, stuffy photography you'll be disappointed with my work.

I specialize in high end, dramatic bridal portraiture. The goal is to get that one spectacular shot to blow up and hang on your wall to make your friends jealous.

On your wedding day I take a documentary-style approach, meaning I won't constantly be in your face telling you how to stand. I let each wedding unfold naturally and pride myself on being in the right place at the right time to capture genuine moments between you, your fiance, and your guests.

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

Nick Rose Photography
Based In: London, England
Other Locations: Iceland l Dubai

I am an international wedding and pre wedding photographer based in London England and I am available worldwide as a destination wedding photographer. As well as London weddings, I have photographed International and destination weddings and pre weddings all around the world including India, Iceland, Dubai, St Lucia, Singapore, California, Canada, Venice, Portugal, Hong Kong, Florida, Spain, Greece and many others.

Working at many of London’s best wedding venues including The Savoy, The Langham London and the Park Lane Dorchester my style is fresh and relaxed and I keep things simple and with one main tell your story as it unfolds and to leave you with amazing memories from your big day. I love photographing different types of weddings including Indian and other Asian weddings and am very experienced in photographing Hindu weddings and all of the events that surround the Indian weddings. I have photographed many Chinese weddings in Hong Kong, Singapore and other parts of the world.

Andre Tavares Fotografia
Based In: Porto, Portugal
Other Locations: Santorini, Greece l Ibiza, Spain l Lisbon, Portugal l Mexico l Cyprus

Hello, my name is André, and I am a husband, a father and a friend, some days I also call myself a photographer.

I absolutely love people, I love emotions, I love the kindness in people, I love the truth, I love the word "thank you”, I even love the boring uncle that is always asking about the camera settings that I’m using, this is me this is my photography.

I´m also a traveler. People always say that I have the privilege of knowing new countries and new cultures and this is true and I´m blessed by that, but the best thing about traveling is to return home and have the smile on the faces of your own ones when you walk on the door, this is truly priceless.

Porto wedding photographer

Luke Hayden Photography
Based In: Essex, UK
Other Locations: London, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Sussex, Norfolk, Brighton

Hey I'm Luke Hayden, a Wedding Photographer in Essex and I shoot wedding all over the UK and abroad. I capture weddings in a discrete and authentic way. I don't like to force shots and always try an capture real moments. I love everything about weddings and understand how important photography is when it comes to capturing your day. There are no 2nd chances so you have to be confident that you're choosing the right photographer for you. If you like my style, I would love to hear from you.

David and Sherry Photography
Based In: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Other Locations: Italy l France l Canada - Toronto, Kelowna, Banff, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City

We are David and Sherry – husband and wife duo behind our patent-pending concept of the “Couplescape”. This idea was borne of our combined interest in landscapes and romance, where each amplifies the other. Whether it is an engagement shoot to capture the hot, budding romance of a couple cutting through a blizzardy, cobblestoned French walkway, or the fairy tale re-enactment of a husband and wife’s first kiss framed in a summer solstice Supermoon, we want to be right there behind the lens.

Together with our clients, we endeavour to push the romantic and creative boundaries of wedding photography here in Canada, and worldwide. We have been privileged to shoot in some seemingly undiscovered back-alleys of busy downtown cores one morning, only to find ourselves in the ornate and opulent domes of historic cathedrals in the evening. We are comfortable wandering the mountainous backdrops of the Canadian West, or getting down in the sand in the tropical paradises of the Caribbean. Wherever your hearts take you, we will be there to follow (and hold up your train, or your shoes when necessary!)

It’s Vanity Fair meets National Geographic, without losing sight of the heartbeats and breaths that resonate in the memories we promise to capture and record for you. We have had the privilege to shoot intimate family-only weddings, to large celebrations of nearly a thousand. Regardless of the numbers, we will be there to accommodate and respect whatever cultural, religious, or personal needs that our clients and their families may request – unspoken or explicit. It is our hope to be there to support, as well as document, this momentous occasion from ‘I Do’ to eternity…

Vancouver wedding photographer

Amy Turner Photography
Based In: Umbria, Italy
Other Locations: Tuscany - Siena, Lucca, Florence l Sorrento & Amalfi Coast l Lake Garda

I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Tuscany & Umbria. I’ve photographed over 350 weddings in my career but have a particular love of Italy and ended up moving here full-time. I photograph weddings photo-journalistically, relying on anticipation to capture genuine moments. But, when required, I’m equally comfortable designing and creating beautiful photographs.

If you’re looking for a local wedding photographer, who lives in this beautiful country, knows the way it works and can speak the language perfectly, you should check out my website and drop me a line. Let’s chat!

Umbria wedding photographer

Santorini Photo Sessions
Based In: Santorini - Greece
Other Locations: Florence (Italy) - Stockholm (Sweden)

I was born in Thessaloniki, in the north part of Greece and my first involvement in photography was because of my father, who is a photographer, so from a very young age I was helping my father in a studio and in still life photography mostly, learning all the “secrets” and I was really very lucky not only that I had someone to help me, but also because I grow up in a period that the film, the black chamber and all those magical items were ruling the world of the photographer. The last 5 years my base is in the beautiful island of Santorini and working as a Santorini wedding photographer, trying to do my best and capture this special day for you. Most couples come for their honeymoon photoshoot in Santorini or their pre/post wedding photo session, so my goal is to accomplish a result that will make you more than happy and meet your expectation of your dream photography session in Santorini.

My style in photography is more photo journalistic, I like to capture natural images and creative portraits but I am willing to follow your needs and personal style, for more editorial photoshoot. Generally, I cover all the mainland in Greece, not only Santorini, but I can also travel international upon request.

Duccio Argentini Photography
Based In: Florence, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Rome, Venice, Como Lake l UK - London l France - Paris l Spain - Barcellona

Hello, my name is Duccio Argentini, wedding photographer and a DOC Tuscan, just like a good Chianti wine. Better still, I am a dynamic wedding photographer and I love taking pictures of energetic, sporty couples. I love photographing the couples that want to feel free to move also on their wedding day.

Florence wedding photographer

Nicola Tanzella photography
Based In: Modena (Northern Italy - Emilia Romagna)
Other Locations: Italy - Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome l Greece l United Kingdom l France - Paris l Spain - Barcelona

I'm based in Northern Italy where I live and work with my girlfriend Federica. We love emotions and we love to travel all around Italy and abroad capturing the emotions between our brides and grooms. We believe that every wedding is unique and every couple is special too.

Emilia Romagna wedding photographer

Videosystem Sposi – Alessandro Ficano Photographer
Based In: Rieti, Italy
Other Locations: Central Italy, Italy and Europe

Alessandro began his approach to photography as a child and before leaving school, was already collaborating with his father photographer, dedicating themselves with great passion for the art of photography. At age 16, he began attending his first photography courses, from there a long series of workshops to updates in which he had the opportunity to meet with established photographers and famous in Italy and around the world.

The style of Alessandro Ficano is now unique and unmistakable. When shooting outdoors, he tries to capture the beauty of the details and the spontaneity of the moment. His pictures are full of atmosphere: there are mixed light glimmers, perspectives and reflections. But beyond the acquired personal techniques, the real secret of his image is the relationship of spontaneity that he is able to establish with the bride and groom putting them at ease. In this way, Alessandro Ficano manages to lighten the tensions related to time and create situations of joy and complicity.

Rieti wedding photographer

Linda Puccio Fine Art Photographer
Based In: Ragusa (Italy, Sicily)
Other Locations: Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Como lake, Taormina, Catania

Hello and welcome! I'm Linda, I'm based in South Sicily, where the sun shines 12 months per year, and I work wherever you want me to shoot 🙂

My wedding photography speaks about stories. Stories of love, true emotions, people, places and details. Stories that capture the real, genuine memories of your wedding day. I shoot the event in a creative, documentary, elegant and romantic style, with a touch of vintage taste. I love natural light for my photography.

I'm responsible for the entire creative process, from the first contact with couples 'til the process of editing and layout of photo albums. Enjoy! 🙂

Sicily wedding photographer

Melia Lucida Photographer
Based In: Maui HI
Other Locations: BC Canada - Vancouver l Hawaii - Kahului, Honolulu

Melia holds a bachelor of Fine Art and has been a full time wedding photographer since 2004. Her style is the perfect blend of fine art portraiture and candid documentary photography. For over a decade she has served the culturally diverse brides and grooms of Vancouver and is now based on Maui, serving all the Hawaiian islands. Available worldwide.

Maui wedding photographer

Heru Photography
Based In: Bali, Indonesia
Other Locations: Jakarta, Indonesia l Singapore l Malaysia

As a favorites' tourism destination in Indonesia, Bali has many beautiful place for wedding destination that reason drives my passion to combining the perfect climates, natural attractions and relaxed atmospheres of Bali.

My Name is Heru, a professional Bali wedding photographer will blend your moment of happiness and the natural beauty of Bali with creative lighting.

Over the past five years working in the wedding industry, I understand that every union of two beings has a unique background story and I will try to present it in an image that will last forever. And a very proper decision if you decide me as your photographer to capture the moments of your beautiful day in Bali.

Sonia Aloisi Photographer
Based In: IITALIA ( Caltanissetta )
Other Locations: Italia - Catania, Sicily, Palermo l America l England

Avere la fortuna di trasformare la passione in lavoro penso sia il sogno di tutti. A me è successo.

Pur avendo studiato tutt'altro nella vita, ho sempre avuto una predisposizione per l'arte e nella macchina fotografica ho trovato la mia dimensione, sin da piccola usavo quelle giocattolo con dentro le immagini prestampate. Crescendo ho imparato a osservare cosi tanto che l'unico modo per fermare quel momento era scattare una foto. Perche' una foto anche dopo trent'anni ha la capacita' di far rivivere l'attimo..far risentire gli odori e gli stati d'animo. Forse è per questo che preferisco il reportage alle foto di posa, perche' so che nella spontaneita' c'è il vero sentimento...l'unico ricordo che nel tempo produrra' emozione. Nelle mie foto troverete uno stile vintage ed elegante, con la cura di ogni dettaglio, e questo per potervi raccontare i vostri momenti piu' importanti mantenendo la stessa classe con cui voi li avete sognati. In ogni sezione di questo sito troverete la parte piu' importante del mio cuore... espero che anche dopo tanto tempo, questa mia passione la leggiate in ogni mio scatto.

Caltanissetta wedding photographer

HDC Photo – Huellas del Caribe
Based In: Punta Cana - Dominican Republic
Other Locations: Dominican Republic - La Romana, Las Terrenas l Mexico - Cancun, Riviera Maya l Jamaica - Montego Bay, Negril, Ochos Rios

HDC photo - Huellas del Caribe is a photography and films company based in Punta Cana. Our team is composed of photographers, videographers and editors. With more than 10 years of experience, we have covered hundreds of weddings in Dominican Republic (Punta Cana, La Romana, Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Cabrera, Samana and Las Terrenas) but also in Jamaica, Cuba, Canada, and Mexico where we recently opened an office. It would be a honor to cover your day and to capture images that you will remember for the rest of your life...

Punta Cana wedding photographer

Christos Aggelidis Photography
Based In: Greece - Athens
Other Locations: Greece - Mykonos , Santorini , Monemvasia, Halkidiki l Cyprus

Chris Aggelidis is a well known wedding photographer in Greece for destination weddings. He wants couples to trust him to take not only photos from their wedding but their memories. For that reason it has investment the time to take part in a number of educative seminars in wedding photography and participate in photo contests where he received 10 international prizes from widely known photo communities such as Leica and Photo Wedding stories. In addition, he is currently an active member in famous photo communities like wedding photography select and photo wedding stories. He is mostly active in the area of weddings and christenings, however, he also supports advertising photography, portraits etc.

His vision with his team is to be able to provide you with artistic-look memories -- which in this day is unique -- you will treasure these exciting memories for the rest of your life. You may find more about his business and that of his associates in the site pages and in social media.

Alex Paul Photography
Based In: Boston, MA
Other Locations: Massachusetts - Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod l Rhode Island - Newport, Providence l Vermont l New Hampshire l Maine l Iceland

Hi, I'm Alex, an award-winning international wedding photographer based in Boston Massachusetts and NYC. I specialize in creating cutting-edge contemporary photographs for engagements, weddings and family portraits. I'm as at home shooting weddings in New England as on the shores of Lake Como. As a top destination wedding photographer I've been privileged enough to shoot over 250 destination weddings in Italy, Switzerland, Montenegro, Thailand, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia and Iceland. Having travelled extensively across the globe I can help you find the most enchanting picture-perfect backdrops for your images.

John Hope Photography
Based In: Leeds, UK
Other Locations: France l Italy l UK - London, Manchester, York, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool

Hi! I’m a Yorkshire wedding photographer based in Leeds but I travel all over the UK and cover destination weddings too. I love how in a coming together of vision and technique, anything from raw energy and euphoria to complete peace and tranquility can be captured forever in the click of a shutter. Weddings provide such defining moments in people’s lives so it’s such a privilege to be chosen by my clients to record them for years and generations to come. My aim is to capture these moments in a creative, organic way. I’m not about ordering people around or directing things. But I’ll be there, unobtrusively documenting the day as it unfolds: the joy, the laughter, the tears: the story...

I love emotions. I love passion. I love capturing those special fleeting, gone in the blink of an eye moments. I love manipulating light and shooting creatively. I get a buzz from genuine documentary, story-telling photography, but also love to give every couple some show-stopping portraits to hang on the wall!

Leeds wedding photographer

Fulvio Pettinato Fotografia
Based In: Verbania (Piedmont - Italy)
Other Locations: Switzerland - Ticino l Italy - Como, Milano, Trento, Torino

Emotion reportage photographer. Natural photos without being intrusive.

Always looking for unique and more 'real moments, all conducted with intense sensitivity which is the basis for a good photograph.

Verbania wedding photographer

Cristian Dascalu Photography
Based In: Limassol, Cyprus
Other Locations: Paphos, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Nicosia, Polis & all of Cyprus

I am a professional wedding photographer, photography being my biggest passion of all. I use my imagination and I work with my soul in order to catch the moment, as beautiful as it is, to catch it and frame it – that’s is what I love the most. My favourite style used for events is photojournalism, as the photographs tell the story of the event, naturally unravelled. It means that I love capturing the emotions and feelings of that specific moment, especially when shooting wedding photos and special moments as the baptism of a little angel.

My approach applies fine art photography to the living, breathing, fast-moving phenomenon that is a wedding. For me, it is all about making something beautiful, even if I have to insert myself into the situation. My signature albums are a natural extension of Cristian Dascalu Photography`s storytelling style. I can create and beautifully frame a piece of art and I strongly believe that a series of images artistically arranged and carefully crafted into a narrative story can have an exponential impact in revealing the beauty and emotions of the couple`s wedding journey.

The signature albums creatively blend beautiful art spreads and story lines, resulting in a gorgeous hardbound coffee table book that allows the bride and groom to relive their favorite moments for the rest of their life. The finished albums are handmade in one of the best photographic laboratories in Europe, with custom covers and lifetime guaranteed binding.

Limassol wedding photographer

Evgenia Kostiaeva
Based In: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Other Locations: Sayulita, Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende, Cancun, Mexico City

Hello!! This is Evgenia and I'm a Wedding Photographer that works in a paradise called Puerto Vallarta. I want my Photos to be elegant and fresh, to transmit love & happiness and of course to be unique: because I believe you're unique. I carefully build each shoot before making a click, that is why my pictures don’t need months of editing and they will be ready just a few weeks after the big day.

My mission as a photographer is to reflect the happiness, love, and joy of that day so that it can be felt years from now by your children and grandchildren looking at the photographs. There is no better way to ensure those memories than to entrust yourself to the eye of a photographer who can preserve them for you. Someone who can capture your emotions, and those of your family and friends, someone who will be able to create a photograph that 25 years from now will bring you back to that moment.

Puerto Vallarta wedding photographer

S2 Images Ltd.
Based In: Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Other Locations: United Kingdom - London, Surrey, West Midlands, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Manchester l Europe l Worldwide

We are Sonia and Simon, a husband and wife team, brought together through our love of photography. Our love for each other and passion for stunning imagery shines throughout our work. We capture precious moments in a fun and natural way, telling an intricate and beautiful wedding stories. Being husband and wife, we could not be better suited as wedding photographers. Together we cover crucial moments from different viewpoints. Apart, we are able to reveal the important wedding story that could be missed. Start to finish, we are always close by on one of the biggest days of a couples lives together.

We always carry a fun yet subtle presence, aiming for couples to feel immediate ease with us from first contact. It’s a personal experience, we hope to meet brides and grooms as photographers and continue on as great friends.

We are excited to deliver back a beautiful visual story of such a precious day, created with care and refined with love.

Warwickshire wedding photographer

Aio Foto e Video
Based In: Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Other Locations: Brazil - Manaus, Sao Paulo, Curitiba l India - Dubai l US - New York l Canada

Olá! Me chamo Oswaldo e juntamente com minha esposa Patrícia fundamos a Aio Foto e Vídeo em 2009.

Chegamos para revolucionar e apresentamos o menor prazo de entrega praticado no mercado de fotografia e filmes de casamentos. Garantimos aos noivos acesso as fotos e teaser no prazo máximo de 30 dias, o que tem sido um grande diferencial!

A decisão de gerar a Aio Foto e Vídeo mudou a nossa história e precisamos de coragem para tomá-la, afinal tinha uma carreira militar e cursava nivel superior em direito e abri mão de tudo em prol da paixão pela fotografia.

Sem duvidas valeu muito a pena, pois hoje sou totalmente realizado!!!

Em nossa empresa, sou o lado técnico, cuido diretamente de todos os detalhes no Grande Dia, apesar de contarmos com a ajuda de ótimos profissionais em nossa equipe (fixa), sou o fotógrafo principal. Não abro mão de participar de todos
os casamentos, sou responsável pela logística, assim como tratamento de imagens, coordenação da edição, diagramação e etc ...
Embora seja bastante criterioso nos processos, minha marca perante as noivas é o bom humor, graças a esse estilo irreverente
consigo arrancar sorrisos pra lá de espontâneos.

Já a Patrícia se encarrega de todo o atendimento exclusivo que os casais merecem, realiza visita técnicas ao local, se reune com
cerimonialista, acompanha de perto os cronogramas e toma ciência de todo o curso do evento.

Acreditamos que no dia todos os fornecedores se tornam uma única equipe e trabalhamos juntos em prol do sucesso do evento.
Nosso foco é que tudo saia perfeito, para que os noivos curtam o momento e deixem por nossa conta a história que será contada
ao longo dos anos através de imagens e filmes.

Confesso que somos fascinados em eternizar momentos, poder paralizar através de um clique a emoção sentida em um momento
e proporcionar ao casal a alegria de reviver o sonho através das nossas imagens.
Nosso maior desafio é atuar como um espectador, de forma discreta, porem estando sempre atento a tudo, cuidando do melhor angulo, da melhor
iluminação, da composição, porém sem interferir ou criar cenas.

Rio de Janiero wedding photographer

Andres Barria Photography
Based In: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico
Other Locations: Cuba - Havana l US - California, New York l Mexico - San Miguel De Allende, Mexico City, Monterrey, Saltillo, Guadalajara, Cancun

"To capture a moment as if a caress unfolding, an essence, a point of existence, of coming into being and perishing away, where the hidden lens reveals and signifies forms unseen: the ephemeral and ethereal, those auras of the falling hours -- auroras and crepuscules -- forever immortalized in their sublime ecstasy. To photograph as if an entire philosophy: to capture chance in pomp and circumstance so as to construct a splendid classic sonata that eternizes and pierces time in being and being in time. Andrés’ intentional eyes become a poetic lens: he enters the harmony of an event, of a landscape, of a soul and transforms a series of instants and perspectives into song that is poesy and poesy that becomes myth”….

In little over 14 years, autodidact and visually gifted Chilean photographer Andrés Barría Davison has mastered the art of photo-poesy and tonal geometry to commemorate Mexico’s indigenous cultures, its enchanting fiestas, weddings, rites, and the tonal beauties of its peoples in the infinite quotidian. He conjugates the heroic symphony of Mexico’s vivid streets and squares, markets and rural villages with the mesmerizing visages, epic emotions and haunting landscapes to resurrect a land tormented between the sublime and the tragic, the transcendent and the immanent. Barria Davison’s camera, Mexico’s metaphor, is an exhilarating hermetic ladder ascending and descending the totalities of Mexico’s millenary and capacious existence  the divine, the indigenous and the profane  in order to evoke Mexico’s idyllic cosmic melancholy against its oblivion: a hurricane.
Born in 1966 in an artistic milieu, Barría Davison relocated from Chile’s Straight of Magellan near his native Punta Arenas to Chile’s Atacama Desert, and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1995, and to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2004. At the age of 17 he got his first camera while doing summer work in a Kodak retail store in Chile, since then he has been in love and obsessed with Photography.

Andres started photographing weddings and against his wishes in 2008 after a many requests from friends and clients, today he is considered one of the most reputable and versatile photographers in Mexico. Because his unique style, composition, quality, creativity and exceptional service his boutique photo company located in Puerto Vallarta is recommended by some the most prestigious and exclusives resorts in the area like today; Four Seasons Hotel Punta Mita, Hotel Mousai, Hotel Garza Blanca, La Tranquila, Westin and Hotel Imanta.

Since 2011, he has won many awards, most notably from the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards for his two novel Mexican images “Two Sisters and the Cat” and an “Old Lady in the Kitchen,” also selected by magnum photographer Steve McCurry and exhibited at the Borges Cultural Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 2014 alone he was given the certification by the Secretary of Tourism SECTUR in Mexico as a Destination Wedding Specialist.

Inspired by Casasola and Chambi, Alvarez Bravo and Garduño, Hector Garcia and Iturbide, Ortiz Monasterio, Koudelka and Kertesz, Cruz, Meyer and Salgado, Barría Davison’s photo-poesy spans Mexico’s odyssey in 30,000 riveting images. His photographs are fractals whose spirit is a Petrarchan sonnet. They conjugate cosmos and chaos, the divine and beings  the cosmotheandric  in light and shadow in a photographic poem whose octaves and sestets intimate presence and luminescence, and are resurrections of Mexico’s ancestral spirit gaze.

His commercial atelier, Andres Barria Photography, renowned for its lyric bridal and rites of passage compositions, singularly captures with visionary symmetry the ominous splendour of Mexico’s fleeting odyssey, weaving equal sentiment with equal light, with superb artistry. Weddings, gatherings, and rites of passage transcend in the image, becoming idyllic symphonies in memory’s immanent tapestry.

Andres is available for weddings, portrait, architecture, engagements, fashion and photo sessions anywhere in the world.


Andres Barria works has been published in Magazines like, Hola!, Chic Magazine, Novias de Pasarela Mexico, VIP Vallarta, ArquiTK Magazine Mexico City, Black and White Vallarta, Property Journal Vallarta, Sierra Madre de Monterrey, Arts Takes Miami 2012 Book etc..


Two of Andres Award Winning Iconic photographs were displaying in 2013 together with the work of the Magnum photographer Steve McCurry at the Jorge Luis Borgues Cultural Center in Buenos Aires Argentina. This happened after Andres Barria was nominated First Runner up in a World Portrait Competition held in England, UK by the WPGA in 2012, were over 2,000 photographers from 57 countries participated, the awarded images were selected by Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry.

On May 2011 Polloux Awards WPGA England , UK Fine Art Category 3rd Place “Two sisters and the Cat” B&W
On February 2012 by Photographers of the America Mexico, “At the Beach” was a finalist on the Wedding category.
On July 2012 by Photographers of the America Mexico, “Two lovers” was a finalist on the Wedding category.
On December 2012 WPGA England, UK Honorable Mention Fine Art Category “Water Reflections”
On December 2012 WPGA England, UK Image Finalist Street Photography Category “ La Nina Triste"
On October 2012 in New York by PDN "One Life 2012 Photo Contest" his portfolio people and portraits was finalist.
On 2013, as a Finalist at the "Art Takes Times Square" world competition, 10 of his Awarded Photographs were shown for first time in the history on the largest Screen of Times Square in New York, USA.

On July 2014 one of Andres stunning Photographs "Mother and Child" appears for the second time in history on the largest Screen of Times Square in New York City, after world wide artist event competition organized by See Me in New York, USA.

Nick Ray Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: Europe

I am a photojournalist, so I document genuine moments, telling stories through photographs. I worked for The Times for 15 years, based in London, and covering assignments and features all over the world. I specialise in beautiful, natural documentary wedding photography with a mixture of natural moments and relaxed portraits. Nothing is posed or staged, you can just be yourselves and enjoy your day.

As a photojournalist you learn to think on your feet and adapt to the situation while the pressure is on, whilst staying aware of everything going on around you. Operating the camera becomes second nature, all your mental effort is directed to capturing the moment, and anticipating the next one, whilst still using the best light and concentrating on composition. This is just as true on the front line as it is at a wedding.

To me weddings are a story, just like an assignment for a newspaper or magazine, and I bring the same skills to every wedding I photograph.

I love weddings that are fun and relaxed, where all the planning and wedding admin is left at the door so everyone can enjoy the day. It's great to find couples who are confident to do things their own way and are happy to show their love for one another. On the day I like to blend in like a guest, I'm not going to run the day or direct the proceedings, I work quietly and unobtrusively. I believe that it's the real story of your day that will matter to you most as the years go by, and I want to tell that story through beautiful photographs of the genuine moments. If my approach sounds like it would be right for your wedding please get in touch, I'd love to hear your plans!

London wedding photographer

ap photography
Based In: Santorini - Greece
Other Locations: Mykonos, Crete, Thessaloniki, Athens, Corfu, Monemvasia, Cyprus l Thailand

During a Wedding day, people experience intense moments and I am there to record them and describe them with my photographic images. I never interfere and try to be «transparent» and capture the moment, the feeling, the situation!

The only photographic session at which I interfere during the day and give instructions and directions is when I am left alone with the couple in order to have their wedding portraits, which I name «Creatively Directed Wedding Portraits”.

Therefore my photographic style and aesthetics is a mixture of “Wedding Photojournalism” and “Creatively Directed Wedding Portraits”.

I have been awarded a Masters degree in photography from a British university and I have won numerous photographic awards.

Recently, I have been selected as one of the top 100 international wedding photographers for year 2016.

As an International wedding photographer I am available on wedding assignments worldwide.

Santorini wedding photographer

Alessio Martinelli – Blackandlight
Based In: Rome, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Capri, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Sicily l All Destination Worldwide

Born in Rome on 08/18/1970 he graduated from the Technical Institute ”Galileo Galilei”, twenty years of experience in the field of television works as a videographer and director of photography for short films , video clips and TV shows. After years of experience in the Wedding industry in 2008 founded Blackandlight Studio in which he serves as artistic director.

Rome wedding photographer

Nikola Smernic
Based In: Hvar, Croatia
Other Locations: Croatia - Dubrovnik, Split, Rovinj l Morocco - Marrakesh l Switzerland - Geneva, Zurich

To choose people who’d be the ones to photograph your wedding day is much harder and more important job than it appears to be. The reason is simple: the memory of this single amazing day of your life will become your family heritage. Keeping exactly this thought in my mind, I become fairly obsessed with making the absolute most out of that day in the photos I’d make for you… and all those generations that’ll come after you. Another thing I’m obsessed with is the whole photography making process. This obsession started unusually early in my life.

If destiny is a real thing, seems like mine was sealed when I was only 1 year old and when I got my very first camera (Yashica) as a 1st birthday gift from my grandma. It was actually a wish made by my dad back then and he was the one using it for our family photos (our heritage!) for 18 years, until I discovered it was my birthday gift and claimed it back. It was a start of my adventure with dark room, black & white films and taking so many photos of just about everything. It all got more serious when I started my wedding photography business in 2008 on a side, along with my engineer career. But then it became a life occupation in July 2014 when I quit my engineer job and got married to my wonderful wife, taking some photos of our wedding with the camera from the beginning of this story. The turning point for that business decision was an award winning photo in the annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2013, that brought so many new adventures in my life. Today I am mainly destination photographer in Croatia and all over Europe as well, but also a proud award winning member of ISPWP, Fearless Photographers and Best of Wedding Photography. I’m based in Hvar, an amazing town that I know so well, but I love working in Split, Dubrovnik, Rovinj, Brac, Vis, Pag and all over Europe.

My constant mission is to capture the most fun, emotional, significant and challenging moments of your wedding day in the most natural and storytelling way. All those moments together will be telling a unique story of your wedding day for years to come and I am honoured even now to be considered for photographing them.

Hvar wedding photographer

Andrea Bagnasco Fotografie
Based In: Genova, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Portofino, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Lake Como, Tuscany l Monaco - Monte Carlo

My name is Andrea Bagnasco and I am a documentary wedding photographer. I am based in the small coastal town of Varazze, on the Ligurian sea, very close to Genova, Portofino, the Tigullio region, Cinque Terre, Monte Carlo and within a small driving distance to the nicest wedding venues in Tuscany, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. I am married, father of a young boy and have an incurable passion for guitars.

My style is observational and unobtrusive. My goal is to faithfully represent the day of my clients through beautiful and emotionally engaging pictures, that they will want to treasure for the years to come. I am convinced that the best possible way for me to be a wedding photographer is to develop a distinctive style that puts the clients at center stage, that allows their wedding day and their personality to come through their wedding pictures, as a testament of who they are as a couple, their families and friends, the bonds that come to the fore on this very special day.

I speak fluent English (thanks to having lived in the United States for a few years), can handle just enough French to get through the day and I’m at ease working in international environments.

I am Image Master for DxO Labs, member and multi award winner at ANFM (the national association of Italian wedding photographers), ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) and Fearless Photographers. I’m also a selected member of 5 Star Wedding Directory. I was nominated among the Top 150 International Wedding Photographers for SRL Lounge in 2016.

Genova wedding photographer

David Bostock Photography
Based In: Oxford, United Kingdom
Other Locations: Banbury, Bicester, Witney, Abingdon, Wallingford and Henley-on-Thames l Berkshire l Buckinghamshire

One of the UK’s Top 50 Wedding Photographers 2016 (GoHen - 2016), Stylish, Subtle, Stunning Award Winning Wedding Photography from an accredited Master Photographer

It’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about weddings. As a wedding photographer with many years’ experience, a fair few awards to my name and as husband to the owner/founder of one of the UK's top bridal boutiques, it’s safe to say that I know my Suzanne Neville from my Jenny Packham, my peep toe from my court, and my birdcage from my cathedral.

Based in leafy Oxfordshire, my award-winning wedding photography business, David Bostock Photography, is the quintessential choice for the discerning and particular bride who wants to create a set of photographs that evoke beauty, fun and a genuine sense of emotional sincerity. An occasion that affords an expanse of creative licence and the invitation to capture truly unique moments on the most important of days, weddings lend themselves perfectly to my dramatic, beautiful, perfectly-timed photography. My work has been praised as ‘elegant’, ‘exceptional’ and even ‘disarming’, but they say a picture’s worth a thousand words so I’ll let my work do the talking.

Endorsed & Recommended Wedding Photographer for:

• The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
• Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire
• Caswell House, Oxfordshire
• Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire
• Eynsham Hall, Oxfordshire
• Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire
• Kirtlington Park, Oxfordshire
• Stoke Park Club, Buckinghamshire
• St Hughes College, Oxfordshire
• The Manor at Weston, Oxfordshire

In order to devote the proper amount of attention to each wedding, I take on a limited number of wedding commissions each year, so always advise booking well in advance of your big day. Looking forward to meeting you.

Oxford wedding photographer

Megan Ellis, Destination Wedding Photographer
Based In: Key West, FL
Other Locations: Florida - Miami l Costa Rica - Guanacaste, Arenal, Puntarenas, San Jose l Tennessee - Knoxville, Nashville l NC - Asheville

Hi! I’m Megan – I am a travel-obsessed, book-loving, wine-and-hot-tea-drinking, nomadic photographer. I am currently based out of Key West, Florida but I shoot frequently in East Tennessee (home sweet home), Costa Rica (where my heart is) and worldwide. My inspiration is found in other adventurous people who love culture, travel, and exploring as much as me. I have been photographing weddings for 12 years and am honored to be considered to work with you for your wedding! I am not only available for weddings, but for destination engagement sessions too. Make sure you ask me about these!

My style is classic and timeless and I shoot in both film and digital for your wedding day. I do not 'pose' images, rather I direct them in order to obtain the most natural, relaxed results. My goal is create images that showcase your special relationship, not to create pre-conceived, cookie-cutter images.

Key West wedding photographer

Brian C Idocks Photographics LLC
Based In: St Petersburg, Florida, USA
Other Locations: Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

We are wedding photographers in Tampa Bay, Florida. We are best known for our romantic, emotional imagery. In addition though, we're known for our experience level and our involvement with our brides. To us, it takes a team to create a wedding, no one can do it alone, so we build strong relationships with our clients. When we all work together, amazing things happen. I could go on and on about our accomplishments, awards, degrees, letters in our titles for our names, etcetera, but… instead, I'll let you look at our images, after all, that's what you're hiring us for.

Julien Leveau
Based In: Puerto Vallarta – Mexico – Street Francia 140 – col. Versalles
Other Locations: Mexico - Cancun, Los Cabos, Guadalajara, Playa del Carmen l France - Monaco, Nice

I studied architecture, but spent the majority of my time doing different types of art…writing, painting, sculpture. I used to say that I like to use my hands and my head to create things that make us feel and think. And once I discovered and got into photography, I couldn’t get out.

I have all those creative elements at my disposal…the architecture, painting, sculpture, writing, and I combine all these to capture the sentiment, joy, and passion of the moment, which makes my pictures special.

I’m a perfectionist, and I find perfection in imperfection. I use the imperfections or constraints of the circumstances and present them in a way that works perfectly.

Puerto Vallarta wedding photographer

Lauren Newman Photography
Based In: Toronto, Canada
Other Locations: Montreal | NYC | California | Israel

Lauren Newman is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer for the Adventurous, Wild & in Love. With an emphasis on authentic & intimate ceremonies that will make you laugh, cry and smile all at once. Serving Toronto & the GTA. Happy to travel for destination weddings from Montreal to California, to NYC and further. If you are looking for real photos of your day, ones that truly capture the candid, romantic, true messy beautiful love you have, be in touch! Lets make it happen.

Toronto wedding photographer

Alison Rose Photography
Based In: Denver, Colorado
Other Locations: Colorado - Vail, Breckenridge, Estes Park, Aspen, Granby, Beaver Creek l Florida l Mexico

As a little girl, I was surrounded by artists in my family, so it was a natural step for me to find a love of photography very early. I tried my hand at a course as a Sophomore in High School and immediately found myself winning state-wide competitions, which only drove me to love photography even more. I knew I wanted to make photography my full-time gig even then, but didn't know how until I became a stay-at-home mom with my daughter. I gave myself a 1 year deadline to make it happen, so I dove in head first. In February of 2006 I rented a booth at a bridal festival with photos of my daughter and my dog as my portfolio. I asked EVERY person that walked by my booth to take a chance on me because I knew it was my destiny... I booked 14 weddings from that festival and never looked back!

I'm proud to say that after years of honing my skills with lots of practice and continuing education, I know how to work well under pressure and handle any lighting or photo challenges that are thrown at me in a timely, laid-back manner. I have also become a master of working under high-stress conditions, while still being emotionally available, connected, and inspired by my clients. Because of this, couples who work with me get to remember their most sincere wedding moments with touching photographs.

While I'm honored to have worked with a wide variety of couples, I typically find my clients are social, close with their family and friends, active, in-demand city dwellers, that value quality over quantity when it comes to living the life they love. If you consider yourself to be any of these things, I would love to work with you on your big day!

Denver wedding photographer

MIKI Studios
Based In: London, England, UK
Other Locations: UK - Derbyshire, Manchester, Buckinghamshire, Surrey l Italy l France

We want couples to be able to fully RELAX and enjoy their wedding day and then trust us to be passionate and CREATIVE in crafting imagery that documents their day in a unique and AUTHENTIC way:

This is our passion, wedding photography is our craft.

Weddings are all about emotion and this is what we are drawn to. The emotion is everything we trying to preserve - not just moments but moments that will evoke emotions and memories for years to come. It's then about trying to present them in the most creative way available at the time - creative in a way that perhaps interests the viewer especially those who weren't there.

It's easy to take a photograph of grandma crying and those who know her for them to "feel something". It's a much harder challenge to depict her in a way that even someone who doesn't know her understands why she felt what she did and understand her importance in that moment and in a way that piques their curiosity as to why it was shot that way.

London wedding photographer

Based In: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Other Locations: San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos, Puerto Vayarta, Playa del Carmen, Sayulita

I'm Gonzalo Verdeja. I was born In Spain and 9 Years ago I moved To Cabo "The Paradise". I love green open spaces and the simple beauties of nature. I like to wake up early, I like coffee but not more that one cup, I love to spend time with my girlfriend, run with my dog "Bruce" and swim in the Ocean. I began my photography career shooting surf photography several years ago, then I moved to wedding photography seven years ago. Photography is my passion and It's what I live, eat, and breathe. I receive a bunch of mails from brides telling me how happy there are with their pictures but for me the biggest title ever is coming from my mom who says that I'm the best photographer ever.

Cabo San Lucas wedding photographer

Photo Souvenir Punta Cana
Based In: Dominican Republic - Punta Cana
Other Locations: Carribbean l French Polynesia

We are Severine and Renaud, two French photographers, best friends in life who have been working together in Punta Cana and the carribbean for 15 years. Our past clients have described us as flexible, creative, pro and fun and it pretty much says it all about us. We are relaxed and down to earth and like to capture your love and the best moments of your day as it unfolds. It has taken us years but we have have created a signature style, a blend of photojournalism, lifestyle and editorial photography. We are inspired by YOU and YOUR day and love to work with couples who are madly in love and who see their day as a fun party. We surely pour our heart into our work and strive to create images with character and feelings.

In order to maintain our standard of service we limit the number of weddings each year. This keeps everyone happy and help us to enter each wedding with enthusiasm and inspiration giving 100% to our clients who invests in our services. That balance is the reason why we always maintain our positive attitude and ensure their is always heart behind our business and the images we produce.

We are specialists of any kind of Trash the Dress and introduced our famous Urban shoot and Underwater Love session in Punta Cana a few years ago and are always looking for new ideas ( crazy or risky...we like them!)

Just have a look at our work.

Punta Cana wedding photographer

Based In: Italy – Portofino
Other Locations: New York l Toronto l Italy – Venice, 5 Terre, Firenze, Roma, Siena, Milano

I started taking pictures when I was a child, trying to imitate my father. I liked his old cameras and I was fascinated by the alchemy of the darkroom.
 With the passage of time this particular way of interacting with reality has become the passion that today is my job. I like to think that with me there's always that little boy, with his curiosity, his desire to experiment, his wanting to put himself to the test continuously.

I began photographing natural landscapes and architecture. Now I love being a wedding photographer. Why? Because marriage is a moment full of emotion and passion. I’d like to reproduce those feelings in my shots: a face, a smile, a tear, a look.

I do it in the first place trying to help the couple to face in the best way a moment that , in some ways , can be very difficult. 
One of the best things about my job is that … today many of these spouses are my friends.

2009-2011 rosette bronze section emotions;
 2009 2011 European qualification QEP reportage awards association AGWPJA;
 2012-2104 recognition of association AGWPJA;
 2014 7th ranking wedding photographers associations journalism AGWPJA.

Portofino wedding photographer

Jolie Histoire Photography
Based In: Luxembourg City
Other Locations: France - Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Reims, Paris l Belgium - Arlon

In 2012, my cousin got married. She changed my life forever when shed asked me to be her wedding photographer. Of course, being fully aware that my passion for landscape photography did not make me a wedding photographer, I kindly declined her request. But she insisted so much that in the end I accepted.

Feeling the pressure growing as the wedding day was getting closer, I could not help but reading blogs about wedding photography, buying the right gear, and simply educating myself by going through as many wedding photos as I could find online.

Shooting my cousin's wedding was a revelation: finally I had found my true vocation. The smile on her face when she discovered her photos was so rewarding that I decided to shoot more weddings and soon after it became my full-time job.

In 2013, I created Jolie Histoire. That stands for ‘Beautiful Story' in French and it perfectly sums up my philosophy of wedding photography. In order to recreate all the emotion of the wedding day, I have developed a documentary style. It helps me building up a storyline through my images and capture all the emotions of this very special moment of your life. As a story-teller, my work is timeless, and in 30 years from now you will be able to remember that day the way you lived it and share it with your children and grand-children.

The reason I love to photograph weddings lies in three words: “Telling your story”.

Luxembourg City wedding photographer

Bartek Witek Photography
Based In: Killorglin - Ireland
Other Locations: Ireland: Dublin l Cork l Kerry l Limerick l Galway l All of Ireland Northern Ireland l United Kingdom

I feel honored to be invited to witness and capture the couple gathering all their friends and family to celebrate their love. I focus on storytelling aspects of the day, blending in with the crowd and letting everyone behave naturally and enjoy the occasion, chat, laugh, eat, dance and have fun.

My name is Bartek Witek and I live with my wife - Beata, two daughters - Maya, Victoria and a miniature schnauzer called Freya in Killorglin, Kerry, Ireland and I am available nationwide in Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK and for destination weddings and elopements.

Whether it is the expression of love, candid moments or details I aim to capture images that evoke a feeling, trigger a memory and tell the story. It is not about current trends, it is about the heirloom that your wedding photographs are to become.
It doesn’t matter how big or small your weddings is - I would be delighted to be there for you.

If you connect with the images you see and my approach speaks to your heart please get in touch and let’s talk about your wedding day plans and how I can help you preserve this day memories for future generations.

Ireland wedding photographer

Claudio Amelio Fotografi
Based In: Italy / Naples
Other Locations: UK - London l Italy - Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, Roma

Claudio Amelio has extensive experience as a Wedding Photographer in Naples and Italy.

The photography for weddings in recent years has evolved not only from the technical point of view, but above all from the point of view of its realization, influenced by trends and tastes more general time.

Being a wedding photographer therefore requires continuous updating and Claudio Amelio is in this sense a guarantee that combines its twenty years of experience with the current trends of Wedding Photography.

Claudio Amelio participates each month in wedding fairs throughout Italy and this helps to enrich his professional photographer skills, not only through meetings with stakeholders, but especially with visitors.

The wedding day is an unforgettable date for a couple, the beginning of a new life, and the construction of a new family.

The moments of marriage have a value that goes beyond normal photography and is enriched by the hard task of representing a sacred and indissoluble link.

The photographic technique is therefore required to disclose emotions not to alter them, displaying the love between the couple and the joy of family and all the guests.

Claudio Amelio is this an example for all his colleagues and fits right in between the best photographers in Naples.

This experience and creativity make his work unique; just look at the portfolio of his work to immediately realize the artistic talent and professional photographer and the quality of his images.

Diego Giusti Photographer
Based In: Livorno, Tuscany
Other Locations: Roma, Venezia, Como, Firenze, Milano, Amalfi and All Europe and America

I was born in 1984 and I started early to test myself in photography and every art form. My office is in Livorno but I love working outdoors and I am willing to go everywhere for tell your story though my photos.

Every wedding is a singular and special event, the protagonists are bride and groom, and the story must be told uniquely to capture every single emotion in their hearts. I'll make your wedding an unforgettable day, catching every single moment and every expression with a simple and spontaneous style, giving you the sensation that the photographer doesn't exist.

I'll let you free to act in total freedom for have the maximum spontaneity. At first I prefer getting to know the newlyweds because I want to overthrow every wall or every embarrassment that can be created during the wedding day, when you come across a stranger. I would like to create an amazing relationship between newlyweds and me to go beyond a simple working environment.

Livorno wedding photographer

Based In: New York City (48 West 21st Street, 10th Floor, NY NY 10010 )
Other Locations: New York - Hudson Valley, Hamptons l California - Los Angeles l Massachusetts - Boston l London UK l Destination Weddings

Award-winning photography team that have over 15 years experience capturing amazing weddings and events around the World. The two photographers have backgrounds in fashion and photojournalism and they always shoot together, resulting in authentic, stylish, one-of-a-kind imagery. They’re based in Manhattan and have shot everywhere from Sweden to Maui and Hollywood to St Barths... and were even chosen to photograph actress Alyssa Milano’s star studded wedding! Their work has been published in all manner of magazines including Town Country Weddings, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, American Photo, Real Simple, New York Times, New York Weddings Magazine and the cover of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine - 3 times !

Available for travel Worldwide.

Manhattan wedding photographers

Leslie St. John Photography
Based In: Bridgetown, Barbados
Other Locations: Grenada l St. Lucia l St. Vincent l Antigua l St. Kitts l Dominica

My Approach

“The most important thing that will happen on your wedding day is that you are going to get married.....”

It may sound obvious but this simple philosophy guides my whole approach. I try to capture the full story of your day so that in twenty years when you look at your wedding pictures you can remember what happened on the day when “happily ever after” started.

A wedding is not a fashion shoot, and couples are not models who are there to perform for the photographer’s whims. Your wedding should be fun, romantic and memorable for the right reasons. I pack light and move quickly and work to make the formal photo session a fun and romantic experience that adds to your wedding. Outside of the formal photo session I stay out of the way as much as possible and shoot more candid image to let your day unfold as you intended it.

I will work with your team of wedding professionals so that you have the best wedding possible. I provide all my clients with the sunset time on their wedding day, which allows them to plan their day so that they get the best light of the day for their pictures while still getting the wedding they want.

About Me

I’m a photographer and I mostly shoot weddings, however I also do interiors, architecture and the occasional commercial job to keep life interesting.

I spent 15 years in Marketing before taking the plunge into what I should have done as a career in the first place, I’ve been taking pictures since I was a teenager but I’ve been doing this as my full time day job since 2009. It’s the best decision I have ever made.

While life in Barbados is not all one big long vacation, it IS a great place to live, and I do get to the beach often (even if it is to photograph a wedding!)

I’d love to work with you on your special day. To see more of my work explore my website: Barbados wedding photographer.

Gianni Scognamiglio
Based In: Italy - Naples
Other Locations: Italy - Florence, Venice, Milan, Santorini and all cities l United Kingdom - London l France - Paris

I'm Gianni Scognamiglio (Naples wedding photographer) and I am a co-founder of Fotocenter Wedding Studio. Wedding is one of the most important events of life, and this is the reason why it must be recounted in the best way we can. We have been working in the wedding field since 1987, and a lot of couples have chosen our professional "touch" for their event. We always take photos with two cameras with a mixed style Journalists+portrait. Our studio is based in Naples (Southern Italy) but we work all around the world. See our work on our website.

Apollo Fotografie l San Francisco Wedding Photographer
Based In: San Francisco Bay Area, California
Other Locations: California - Santa Rosa, Berkeley, San Jose, Napa, Palo Alto, Sacramento

Apollo Fotografie is a style savvy San Francisco wedding photography boutique dedicated to modern couples around the Bay Area. We cover everything from your proposal, engagement session, boudoir, rehearsal dinner, & of course – wedding day coverage from start to finish.

Your photographs will be fashionable, style centric, & will continuously evolve. From the day you receive your photos to the day you are showing them to your grandchildren, you will rejoice for eternity!

Wedding photography collections start at $2,222.

San Francisco wedding photographer

Matthew Sowa Photography
Based In: New York City, New York
Other Locations: New York - Long island, The Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyards l Mexico l Caribbean l New Jersey

Mathew Sowa Photography in NYC is at the top of the ranks. His boutique style photography has caught the interest of not only couples looking for a local photographer, but people all over the country searching to bring along the best for their destination wedding.

Providing uniqueness and style, along with highly creative and quality work, Mathew Sowa Photography is one of a kind. By booking only one event per day, this talented team is able to focus all of their energy to insure personal attention and individuality is achieved in every frame. -by

New York City wedding photographer

Seychelles Wedding Photographer
Based In: Seychelles (Mahé, Praslin and La Digue)
Other Locations: Seychelles Archipelago - Amirantes Islands, Mahé island, Praslin Island, La Digue Island l La Réunion l Mauritius

Born in Paris - France (capital of the fashion photography), I am a professional photographer based in Seychelles with 20 years of experience, specialized in the creative wedding photography.

I am not a destination photographer that would charge you for transportation and accommodation in Seychelles, with a minimum of 1 or 2 days photo-reportage. Living in Seychelles for the past 15 years, I have acquired an excellent knowledge about seasons, multi-locations, tides and weather in Seychelles.

I have great enthusiasm about wedding photography and I operate all around the Archipelago of Seychelles Islands including Mahé island, Praslin island, la Digue island and the outer-islands (known as: the Amirantes). I provide truly amazing Photographic reportage and/or Video coverage, all year round.

I might not be the best wedding photographer in the world, but I consider myself as a contemporary, creative wedding photographer with European background, an expert eye, some professional cameras and lenses and most probably counting among the top wedding photographers in Seychelles.


I can do lifestyle wedding photography or traditional wedding photography, depending on your personal taste. My approach is subtle, friendly and flexible so that I always brings out the best and creative wedding photography. My goal during your wedding ceremony is to be invisible, capturing all magic moments of your special day, adding some creative portraiture after the ceremony, on the hotel beach or in your resort. I am offering several packages to my clientele trying to remain an affordable wedding photographer in Seychelles. However, if required I can also work half day or full day on customizable "a la carte" photo-session. I also offer combination packages which provide discounts if you would like to order multiple reportage (combo photo and video services, for example).

If you have come to reading my bio, you might be looking for an engagement photographer or an event photographer, perhaps regarding newly-weds photo-reportage during your honeymoon in paradise, with your bride and groom outfits for a trash the dress photo session, or simply for some family portraits during your holidays in Seychelles, then you have knocked to the right door.

Read my Blog

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There is nothing more rewarding to me, than providing a number of photographs that can make someone smile, laugh, cry and simply provide memories of precious moments of loved ones for many years to come.

Vangelis Photography
Based In: Santorini, Greece
Other Locations: Mykonos, Athens, Greece l Dubai, UAE l Venice, italy

My love for photography has been taking over ever since I can remember myself. I have always been taking pictures… From the end of my photography studies till the present day I have 20 years of working experience as a fulltime photographer. I have cooperated successfully with many clients, including big corporations, such as Universal Studios in the production of the film "Mamma Mia" while my work has been featured in many weddings magazines and blogs.

I believe that photography has shaped me as a person. Ever since I got my first camera in my hands and started shooting film, I saw myself as a “light hunter” and I quickly became almost obsessed with the idea of using light creatively as a form of visual poetry. This attitude has instigated my desire to perceive the world around me in a different light and in a way that others may not notice. In short, I started to visualize reality as if I constantly looked at it through a camera lens. I addition I have always had a strong inclination towards the artistic framing of my subject to make my images aesthetically appealing; the ideas of balance and symmetry are still key notions behind my photography.
Regarding my wedding photography style, I couldn't describe it with only one word. It's more of an intertwining or fusion of photojournalism, fine art and fashion, just like a wedding is a constant interplay of unique personalities, powerful emotions and stunning details. My goal is to capture the very essence of a wedding by allowing the day to unfold naturally and create beautiful photography full of emotion, excitement, thrill and passion with a perfect balance between candid snapshots, fine art fashion portraits and editorial style details.

This alternation of different shooting styles is the challenge I love in shooting weddings. I view every wedding day as an orchestrated event in which a different tune is played every time by the orchestra. In my opinion, a good wedding photographer should be able to offer a variety of shooting styles blending in harmony as well as to capture the true personalities of the couple, their relationship and the spirit of the day. For that reason I strongly believe that when it comes to the selection of a wedding photographer, it is essential that the portfolio of a whole wedding day and not only random, selected photos be taken into account. This is not only my philosophy and also my motivation and driving force behind my work.

Santorini wedding photographer


Martina Zancan
Based In: Barcelona, Spain
Other Locations: Spain - Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, Baleares, Canarias l Italy - Tuscany, Como and Garda Lake, Venice, Rome l England - London l Greece l Switzerland l Worldwide

I’m Martina, a brunch addicted, lifeaholic, Italian fashion photographer living the dream in Barcelona and traveling the world to tell stories. I hunt for subtle and intense emotions. I help people celebrating life, love, family and style.

La Boutique de la Luz is my photographic studio: a creative space in the heart of Barcelona. I work with a wonderful team of makeup artists and stylists to build unique experiences for my clients, from proposals to engagement sessions, from elopements to intimate weddings and honeymoons.

When I’m not shooting in Barcelona, I work as a destination wedding photographer
for adventurous couples from all over the world.

With a Master in fashion photography and a great passion for style and beauty, after working for companies and brands such as Benetton and Allison, I decided to specialize in wedding photography. I strive to find the perfect balance between emotions and beauty. My aim is to capture grace and spontaneity through essential and elegant compositions.

While being almost invisible during the most emotional and spontaneous moments of the wedding, I’ll guide the couple through the portrait session whenever they need some directions and I’ll help them feeling more relaxed before, during and after their day.

I believe in kindness. I love to listen. I get involved. I feel like a privileged witness of intimacy, joy, beauty.

I hope that you’ll be my next adventure.

Barcelona wedding photographer

Luca Tibberio
Based In: Florence, Bologna, Milan, Italy
Other Locations: Europe and UK | Mexico l Italy - Amalfi Coast, Venice, Rome

Hi all! My name's Luca and obviously you've found me here because I'm a wedding photographer. I was born in Milan, but I live in a very little town in the center of Italy, with my wife and my daughter.

I love my job because I love meeting people and telling their stories, that's all. I love my family, the real fuel of my mind and heart. I hate describing myself using the 3rd person, as you can read!

I'm not an award winning photographer, just a direct man who simply adores what he does. When I was child, trust me, the only thought in my mind was plaiyng.....not taking photos.....

I don't like use adjectives to describe my photographic style, even if the most appropriate ones to describe the feeling you may feel while looking at my pics could be spontaneous, unconventional and intimate.

I travel all around the world, so if you've enjoyed looking at my photos, please feel free to write to could find your photographer.....and I could improve my English!

Florence wedding photographer

Studio Atticus
Based In: Boston, MA
Other Locations: Rhode Island l Vermont l New York l Maine l New Hampshire l Nationwide

Connie Miller of Studio Atticus is a Boston wedding photographer with a photojournalistic approach and an artistic style that is emotional, elegant, and poetic. Named Boston’s Best in 2010 by The Improper Bostonian, Connie is one of the most highly sought-after wedding photographers in New England. A professional photographer since 2003, Connie has photographed over 350 weddings. Largely driven by her interest in familial structures and romantic love, her work focuses on emotional storytelling and the singularity of each person she photographs. Clients hire Connie to document weddings throughout New England and at destinations both nationally and abroad.

Andrea Fabbrini Photographer
Based In: Siena, Tuscany - Italy
Other Locations: Florence l Rome l Venice l Amalfi coast l Como lake and all the best destination in Italy

I am a professional photographer specializing in wedding reportage based in Tuscany. Accustomed to move especially in Val d'Orcia and Tuscany, I have experience in various regions of Italy. In love with my job, I live every wedding as a new experience, always ready to have fun and get excited with the couple in one of the best days of their lives.

Tuscany wedding photographer

Gibotta Photographes
Based In: Napoli, Roma, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Sorrento, Parigi l United Kingdom - London l America l Saudi Arabia l Kuwait

My Name is Antonio Gibotta, I was born in Avellino in August 1988 and I always loved the world of photography. I transformed this passion in profession, accumulating a remarkable baggage of experience in Italy and abroad. I study, with my works, the man and the society. My photos play with the chords of the spectators, but maintain a certain dose of mystery. During the last years I have exposed my works in New York, France, China, Bruxelles. In 2010 I obtained the GOLDENCAMERA AWARD from the Federation European Professional Photographer, category reportage; afterwards I obtained the “QEP”, “QIP”, “MQEP”. In the FIOF Awards Nikon Contest 2012, I obtained: 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 10 Bronze. I obtained the 3rd place at the “Canada International Digital Photography Award” in 2012. At the American Contest “BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS" I obtained 1 Honorable Mention and 3 nominations, the jury was composed by Magnum and Contrast members and Alinari Brothers. In 2013, in Orvieto, I was elected best photographer of the year, photographer of the year is elected, and I obtained a Bronze Award at the 'China International Photographic Art Exhibition'. At the FIOF Awards Nikon Contest 2014, I obtained: 1 Gold CATEGORY WEDDING, 13 Silver. I won the “FIOF – Wedding Photographer of The Year 2014". In October 2014, National Geographic published a book called "stunning photographs" with one of my works.

Napoli wedding photographer

Alpin photo – Cindy & Pascal Zeller
Based In: Interlaken Switzerland. Canton Bern.
Other Locations: Switzerland - Ticino, Montreux l Kenya l Seychelles l Iceland l Namibia l Qatar

Since 20 years Cindy (USA) & Pascal (Swiss) Zeller have joined over 500 International Couples to capture their Everlasting wedding images.

Living in the paradise of Interlaken Switzerland, we attract wedding couples from around the globe wishing celebrate their marriage: USA, Turkey, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, to name a few.

Why Weddings?


In Marriage you will pledge a binding promise as husband & wife.

Pascal & Cindy Interlaken wedding photographers pledge to our wedding clients our full attention to photograph your event with professionalism and pride, listen to your desires, and capture everlasting memories.

We know this day is of great significance to you.

If you are seeking “adventurous photos”, let us take photos of you skiing down a black diamond slope in your wedding dress or traveling over the Swiss pass with your lady on your motorcycle, or let’s land on the Glacier via helicopter. Include your hobbies, interests and cultural traditions.

Passions of Cindy: Horse whispering & friend of animals, Skiing, Mountain biking, Surrounded by nature

Passions of Pascal: International fly fishing & hunting, Skiing, Surrounded by nature

Sincerely Cindy and Pascal Zeller

Visit our English site:
Visit our German site:

Estella Lanti – Italy Wedding Photographers
Based In: Milan, Italy
Other Locations: Rome, Venice, Sicily, Apulia, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Lake Como, Italy l France l Spain l Greece l UK l USA l Dubai

I’m Estella Lanti, an Italian wedding photographer based in Milan.

I have a long and wide experience on Italian and International wedding photography. I had the privilege to capture fabulous images abroad: Santorini, Ibizia and even Japan.
 In Italy, I work in Tuscany, Sicily, Apulia, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Rome, Umbria, Abruzzo, San Ginesio, Portofino, Venice, Verona, Sestriere, Courmayeur, Milan, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta and Lake Garda.

In my boutique photography studio you’re guaranteed a personalised service, and creative, first-class quality photographs of your special day.

Though my specialties are emotive portraiture and photojournalism, I also integrate classic, formal family photography into each commission blending artistic imagery with stylish documentary.

I love capturing intimate and emotional moments with my personal style and my seeing beyond the common view, sometimes like a visionary and a dreamer and complementing sessions with the visualization of what actually happened on your wedding day.

I love taking photographs that really bring your wedding to life, so every time you look through them, they instantly transport you back to your special day.

My photography blends natural and editorial style and I like to keep post-production to a minimum for photos that are natural, light and timeless.

I always merge into the background, so I’m never intrusive. Plus, it goes without saying you get my sole attention for the duration of your day, during the post edit and album design.

If privacy is particularly important to you, I guarantee you the utmost discretion. I know how to cope with the demands and stresses of exclusive weddings.

A good feeling with people is so important to me and all what I like is to let you live some kind of warm and relaxed experience.
 Getting to know you is a really important part of my job. Your wedding is unique, so you want your photos to reflect the memories of your day exactly the way you want.

Wherever you’re planning to say ‘I do’ in Italy, I can travel anywhere your heart desires – from the bottom of the boot to the top and many popular locations in Italy are included in my exclusive Wedding Collections.

Please, get in touch for a friendly chat about your special day.

Frances Photography
Based In: Denver, Colorado
Other Locations: Boulder, Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Breckenridge



Frances is one of the most sought after professionally certified wedding photographers in Colorado. She has been hired from coast to coast, as well as internationally, to photograph weddings and family portraits for celebrities, sports-stars, and people from all walks of life. Her passion for creating contemporary yet timeless imagery is delivered by her energetic and optimistic personality along with a great sense of humor and a creative eye for art in the details. Frances is known as fun loving, adventure seeking, and is loved both locally within the wedding industry, as well as around the world by nearly everyone she meets. Don’t be surprised if she climbs on benches, hangs from the rafters, stops traffic, or even becomes one of your honorary family members along the way. Frances does whatever it takes to capture your treasured memories not only for your lifetime, but for the generations to follow.

Itsyourday – wedding photography
Based In: Vienna, Austria
Other Locations: All over Austria

Our motto: It’s your day, your wedding!

Our strength as wedding photographers not only lies in the breathtaking pictures we take, our great popularity is also rooted in our personal and relaxed approach. Our flexible and attractive packages round off our service. See for yourself: book a free, non-binding consultation for your wedding with us today and get to know your wedding photographer straight away. We’ve got something for everyone, our range of services caters for all tastes from classical wedding photos to extravagant wedding pictures – you won’t be disappointed. We are based in Vienna, but we attend weddings anywhere in Austria.

Our packages for your stunning wedding photos feature

• package deals with fixed prices
• all photos on DVD with full reproduction rights so you can use and print your photos any way you like
• professional photographers with state-of-the-art equipment
• individual service − before, during and after your wedding

Especially for our happy couples who celebrate their big day in Vienna, we’ve put together a fantastic photo tour which we would love to present you in person!

As wedding photographers passionate about our work, we are welcome guests at every wedding. Thanks to our straightforward approach and uncomplicated conduct we are not just impersonal service-providers, but are often regarded as friends – and that is something we are proud of.

Vienna wedding photographer

Massimiliano Magliacca – Nabis Photographers
Based In: Rome, Italy
Other Locations: Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Capri, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Sicily l All Destination Worldwide

Professional Photographer since 1988. After extensive experience in the fields of weddings and reportage, Massimiliano opened Nabis Photography studio in 1994. His passion for photography brought him into contact with some of the most interesting events of the time. Massimiliano has a unique ability to capture important occasions with a spontaneous and elegant style. His photographic vision has enabled him to work on high profile weddings in Italy as well as throughout Europe. Additionally, his photographs have been published in various national and international magazines. In recent years, other professional photographers have sought the opportunity to collaborate with him, sharing his same philosophy. Massimiliano is an active member of the most prestigious photography associations for international weddings (WPJA, AGWPJA, FEARLESS, WPS, ISPWP). In 2014, AGWPJA added Massimiliano in the top best 20 wedding photographers in the world.

Rome wedding photographer

Cemwedding Aachen
Based In: Aachen, Germany
Other Locations: Germany - Cologne and Düsseldorf l Holland - Maastricht, Eindhoven l Belgium - Liege, Brussels l Turkey - Istanbul, Izmir

We would love to bring out the natural beauty of couples and immortalize their memories with a glamorous view. We love what we do and we give our full concentration and attention to the unique day of our couples with our ability of empathy for them as if it is our own wedding.

Aachen wedding photographer

Based In: Los Angeles, CA
Other Locations: Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Orange County, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara

Voted "Best of The Knot"! - For well over a decade our love & dedication to photography make us one of the best wedding photojournalist teams in the world.

Hi, My name is Donald Norris and I have dedicated my life to documenting weddings. It's about telling a beautiful story, capturing all the heartfelt emotions with creativity and consistency.

We make wedding photography easy, artistic & most of all fun with one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry. Come check us out! Great with the camera shy too!

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Moments that Matter Photography
Based In: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Other Locations: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Morelos

Lincoln Lehmann of Moments That Matter Photography has always had a passion for photography. Our goal is to capture beauty and images that his clients never knew was there. We strive to bring out each couple’s individual personalities and customizing every wedding to fit their needs. We create new exciting artistic images that you would never expect and belong in Wedding Magazines just for you!!!

Lincoln is an active member of Fearless Photographers and the Wedding Photojournalist Association. We invite you to contact Moments that Matter Photography for a personal call back from Lincoln to discuss your day and answer any questions you may have! We hope to talk to you soon!

Lincoln has been shooting weddings in Cancun since 2009. His basic 4 hour wedding package is $2,800 and includes approximately 300 fully edited images and a wedding slideshow of the images and music. All images and video are provided in both high and low resolution.

Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer

Josh Goodman Photography
Based In: Los Angeles, CA
Other Locations: Arizona l Colorado l California - Orange County, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Long Beach

Every Couple Has A Unique Love Story. What's Yours?

Congratulations on your engagement! I know how exciting and overwhelming planning for a wedding can be, so I'd love to help out with photography and give you one less thing to worry about on your wedding day.

I established Josh Goodman Photography in 2008 and I've been going strong ever since. My biggest strength is capturing my clients unique love story - the connection, and joy between a couple - in a natural and authentic way.

I'm influenced by the classic and romantic feel of '20s and '30s Hollywood film and photography and I combine that feeling with a modern photojournalistic style of shooting to give you beautiful images that will stand the test of time!

I specialize in photographing weddings because for me, there's nothing more rewarding than photographing couples who are in love! I've been a full time wedding photographer since 2008 and I take the responsibility and honor of documenting each and every wedding very seriously.

I've recently been named one of the top 3 wedding photographers in Los Angeles and I've been featured in South Asian Bride Magazine and PDN magazine. I've also been featured on the Style Me Pretty blog, Off Beat Bride,, and the Project Wedding blog.

To see more work, learn more about me, and to contact me about photography for your wedding, please visit my website (linked above). I really look forward to hearing from you!


Martin Beddall
Based In: Sussex, UK
Other Locations: London, Surrey, Kent plus the rest of the UK & abroad

I’ve been a photographer ever since gaining the front page of my college newspaper with my first assignment. A diploma in photojournalism followed and then some work experience at The Times in London. After two weeks they offered me work as a photographer there. I spent nine years there shooting news and features around the UK and abroad. It is this photojournalism background that shapes my approach to wedding photography. In fact for me, one of the biggest compliments I have received was to be told that my work was “more photojournalism than wedding photography”. When I shoot a wedding, I’m shooting a photo essay.

After winning the award, “Professional Photographer of the Year 2012” for a wedding image and my lead image here. I also recently won “The Best Wedding Photographer - London & the South-East” title at The Wedding Industry Awards 2015. I also won “Highly Commended” in the National Finals of the The Wedding Industry Awards 2015.

Sergio Sarnicola Wedding Photographer
Based In: Verona, Italy
Other Locations: North of Italy l Bari, Naples, Como, Venice, Florence l Spain - Barcelona

Hi! I am Sergio.

I firmly believe that wedding photography is a true form of art.

I have a passion for detail, and I am constantly searching for a different angle to see things. When I drive, sometimes I take the longest road to enjoy the landscapes.

I chose to be a wedding photographer because I want to recount the love stories that bind people together, providing my artistic vision to do so.

I am based in the North of Italy, between Verona and Lake Garda, but I am used to working in other regions of Italy, such as: Tuscany, Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast, Venice, Apulia and more.

I am also available throughout Europe and all over the world.

Verona wedding photographer

D2 Photography
Based In: Florence - Tuscany
Other Locations: Siena - Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Venice l Greece l London, UK

Damiano Salvadori and Donatella Barbera are an Italian couple, both from Certaldo, near Florence.

They are happy to photograph weddings in Tuscany and throughout Italy, however enjoy to discover new places, people and cultures by photographing weddings around the world.

They love naturals and spontaneity and always look to capture emotions.


I’m thoughtful, dynamic, cheerful and truthful. I love animals, specially my cat Ezio.


I’m cheerful, outgoing, stubborn and resourceful. I love good vibes and positive people.


They are recognized and awarded by the most important international wedding photographers associations.

Florence wedding photographer

Giancarlo Malandra Wedding Reporter
Based In: Abruzzo, Italy
Other Locations: Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice, Puglia l United Kingdom l France

My name is Giancarlo Malandra and I'm a wedding photographer from Abruzzo, I live and work in Giulianova, a lovely city overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

I'm an international wedding photographer, specialized in the reportage style.

Unlike most wedding photographers, I’m a real photojournalist and this means that you have the warranty of stress-free, natural and authentic photoshoot.

If I had to describe my style, I call it a "the emotional reportage". I like to be present in every single moment of your wedding. I love the ambient light, I do not direct or change what I'm photographing because I want to be part of your wedding without becoming the protagonist. I will be the event's silent witness to give you back the images that allow you to relive the best moments of an unforgettable day. I am available worldwide for any kind of marriage of every religion, civil and LGBT weddings. I work mainly in central Italy (Abruzzo, Marche, Umbria, Tuscany) but I realized photographic services also in other Italian regions and abroad (London, Warsaw, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico).

I'm available in Italy and worldwide to shoot weddings.

Abruzzo wedding photographer

Riccardo Cigno Wedding Photography
Based In: Sulmona, Italy
Other Locations: Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Tuscany, Rome, Capri, Sardinia, Positano, Ravello

Riccardo Cigno is a destination wedding photographer based in Sulmona, (Abruzzo,Italy). After working in Commercial and Editorial photography, he focused his attention on Wedding Photography.

Frustrated with the traditional style of Italian weddings, Riccardo shooting in a photojournalistic-editorial style, that allows to represent the marriage with simplicity and discretion, adding dynamism to what would otherwise be a story with a script already written.

Since the beginning of his career as a photographer, the pictures taken by Riccardo Cigno have received acknowledgments by important magazines and agencies (e.g. National Geographic, Reuters, Canon Europe) as well as they have been winners of several prestigious awards at international level (i.e. European Photo Competition, Fiof Awards, Orvieto Photography).

Ranked by AG|WPJA in the 60 “Top Wedding Photographers” of 2013, he is a member of some of the most important world photographers associations such as: AGWPJA - FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS - WPS - ANFM.

He is available for destination weddings in Italy and worldwide.

Guido Grauer Wedding Photographer
Based In: Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
Other Locations: Switzerland - Zurich, Luzern, Ticino l South Africa - Greater Kruger Area l Tanzania l Zanzibar

Wedding photography is my passion.

I accompany your wedding day in a unobtrusive way and become part of the wedding party. My goal is to make emotional pictures of you and the wedding guests. I’m always in between - looking for special moments and interaction.

I take my pictures in a journalistic style. I arrange and direct nothing during the day accept the group shots and parts of the bride and groom portraits.

Beatrice Moricci Photographer
Based In: Florence, Tuscany
Other Locations: London, UK | Amsterdam, Holland | Greece | USA | Worldwide whenever your story takes me


Photography is not just my work, it's a way of life. As Bresson says I think that "photography it's a fast action, the drawing of a meditation" and involves everything that happens in your life, feelings, people, places.

This is why I love to be very close to you and understand your world to create something unique together. Every couple is a different dream and I would like to dream with you through my photography!

I love design and modern art
I'm in love with flea markets and I love to discover unusual objects
I collect coffee spoons, I have a trillion of them
Beatrice is an italian name but seems to mean a lot of words in english, my fav is be-a-trice
I love to hear the cutlery’s jingle coming from open windows in old villages during summertime
I love to eat crunchy food, my fav is a special type of italian crunchy and salted bread
In my house the christmas lights are on all the year long
My maxim is “A thing leads to another”

Tuscany wedding photographer

Alessandro Avenali
Based In: Venice, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Lake Como, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Sicily l Switzerland - Zurich l New York - New York City

Making others see what I see. I believe that's the essence of photography, in some ways, and that's what pushes me forward: that joy that lives in sharing.

I like to catch the irony that's in life, along with the emotions. My style is rather spontaneous and clean. I love to shoot people smiling rather than crying. That's just how I'd like to remember things that matter.

I grew up in Rome, lived in Spain for a while, then moved to Venice. Feel free to meet me! 🙂

Venice wedding photographer

Antonio Moreno Photography
Based In: Murcia, Spain
Other Locations: All over Spain l Worldwide l Europe l Africa l Asia l North America l South America lAustralia

We believe that every wedding is unique and every couple is special too. The key to our photo reports is to know the bride and groom to create a climate of confidence and this is the way to have, firstly, a great time, and secondly, to get spectacular pictures.

In "Antonio Moreno Photography" we decided to do a different kind of photography, looking for a natural relationship between the photographer and you, the bride and groom, in order to show up in the photos as you are, natural and without artifice. It is also very important for us that our photos show the feelings, the emotions and beauty.

We are responsible for the entire creative process, from first contact with you until the process of post production and layout of our Photo Albums.

Andrea Sampoli Photography
Based In: Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Other Locations: Muenchen Germany l Paris France l Italy - Rome, Florence, Como lake, Naples, Venice

Andrea Sampoli, a photographer who was born in Siena in the year 1977, has been working with wedding photography for several years now. After living important experiences in the Art world (he has indeed published for the magazines “Play Boy Italia” and “Art Tribune”) and staging important exhibitions in prestigious Italian and foreign Art galleries (“Wikiarte”, “Magazzini del sale”) decided that his main activity in Siena and in Tuscany would be wedding photography.

Keen expert of Tuscany, Siena, Florence, San Gimignano, Pienza, San Quirico d’Orcia, Montalcino, Monteriggioni, the “Chianti” hills and the “Crete Senesi”, Andrea Sampoli has taken wedding photos in Siena, Firenze, in Chianti side, in Arezzo, Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, all around Tuscany and in several Italian sites: Como Lake, Bellagio and Cinque Terre

Andrea Sampoli is also teaching in the School Studiumfotografia where he greets every year a lot of students. Andrea is currently professor of photographic techniques and technologies in the Department of Communication Sciences, University of Siena. Furthermore, he organizes several workshops in Italian, English and German language by going along with amateur and professional photographers in the discovery of Tuscany and its wonderful outlooks

Since October 2012, Andrea Sampoli has been endorsed as a Google photographer and has taken part in developing the Google Project “Business photo”.

Siena wedding photographer

Frederic Viallon
Based In: Lyon, France
Other Locations: All destinations in France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, All destinations Europe and worldwide.

Wedding and fine art photographer.

On your wedding day, my work will be to capture every moment of the day to make it unforgettable. With a documentary approach, I capture each image in a natural and unobtrusive way to tell the story of your wedding with authenticity and poetry. Images taken on the spot to capture the emotion, looks, laughs, tears ...

Based near Lyon, France, I can work anywhere in the world.

Nina Photo
Based In: Zagreb, Croatia
Other Locations: Austria - Salzburg, Graz, Kitzbuhel, Vienna l Italy – Venice l All over Croatia

We’re a destination wedding photographer couple fortunate to call a passion their career. Human connections and emotions documented as a lifelong treasure. Not only artistic and beautiful, but more importantly – meaningful.

We genuinely care about each and every wedding we do and we’re fully aware of what a great honor it is to be part of someone’s such intimate event in life. Our couples celebrate authentic and meaningful weddings surrounded by the people they love and care for, without following any convictions. If you’re such a couple - we’re excited to meet you! - We document weddings all over Europe.

Zagreb wedding photographer

Thanasis Kaiafas
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Mykonos, Santorini l Italy - Venice l UK - London

I’ve often wondered what my life would be like without photography but I’ve never been able to answer this question… maybe because I simply can’t imagine my life without a camera in my hands. To me, photography is passion, inspiration, artistic expression, creative fulfilment, and above all, a way of life. The eye of the camera sees beauty, even when hidden, and manages to capture it for ever. If my pictures can make people smile or dream, then my job is done. I want photos to reflect your love and narrate your own special story step by step: from the crazy pre-wedding parties and the ritual of preparations of both the bride and the bridegroom to the ceremony and the reception, finally your story will unfold like a fairy tale that you will be able to enjoy in the years to come. That’s why spending time with the couples before their wedding day always helps bring out the best in them. Distance is of no importance either, and travelling is actually one of the best aspects of the job. Today the world is a small place, after all! Your wedding day can be immortalized through dream photos. Because photography defies time, as it can magically turn moments into eternity.

Santorini wedding photographer

Steven Neeson Photography
Based In: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Other Locations: United Kingdom, Spain, Marbella , London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Donegal

Steven Neeson is an award winning, International Wedding Photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Steven's wedding photography style could be described as natural, elegant, romantic and cinematic. Intricately composed shots incorporating lighting to dramatic effect show Steven’s technical prowess, while his natural, documentary portfolio shows his eye for capturing those natural moments in life. Steven’s unique ability to put people at ease in from of his camera ensures the very best results. Photographically, Steven’s goal is to capture natural emotions in a mixture of timeless, contemporary and classical images that remind you of your day forever.

Photographers & Partners
Based In: Italy - San Marino
Other Locations: Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Umbria, Amalfi Coast I'm based at San Marino but operate worldwide in Italy or abroad for exclusive wedding photography.

Photographers & Partners is a creation of professional wedding photographer Domenico Costabile with his experience of 20 years of wedding photography has started a brand new project of excellence to transmit you passion through unobtrusive, photojournalistic style of photography.

The philosophy of our company can be expressed with the words of our art director.

"Passion is what I give you. A passion for life, a passion for photography, and a passion for capturing intimate emotions and details of the most important, and most remembered, day of your life. Each wedding is a new opportunity for me to capture the unique emotions and inner beauty that bring couples together for a lifetime. My passion helps me to capture emotions and moments that I, not only see, but feel as well."

We don't just tell the story of a wedding day.

Through unobtrusive, photojournalistic style with natural light and creative light we want to tell the unique "passionate" story of love and inner beauty of two lives brought together in love."

San Marino wedding photographer

Moumou Photography
Based In: Milan, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Venice, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Amalfi Coast, Sicily l United Kingdom l Greece

Moumou Photography is a creative wedding photographer studio. We are Chiara and Giuseppe, a couple in the job and in the life, with a different sight on the same event, but with a unique goal: capture emotions and moments of an unforgettable day. We are in love with every love story, so we try to tell it through our pictures, using the lenses as a writer uses words. Every wedding is an opportunity to discover different way of love, different people and different places. Here's why we love to travel all over Italy, from the north to the south, and all over the world. We are in love with your wedding day!

Plachy Photography
Based In: Vienna, Austria
Other Locations: Salzburg - Austria l Malaga, Barcelona - Spain l Mykonos - Greece l Italy

Plachy Photography represents Jan and Marianna, international award winning wedding photographers. Their work is all about passion, love and emotion. They capture dreams of brides as a couple, as a man and woman. The woman can bring so much tenderness and gentleness into the picture.

“We love our work. It great honor for us to create photographs, which can last longer than one whole generation. We are not only wedding photographers, we became family photographers. We are great friends with a lot of our brides and groom. Our friendship last many years”.

Their story telling photography love brides and groom, and you can get back to it any time with the same feeling of love for it.

They live and breathe photography and their love for work and extraordinary talent keep then traveling around Europe.

“Wrapped up in a passion for perfect pictures, they capture your dreams as he unfold so all you have to do is dress the part and relax while they works his magic.”

Some words from our friends – brides and groom.

“Thank you for photographing our special day, we enjoyed every single minute of it and as your amazing photos tell, we had fun being photographed too”

We have been very lucky to come across friendly, professional and very much customer oriented photographer. The cooperation was just perfect and Jan’s approach was exactly what we needed in order to have the wedding day that we always dreamed of. After seeing the pictures and all the emotions captured in the most precise moments, we have to say that it was just the “cherry on top of the cake”.

We are very pleased to have you as a wedding photographer. Our vision were natural-looking, candid images, capturing the emotions of our wedding day. Jan Plachy and Marianna not only met, but many times even exceeded our expectations. Shooting took place in a relaxed atmosphere, Jan and Marianna have a great professional but yet very human approach. Although both are quite reluctant to take pictures, initial nervousness soon faded. The result? Impressive photo with which we are extremely satisfied. Thank you!

Jan and Marianna, you have truly delighted the bride & groom. Weddings are a happy occasion and you want it to remain that way each time you re-live your day through the photos. Photographing people at their best is a tricky business and you managed it superbly: whether posing the bride & groom for formals or candid shots at the reception, everyone looks happy, natural and as you remember it. And you did this despite the distraction of the fairytale wedding location that might have proved too much of a temptation for some photographers. This sums up the reason we chose you, and an excellent decision it turned out to be. We also love the “video book”: it’s a 4-minute on-screen version of the wedding book you would proudly display on your coffee table if it were in printed form. Thanks for being easy to work with, your hard work on and after the day, but mostly for the fabulous digital memories.”

Vienna wedding photographer

Vincent Bourrut
Based In: Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Other Locations: France l Germany l Switzerland - Lausanne, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva

I think wedding photography requires a great amount of sensitivity and creativity from the photographer. The images that will immortalize the wedding of your dreams should not only be successful, they must be exceptional. This is why only an experienced wedding photographer is able to capture with elegance and sophistication events of this special day.

Alexandre Bourguet photography
Based In: Fribourg, Switzerland
Other Locations: Thailand l China

What I like about wedding photography is being able to tell a story through my shots. My style is a combination of classic photojournalism and lifestyle portraiture with just enough interaction, relaxed, candid and fun that show off the real you.

Destined for Happiness powered by
Based In: We are providing services in California, Bay Area as well as word wide. Our studio address is 900 E. Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA, 95124
Other Locations: Stockholm, Sweden l Rome, Italy

Crazy about LIFE - Extremely positive,
hilariously fun, HAPPY, with strong desire to change the world for the better. everyday people’s love stories are unfolding around me.
same event location always a new
story, new personalities, new faces taking me to a creative point, idea,
inspiration. I truly feel you
deeply from my heart.
I vision your personality. we strive for a smooth, joyful, unforgettable and fun experience of the most
important day of your life.
your love and happiness is my life destination. together we building great memories for many years
to come.

With love and appreciation,
Coco Martin

Fabio Mirulla tuscany wedding photographer
Based In: Florence, Tuscany – Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Amalfi Coast, Sardinia, Sicily | Greece | UK | All Destinations Worldwide

Hello, I am Fabio Mirulla. I was born in 1986 in a small village near Florence, Siena and Arezzo. Since I was young I began to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes that surround me, so loved all over the world, so when in 2005 I started working as a wedding photographer, I‘ve tried to realize services in which the beauty of the places would exalt and make unique, thanks to the play of lights, your special day.

My photography will look as through the keyhole, it will never be invasive or blatant, will capture moments and emotions, always on tiptoe, with the privileged point of view of those who share your happiness, but with years of experience in photographic services on his shoulders.

So you will see the tense expression of the groom waiting for the bride to come, the tears of happiness of a friend who reads his speech tried for days, the first dance barefoot on the grass, a stolen photo of a kiss on the forehead at the sunset… moments that will remain indelibly fixed in the photographs and in your memories.

Snapz Photography
Based In: London, United Kingdom
Other Locations: Dubai l Germany l Europe l India l United Kingdom - Kent, Manchester, Essex, Wales

Hi I'm a London based multi award winning wedding photographer, my style and approach enables me to document a wedding like a story as it unfolds throughout the day.

All weddings are covered using a combination of photojournalism and reportage style. I try to bring that to every wedding and as a result "a creative and artistic expression of every couples wedding".

Photographing a wedding is more than capturing stunning images, it's about having fun and it's also my passion to leave you with memories to cherish.

WASIO photography
Based In: Chicago, IL
Other Locations: New York, NY l San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA

WASIO's work has been strongly influenced by European art Most importantly though, we have an absolute love for people in love that we express through our work. The foundation is the personal and fun relationship with every couple mixed with our creativity and photographic excellence.

Emanuele Carpenzano Photographer
Based In: Catania, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Rome, Venice, Florence, Como l France - Paris l United Kingdom - London

Emanuele Carpenzano was born 40 years ago in Sicily where he works as a professional photographer. His works are supported by continuous personal research and characterized by his love for the traditions, landscapes, and faces of Sicily. His participation in many contests and exhibitions has earned him great success with the public.

He is president of the Sikanie Photographic Association, which was founded in 1996 in Catania.

He is also a sensitive interpreter of wedding photography. He engages himself with the couples by understanding their emotional investment and with his artistry helps create one of the best days of their lives. Emanuele wants to promote the "Photographic World" through his shows, exhibitions, and artworks.

Look Fotografía
Based In: Los Angeles, CA
Other Locations: Beverly Hills, San Francisco, San Diego l Hawaii l New York l Chicago l Miami

Look Fotografia, is an award winning studio, last year WORLD´S TOP 10 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER 2017 was awarded by the prestigious competition "One Eye Land", also in "Best of the Best "Junebug Weddings" several consecutive years and GOLD LENS Inspiration 2017 "Best Storyteller Wedding" and many more...

Vinny Labella and Nacho Mora are the owners of Look Fotografia and are European photographers based in Los Angeles, although they do destination weddings around the world, Iceland, India, France, Italy & Morocco are only some of the countries where they have done weddings, their style of photography is photojournalism and contemporary.

They capture those moments that with the passage of time are increasingly significant, creating a short story of one of the most unforgettable moments of your lives.

They want you to enjoy your wedding, to relax and allow them to capture the most beautiful moments, as you are in good hands. The basis of his work is freshness and spontaneity.

They want to tell your wedding story... Call them!

Los Angeles wedding photographer

un Mariage au Paradis
Based In: Tamarin, Mauritius Island
Other Locations: Seychelles l La Réunion


After completing his studies at Arts Déco (ENSAD) in Paris, Elie travelled the world for numerous clients: Figaro Magazine, Grands Reportages, Sygma press, to name but a few. He then chose to concentrate on fashion and beauty photography. For more than 15 years he worked for the Marie-Claire group (Avantages, Cosmopolitan, Familie, Votre Beauté), giving him the opportunity to shoot magnificent portraits for Harcourt Studio. Solicited by some of the world’s renowned photographic agencies such as Getty Images and Corbis, he began to focus on shooting character and life style photographs, mostly in South Africa. His photographs can be seen in numerous press and advertising campaigns worldwide.

On September 11 2001 he moved his family to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, with a vision to live a completely different lifestyle. It was on this beautiful island that he had the idea to offer his many years of experience in fashion photography to newly-weds, and to create “an unforgettable photographic moment” that captures this very special time in their lives.


To transform the traditional set of typical wedding photos into a truly memorable event, that lives up to a couple’s dream of elegance, beauty and joy. To provide an exquisite photographic keepsake to the couple that is as exceptional as their wedding itself and that captures the essences of their unforgettable honeymoon in Mauritius.

All my professional life, I have concentrated on photographing actors, models and celebrities. Then some close friends here in Mauritius asked me to photograph their wedding. It was then that I rediscovered, through the complicity of shaping and sharing such an intimate and emotional event, the true pleasure of photography. Better still, it is a wonderful way of making new friends, making them happy simply by doing my work as a photographer in an atmosphere of joy and happiness.


I am a fashion photographer and I treat each and every marriage with the same application and the same desire for perfection as for all my other work. I am here to make sure that your special day is recorded for posterity with exceptional photos. I am a priviliged witness to your emotions and, with a practiced eye, I make sure that I capture your moments of joy. My images are full of the joys of life and you appear relaxed, happy and filled with the immense joy of this special day.

I offer a full day of photographs (from 10 am to sunset) which gives me the time to get to know my clients who quickly become completely at ease in front of the camera. The photos I take in the morning are informal, relaxed and amusing. Most of these are taken on the beach, but I also take some in the hotel. The couple are usually more at ease before the ceremony, which is a moment filled with powerful emotions. I like the morning session, and it is often here that the most original, amusing, and moving photos come to life…

Like us on Facebook:

Kathleen Hertel Photography
Based In: Baltimore, Maryland
Other Locations: Washington DC l Virginia l New York l Florida l California l New Jersey

Ever since I was a little girl I had a strong imagination. I use to create my own little worlds where anything could happen. I have found that I do the same with my photography. One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer or portrait photographer is taking a clients idea and running with it. I want to give my clients photos that are more beautiful then they could ever imagine. I want my viewers to look at one of my images and create their own stories.

I have been doing photography for over half my life. I started in the dark room in high school and then graduated with a degree in photography a few years later. I've been shooting weddings since 2007 but started working in the photography field after college. I was part of the developmental team for the Disney PhotoPass. (I worked for the Disney company for 11 years, Disney College Program Alum! ). I also have an extensive background in event management which makes organizing wedding days for my couples a breeze!

My style of Photography is a mix of Editorial and Journalism. I do pose some of my photos to create those picture perfect story images BUT 75 % of my weddings are just capturing the moments as they unfold.

Dino Jeram Photography Ltd
Based In: UK, London
Other Locations: Europe l Kenya l India l Dubai l Mexico

The medium of photography is powerful, it invokes the most amazing memories in a timeless form knowing this makes me go that extra mile for every bride and groom. I work incredibly hard to be unobtrusive and to capture those all important moments of the day coupled with the emotions. The style of photography I produce can only be described as Photojournalism with a hint of ‘out there’.

I have spent and continue spend countless hours to perfect my craft after all a great camera doesn't take great photographs.

Galanopoulos Photography
Based In: Santorini, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Athens, Mykonos, Cyprus, Nicosia

Artist Statement

My goal is to document each priceless moment of your wedding day with great focus on the details of the wedding preparation, ceremony, reception and any before and after special customs.

Most of the time I use photojournalist style where images are captured spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion trying to find moments during a wedding that happen naturally rather than setting up portraits, record the atmosphere and minimize disturbance to the couple, however I also use traditional formal posing and advance studio lighting techniques.

During the formal picture times, we will stage lots of fun and artistic poses of bride and groom, wedding party and family members at different locations of the wedding venue.

The rest of the time, I will be looking for opportunities to capture candid moments during the ceremony and reception in an unobtrusive way.

Short Bio

Giorgos Galanopoulos was born in Athens and he works on the island of Santorini, Greece. He is a international awarded professional photographer and cinematographer whose work has been exhibited at the art gallery Galanopoulos at Santorini since 2002. He works and live at the island of Santorini but also serve nearby islands Paros, Mykonos, Ios, Crete, Olegandros and destination wedding Photography inside or outside Greece.

Linus Moran Photography
Based In: Dorset - UK
Other Locations: Bournemouth, Bath, Bristol, London, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Devon, All of UK

I've been telling stories through my photography for the last 20 years. From a career working for the finest UK national news titles, to working as a foreign correspondent based in the Balkans for several years. Capturing a story within one defining shot, to documenting it within a photo essay. Naturally capturing a wedding day through minimal intervention, firmly believing that the day is about the people, their connections and its context.

Persuit of a flowing narrative has led me to embrace the use of audio recordings within my work to produce Wedding Photofilms. Creating a media presentation blending both stills photography and audio recordings of the vows and speeches. Rich in tone, emotion and context its adds a unique perspective having you tell the story of the your own words. Take a look at my website to see some recent examples.

Lovedezign Photography
Based In: Bangkok, Thailand
Other Locations: Thailand - Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi, Chiangmai, Mae Hong Son, Hua Hin l Indonesia - Bali l Vietnam l China - Hong Kong l Singapore l Switzerland

Your story is valuable and can only be photographed once by a gifted and experienced and the honesty of the events that will document in sense of style, fun and fond.

Your principal photographer, Khingleaw has photographed over 1,000 wedding throughout Thailand with her husband, Gai. Their wealth of experience enable them to embrace a location and create images that are fresh, bold, fun and radiant.

Khingleaw is an international award winning photojournalist from WPJA (the Wedding Photojournalist Association) and AG/WPJA (the Artistic Guild of the Wedding photojournalist Association). She has very keen eye and respond quickly to all unexpected situations. She will listen to you, learn about your family and the plans for your wedding. The wedding ceremony is a very special family event. She will help you and your families to relieve that very personal experience.

Lovedezign's reportage wedding photographs have a timeless appeal and are incredibly creative in both their storytelling qualities and fine art style composition.

GoodEye Photography + Design
Based In: San Francisco, CA
Other Locations: Bahamas l Mexico l California - Sonoma, Los Gatos, Carmel, Los Angeles l New York - Manhattan

I am a husband of a loving, amazing woman, a father of three beautiful children, and a creative professional with a passion to please. I'm a gadget-loving, technology geek – but also an outgoing guy who loves to find out what makes people tick. Put the two together and you get state-of-the-art images that will provide meaningful enjoyment for a lifetime. I can't think of a better occupation than artistically capturing the best moments in peoples' lives – it's so fulfilling on both a creative and emotional level.

San Francisco wedding photographer

Lorenzo Photography
Based In: London, all over the UK
Other Locations: Spain - Andalusia l France - Normandy l United Kingdom - Cornwall, Kent, Surrey

Expression through creativity makes us unique. I use my creativity to capture the expression of your love to each other as you celebrate the beginning of a new life together with your dearest . A timeless moment that is enduring, romantic and beautiful. A coming together of minds, desire, personalities, worlds and emotions. That’s the story I want to tell with my cameras. My style is ‘Relaxed Reportage’, I’m discreet and I work from London. I travel wherever there’s a story.

Christopher Martin Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: The USA, Italy, France, UK and Europe

Looking for a high end wedding photographer that will produce images that not only show the love and emotion of your day but also imagery that will obtain a gasp from friends and family? Then look no further.

My wedding photography style can be described in four words, romantic, bold, dramatic and colourful. I document couples days in an unobtrusive manner whilst still providing imagery that has the wow factor. UK based but happy to travel wherever I am needed to document a bride and grooms big day, sunny places always get a big thumbs up!

If you think I maybe the photographer for you, I would love to discuss your wedding in more detail, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Paul Rogers
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: Covering France and Italy. Also Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey and the rest of the UK

I’ve been a photographer all of my adult life. I started at local news agencies and have spent the last 17 years covering news and features for The Times in London, one of the finest broadsheet newspapers in the World. It’s the experience of photographing world leaders and royalty, as well as documenting news around the globe, that gives me a unique take on documenting a wedding. I’ve spent years conveying complex news stories in single images and photo essays. What could be a better background for telling the story of a couples wedding day in photographs?

As well as beautiful documentary photography, I also offer my clients Documentary Photofilms - a short film using the still images together with the sounds of the speeches and the ceremony. It’s a powerful and emotive way to remember the day. Have a look at some examples on my website.

Pixan Photography
Based In: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Other Locations: Canada l United Kingdom l Mexico - Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Guadalajara, Merida

Pixan Photography’s core principle is that we provide incredible photographs and video with style, products with integrity that are built to last a lifetime or more, and an experience as fun and exciting as it is stress-free.

In 2014 Condé Nast BRIDES magazine feature Pixan Photography as 1 of 20 international destination wedding photographers and the exclusive Mexican based photography studio within their destination wedding section.

Our company name Pixan means “Soul” in Mayan. At Pixan’s soul is Vincent van den Berg, who is a creative with a wide range of skills and experience. As a keen travel photographer, destination wedding photographer and businessman, Vincent has developed an uncanny ability to capture the essence of the moment with great enthusiasm and gumption. He has travelled all over the world, honing his skill to “connect” with international clients, clearly understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Riviera Maya wedding photographer

Mark Seymour Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: UK - Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire l Italy - Amalfi,Tuscany

Mark is a leading London documentary wedding and street photographer who is renowned for his ability to capture the narrative of a wedding day in a natural and informal way, that ensures all the unique moments and emotions of a wedding are recorded . He also documents real people’s day to day lives through his street photography that covers his experiences on his travels around the world.

Mark gets his inspiration from many of the great Magnum and V11 documentary photographers,  and these are embedded in how he approaches every wedding, aiming to capture the illusive moments and storytelling images that allows his clients to relive the emotions of their day.

Mark has chaired the infamous London Portrait Club and has been recognized by the MPA as wedding photographer of the year on 3 occasions. He was the first photographer they awarded the prestigious associateship for Documentary Wedding Photography. (akin to two Michelin stars in the restaurant world) for documentary wedding photography.

Mark is currently one of only six Nikon’s Ambassadors in the UK and is also sponsored by Loxley Lab’s.

Based In: Taranto, Puglia, Italy
Other Locations: Switzerland l England l Italy - Amalfi, Roma, Milano, Venezia, Bari, Firenze

"I’ve always believed that photos are extension of what photographers see with their heart not only with their eyes. Since I was a child I have been intrigued by the world of photography, one of the most versatile form of art. Over the years I focused on the world of weddings and from 2006 I finally started to express my ideas and creativity through reportage photography, or known as photojournalism. Exchanges, workshops, and collaborations with other colleagues in recent years, led me to the conclusion that much heart, and an almost invisible presence of the photographer during the event, creates best results for a real wedding reportage. A beautiful picture is something so subjective. It doesn’t have to be technically perfect to be beautiful, yet it needs to be able to re-evoke unique moments and feelings. In one single image, there is so much to say and, even more, transmit to those who look at it, again and again in time. I am a very sensitive person, one of those lucky who get excited while waiting of the bride, or enchanted in front of a kiss at the sunset. And I like to get involved emotionally in front the love stories of my couples, this is the secret of the success of my “Photo Wedding Stories”.

Taranto wedding photographer

Bali Pixtura
Based In: Bali, Indonesia
Other Locations: Jakarta, Indonesia l Singapore l Hong Kong

I always feel that I'm so lucky to have been born and raised in Bali. To be surrounded by the spectacular views led me to a love of cultural and landscape photography. I was in English literature school when i bought my first DSLR camera. Since then, I've never stopped shooting.

I started Bali Pixtura, my own company, in 2012 with my partner who is a photographer as well. Inspired by love and the beauty of Bali, we use our photographs to share our clients' romantic love story in this Island of Gods. Our aim is to capture the beauty, love and happiness that shine out of you when you're in love, through our natural, high quality and timeless images that can be appreciated for many years to follow. In a year we shoot about 100 weddings. I really feel like I have one of the best jobs in the world.

Bali wedding photographer

Anais Photography
Based In: Nadi, Fiji
Other Locations: Auckland, Wellington, NZ l Fiji - Suva l Vanuatu - Port-Vila l Samoas - Apia l France - Noumea and Lyon

Bonjour! People like to call me ‘Frenchy’, what’s your nickname?

My photography is nice and fresh: no canned images, no frozen or refrigerated ideas, 100% mint material tailored for you, with love, on your special day. I believe that no two weddings are ever the same and that’s why I want to talk to you first. Over the phone, via Skype or better yet, let’s meetup and share a drink. The French in me typically opts for wine, but, I’m quite happy chatting over a hot coffee or a nice cuppa. And please, share everything with me: your wants and needs for the day, your likes, preferences, dislikes, fears – I want to know as much about you and your wedding as I possibly can. After which we can work on capturing the magical moments of your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call, send me a text, ping me. I’m looking forward to hearing your beautiful voice and you, my exotic French accent.

Fiji wedding photographer

Stuart Wood
Based In: Derbyshire UK
Other Locations: London, Surrey, Cheshire, Harrogate, Hampshire l Spain l Italy

Stuart is now placed amongst the very best wedding photographers because he has successfully brought all his experience shooting at the very highest level for magazines and TV, to today's bridal styles.

He is available for your wedding at any location in the UK or Worldwide.

Vincenzo Massaro – Italian Wedding Photographer
Based In: Taranto - Apulia - Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Rome, Capri | Switzerland l UK l around the world

For over thirty years our photographic studio eternalize love stories. At just 27 years, I have achieved my first goal that will make my father proud of me: 3rd place in the world in wedding photography from one of the most prestigious organizations in the world. My path is to continue, I must continue to excite. I think that every image should be able to revive the same enchantment of that day which is unique. That's why the photographer must be able to immerse himself in your dream without distract you from the warmth of friends, the lovely embrace with mother or from an emotional tear. My wish is to leave a mark making a collection of natural and spontaneous images. For me to be there is a great gratification because I entrust your memories in my hands and this reminds me that my job is "the best job in the world”.

Taranto wedding photographer

Adams Wedding Photography
Based In: London - UK
Other Locations: Spain l Israel l Surrey, Berkshire, Reading, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol

Hi, I am London based wedding photographer specializing in creative reportage wedding photography. For me photography has to be natural, in documentary style but I like to look at people with a "kind eye". Showing them at their best, especially when it comes to wedding. I love to catch and reveal real moments and emotions as they happen. But real life moments also allow for creativity, as you can see these moments in a fresh, honest and sometimes bold way, with different angles and “dramatic” lighting. And that's why I like and practice photography!!!

My style? In one word, its “Fun” as I once heard from a fellow photographer. I really like this description, but I also think I blend fine-art photography with a personal form of photojournalism with a touch of glamorous portraits.

I believe I have the ability to put people at ease in front of my camera. This allows me to capture their beauty, personality and feelings during their wedding day. “Fly on the Wall” - that's what I want to be during the wedding day, so I will ask you to ignore me (in a positive way of course).

I am originally from Poland where I was brought up and educated with a MA degree in Cultural Studies and Photography. This allows me to understand and blend well with other cultures and traditions, hence I love to photograph not only traditional weddings, but also Jewish, Asian, Chinese, Nigerian, Muslim or any other type. I am also well travelled across Europe and the world, so it helps me feel at home anywhere I go. I Love Spanish/Latin culture, music and dance and obviously wine.

So, although I am a London wedding photographer I am always happy to travel across the UK as well as internationally all over the world to photograph beautiful weddings.

NJMattos Photography
Based In: Lisbon - Portugal
Other Locations: New York l Madrid/Barcelona- Spain l London - UK l Rome/Venice - Italy l Swiss Alps, Switzerland l Dubai l France - Paris l Scotland

NJmattos is an international wedding photography studio established in 2010 by twin brothers, Nuno and João Matos, who strive to give each client a unique and unforgettable set of wedding photos. What they aim to do in such a special day is to capture the emotions, the feelings, the real and funny moments.

Their style is photojournalism, because they believe a great moment is happening every second.

If you are thinking in something different, then choose Portugal to get married. Bring your best friends and closest family and do a wonderful party. Portugal has unique places to be photographed, a rare beauty in close contact with the sea and nature. The rest leave with them. On the other hand they also travel to your country and will be very happy to register your wedding.

The LOVE IN … ( city to be photographed ) concept was created by NJMattos Photography in 2011 , a pioneering idea in the world. This is very simple idea, they plan and organize several trips to several locations in the world for a short period of time and record photographic sessions for couples. They have already held LOVE IN…in London, Paris, Venice, Lisbon, Swiss Alps, Scotland and New York.

Woodstock Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: Throughout the UK & Europe l Cyprus, Italy l Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, UK

Hi there i'm Danny Woodstock. I love being creative and I have always had a real passion for photography. I have been a professional wedding photographer for 6 years now and my passion and enthusiasm grows with every wedding I shoot, your wedding day will be the most emotional, enjoyable & fun day of your life and that's what I try to convey in my images and also how I like to approach each wedding. I try not to take life or myself to seriously so if you're looking for a wedding photographer who is very relaxed, laid back & fun to be around then i'm your guy. Here at Woodstock Photography we are gaining a reputation for offering something slightly different than your everyday wedding photo's. The way I choose to shoot & edit your photo's means that you can expect a refreshing, colourful & artistic delivery on final edit.

London wedding photographer

David Morgan Photography
Based In: UK - London
Other Locations: Italy and France

Hi! I'm David and I am based near London and love to create stunning wedding collections for my clients. I am proud that Brides magazine wrote that they consider me as "One of the UK's best wedding photographers!" I love to photograph those compelling, emotional moments at weddings and it would be good to chat to you about your big day wherever in the world that may be taking place.

Based In: Sardinia - Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Lake Como , Lake Garda, Rome, Tuscany, Amalfi coast l UK - London l USA - Mexico l France - Paris l Spain l Greece

MAURONSTER. I was born in 1982, in Sardinia, one of the best islands of Mediterranean Sea.

Why do I love wedding photography?

Because I nourish myself with emotions that are lively on your special day.

I love, love, I love happiness and when I bring my reflex closer to my eye I remember that I have a mission: to keep eternal emotions alive.

Based In: München/Landshut Germany
Other Locations: Germany: Baviera - Regensburg - Ingolstad l Austria l Italy

Based in Munchen, Andrea Basile Photography specialises in capturing the charm and elegance of your wedding. Deciding to have your wedding in Germany, Austria or Italy is an exciting and unforgettable experience that you will want to remember forever.

What is wedding reportage photography?

Reportage or documentary photography captures the real events of your wedding, rather than staging. It allows people to behave naturally, and tells the story as it really happened.

Reportage' is the buzz word at the moment. Reportage photography means no intervention or prompting by the photographer and most definitely no staged photographs or posing!

In 2001, at a time when the wedding and event photography industry was primarily concerned with controlled and staged portraits, Andrea Basile recognized photojournalism's unique ability to capture the real moments of an event.

Over the past 10 years, Photobasile has grown to be one of the largest studios of its kind.

Riccardo Pieri Photographer
Based In: Tuscany near Florence
Other Locations: Italy - Santorini, Amalfi, Venice, Lake Como l France - Paris l United Kingdom - London

I believe that there is no doubt about the fact ... that this is the best job there is.

As a child, when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I always answered a photographer, that dream has come true.

I love being around people and catch all special moment, that is why wedding photography is so special, the emotions are palpable, smiles, tears, everything is exciting during that day, and I could not ask for anything better than to be there to document everything.

The style that I adopt is entirely reportage, I follow what's going on at all times, my concentration is always very high for the simple reason that every moment could be that one special moment.

Thanks to my character it allows me to have a very friendly approach and absorb me in the situation and live fully in every aspect.

Tuscany wedding photographer

Salvatore Dimino
Based In: Sicily, Italy
Other Locations: I can work all around Sicily, Italy and Europe.

Salvatore Dimino was born in Elizabeth N.J. (USA) on 13/09/1979.

Starting young and even before finishing school, he already worked with his father, devoting himself with great passion to the art of photography. At the age of 16, he began to take his first photographic courses, from there a long series of workshops where he had the opportunity to meet established photographers and famous throughout Italy and around the world. With the experience gained in the field and courses attended, in 2011 he received the award from Fiof Awards Contest by submitting photos and getting 1 Silver and 2 Bronze. In addition as a wedding photographer in his city, he recently was contacted by a Wedding Planner in London where he endorse him for English weddings taking place in Sicily. In the past year, he has been requested as a speaker for Workshops in Italy and in Europe.

The style of Salvatore Dimino is now unique and unmistakable. When operating in outdoor environments, he attempts to capture the beauty of the details and the spontaneity of the moment. His photos are full of atmosphere: there are mixed glimmers of light, perspectives and reflections. But beyond the personal techniques acquired, the real secret in his picture is the ratio of spontaneity that he is able to establish with the bride and groom by putting them at ease and he really enjoys this. In this way, Salvatore Dimino manages to lighten the voltages related to the time and to create situations of cheerfulness and complicity.

I like having fun while I work and I try to bring out the best of everyone.

"Let yourself be carried away by emotions, show it and trust yourself, but above all don't ever stop to have the desire to improve".

Ian Baker Photography
Based In: Dursley, nr Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Other Locations: United Kingdom - Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol, Oxford l Italy l France

Based in the beautiful Cotswolds in England, I’m a wedding photographer who really wouldn’t wish to do anything else. In fact someone once said to me that my wedding pictures reflect a real love for what I do: a sentiment that I’ve never forgotten and one I’m proud to recognise as true.

My approach has always been to make beautiful, natural pictures that really mean something: fusing classical, elegant wedding portraiture with fly on the wall photojournalism - mixing the formal with the informal while always looking for great settings, interesting things, to make my pictures unique and truly personal.

And I work very hard because I know how much a wedding means to so many people. Few weddings run to plan which is why I don’t put any time limits on what I do. In fact I genuinely enjoy being a part of the evening’s celebrations, taking pictures of so many happy people looking like they haven’t a care in the world.

Towards the end of last year I photographed a wedding for Joe and Louise who got married at the Royal Holloway College in Surrey. They were kind enough to leave a comment or two on my blog. I have changed nothing…

“It was an amazing day and Ian you were fantastic! Everyone that has seen the photos loves them and you were amazing on the day, became more a guest than a photographer and we very much enjoyed having you there from morning to night! Legend! We love our photos thank you! And our guest liked you so much that I believe you’re already booked for another wedding from them, in which I am best man! So see you again soon!

Joseph and Louise (Mr and Mrs Keech !!)

Maxime Desessard Photography
Based In: Paris, France
Other Locations: Switzerland, Morocco, All destinations worldwide

English website

Based in Paris where I live my wife and young family, I love to travel everywhere in France and worldwide to document your wedding.

My style is a unique blend of creative photojournalism and fashion photography.

My aim is to document your wedding in a candid style, always looking for the perfect light in an aesthetic manner. Catching on the spot emotions is my primary purpose, always remaining very discreet in order to be ready to catch the great moments of your glorious day.

Pino Coduti photographer
Based In: Lucera, Puglia - Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Amalfi Coast, Rome, Pescara, Tuscany, Venice, Salento l Switzerland

Pino Coduti was born in Lucera (Italy) in 1969. After years of study, research and innovation he is unanimously recognized as one of the best Italian and European portraitists. He is also an esteemed speaker at workshops for professional photographers.

He is one of the only fifty European photographers who are Certified "Master QEP" (2013).

In 2006 he reached the prestigious QIP (Qualified Italian Photographer) and QEP (Qualified European Photographer) from the federation of European Photographer both in portrait (2008) and in wedding reportage (2010).

He is a member of some of the most important photographers associations such as FEP (Federation of European Photographers), FIOF(Italian Federation Orvieto Photography), CPS GOLD (Canon Professional ), WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), AG/WPJA (Artistic Guild Wedding Photojournalist Association).

With his experience, enthusiasm and grace, Pino has transformed the dreams of his clients in his passion. The result is a high “level of satisfaction”.

Pino lives in Lucera,where he has his headquarters, but he also has offices in Pescara.

He personally takes care to perform wedding photography in Italy and abroad.

German Levitsky
Based In: Dresden, Germany
Other Locations: Germany - Berlin, Nürnberg, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg l International - Europe, Worldwide

German Levitsky is a full-time destination wedding photographer based in Dresden, Germany.

His commercial activity began in 2009. Wedding is one of the happiest and emotional moments of our life.

Whether it is Reportage Photography, just narrating about celebration, or sentimental Portraits, or grandiose Art Photography, they make none indifferent. German Levitsky photographs weddings all over the world (in Germany, Spain, Thailand, Cuba, Russia... ).

He thanks all his clients for the trust that they render while inviting him to photo-shoot such a wonderful event of love as wedding.

Andrea and Federica
Based In: Umbria, Italy
Other Locations: Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Cinque Terre

We are two passionate wedding photographers based in Umbria, Italy but happy to travel nation and world wide to make your day even more unforgettable. Our reportage approach insures that we are very unobtrusive in order to provide natural and beautiful wedding shots that perfectly capture the essence of your day. A careful use of natural lighting contributes to the perfect wedding reportage. The majority of the shots are taken unposed and unprompted, however at your discretion a small amount of time can be allowed for a few 'formal' group shots of friends and family.

Chris Giles Photography
Based In: London
Other Locations: All UK, USA, Hong Kong, Western Europe

Chris is rated as one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the United Kingdom. He is digital creative who has extensive photography and editing experience. His work is fun, flamboyant, unique and has personality.

He’ll fit in among you and your guests on the day and stays late, often until the end of the night.

London wedding photographer

You+We Photography
Based In: San Francisco, CA
Other Locations: Honolulu, Maui, New York, Los Angeles, Miami

You+We Photography is a team of 2 photographers that specialize in creative lifestyle, photo journalistic wedding photography. We are located in California and Europe, and photograph the majority of our weddings around the world. Our team of photographers delivers the best in high-end photojournalism for your wedding. Because we wholeheartedly believe each couple that comes to us is unique and that every moment of their big day is important, we focus on the details – both large and small – in our effort to capture and preserve those once-in-a-lifetime memories. Multiple award winning member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, and Fearless Photographers.

Paul Johnson Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: Sussex and Surrey

I have been shooting weddings since 1991 and today get more pleasure from photographing weddings than ever. As I have gained more experience I am able to achieve much more creative photos for the brides and grooms I make photos for and so get that much more satisfaction from my work. I am documentary and director of choreographed staged photos, these often look natural and un-posed. I love making use of the light that’s available or by use of flash off camera to create powerful and moody photos. Light and how I have this fall on the subject to beautify the photo is what I am looking for. Please look through my portfolio with this in mind to understand where I am coming from.

I am happy to travel wherever a wedding adventure will take me. Although I shoot mainly in the South East of the UK such as London and the Home Counties if your wedding is further afield and you like my style please drop me an email or call and we can have a chat about your wedding day.

I have won over 27 awards since 2008. Last year I won the title of Master Photographer Assoc. South East Region photographer of the year 2012 and this I won a major national award with one of my studio photos.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Esther Bernal Photography
Based In: Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Other Locations: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The proficiency of any talented photographer is based on both experience and -more importantly- the keen and spontaneous eye of a creative mind.

With a solid background in digital photography and an impressive cache of experience ranging from fashion spreads to travel. Esther skillfully infuses each photograph with both energy and her own unique touch while still managing to capture nothing but the best in you. People are her passion and she takes the delight out of using her creativity to exceed expectations and make your every photographic dream a reality.

Sean Marshall Lin Photography
Based In: Philadelphia, PA
Other Locations: Mexico l Dominican Republic l NY l Hawaii l Maine l Washington DC

Sean Marshall Lin (Art and Wedding Photojournalism) strives for the highest form of eclecticism that embodies fine art, architecture, still life, timeless portraits, photojournalism and much more. He constantly aims to bring new ideas and establish a new standard in the art of wedding photography. Aside from his personal philosophical approach, he pursues the comfort and understanding of each and every one of his clients. His personality and unobtrusive method has won hearts of many. He believes that the greatest satisfaction comes from not just stunning images but also the true happiness of his clients.

Since 2009, Sean has been an award-winning photographer and published internationally include Pop Photo Magazine and Portrait Photography in Asia, Junebug Weddings, WPJA, and various online publications.

Pixies in the Cellar
Based In: Stalybridge, Greater Manchester UK
Other Locations: Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, North Wales, whole of United Kingdom

Peter and Sara aka 'Pixies in the Cellar' - work from their Victorian house's cellar and have been featured and appreciated recently on national wedding blogs. Peter's background is in all things visual and began his career as a wedding photographer due to a friend’s appreciation of his eye for artistic detail and being a self-confessed perfectionist! Sara loves all the tiny details and gleaming emotions that make each wedding unique, conveying the character of the wedding day.

Working as a team (and best friends too) Pixies in the Cellar capture the sense of occasion, place, friends, family and emotions in an unobtrusive documentary style. With a short bride and groom photo session or two mini-sessions encapsulating the two of you in a natural style within the landscapes and architecture of your wedding day surroundings. Creative, visionary, quirky, dramatic, different (in a good way!), arty, relaxed and fun are some of the many great adjectives used over the years to describe their style.

Manchester wedding photographer

CM Leung Gallery
Based In: Hong Kong
Other Locations: Beijing l Malaysia

CM LEUNG is the creative director and principal photographer of CM Leung Gallery based in HK with presence in Greater China, Malaysia and U.S.  He is also the founder of WPHK (Wedding Photographers of Hong Kong) and WPPA (Wedding and Portrait Photographer of Asia) with the ambition to inspire wedding photographers within Asia.

CM enjoys a successful career in wedding photography since he turned pro in 2005 and has won multiple awards in major international competitions.  In 2010 he has won the prestigious “WPPI International Wedding Print of the Year” and “WPPI International Photo-Journalism Print of the Year” awards.  These grand awards recognize the highest standard of photography and CM is the first Asian photographer to have accomplished such honors.  He has also won the most photography awards internationally in year 2009.  These achievements led him to be one of the most reputable photographers in the world.

Since 2009 CM has dedicated time to conduct workshops and seminars in different cities including Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vegas, Madrid, Athens, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.  It is his aspiration to share his passion and vision to photography enthusiasts all over the world.  His presentations are well received and he is regarded as one of the most respected speakers in the industry.

CM is well-known for his unique style of shooting with the combination of natural light and his amazing vision.  His images are elegant, intimate and artistic.  He is a photographer who is able to translate feelings into images that touches one’s emotion, mind and heart.

Major Achievements





2012 AIPP (Australia Professional Photography Awards) Gold Award With Distinction - The first ever Asian Photographer to receive AIPP Gold Award with Distinction

2010 WPPI International Wedding Print of the Year

2010 WPPI International Photo-Journalism Print of the Year - The first ever Asian Photographer to receive 2 WPPI Grand Awards

2009 – 2011 - The photographer who has won the most WPPI awards: 2 Grand Awards and 150+ Distinctions

Other Awards

2012 AIPP (Australia Professional Photography Awards ) 3 x Silver With Distinction

2012 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 2nd place - Portrait category

2012 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 2nd place - Engagement category

2012 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 2nd place - Bride & Groom Alone category

2012 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 3rd place - Engagement category

2011 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 2nd place - Bride & Groom Alone category



2010 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Album Award, 3rd place - Non wedding category

2009 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 1st place - Bride & Groom Alone category

2009 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 2nd place - Bride & Groom Alone category

2009 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 3rd place - Bride & Groom Alone category

2009 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 1st place - Non Wedding Photojournalism category

2009 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 2nd place - Non Wedding Photojournalism category

2009 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 3rd place - Non Wedding Photojournalism category

2009 WPPI ( Las Vegas, USA ) Print Award, 3rd place - Non Wedding Photojournalism category



Studiobonon Photography
Based In: Italy - Tuscany, Florence
Other Locations: Italy -- Rome, Venice l Paris - France l London - UK l New York - USA l Moscow - Russia

Studiobonon Photography was born in 1970, as a result of Bruno Bonon’s passion for the wedding photography. Today this passion continues with his son Massimo Bonon and his staff, together they arranged a dynamic and modern organization working in Italy and beyond.

Throughout our lives we find authentic, special moments we’d like to stop and keep forever with us. Our aim is to capture these moments in the most natural way, and through our personal, artistic point of view to create something everlasting. Our way is to join the best traditional wedding features with the most contemporary photography techniques.

These captures will be treasured by you and your family for generations. The elegance of old world combined with “in the moment” spontaneity of capturing your day as it unfolds makes your wedding unique.

We strongly believe photography is about telling stories and moving at the same time. Spontaneity, naturalness, energy, passion, emotion are the necessary ingredients we put in our work to create amazing images worth to be remembered.

Tuscany wedding photographer

Gina Brocker Photography
Based In: Boston, MA
Other Locations: New England l Massachusetts - Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard l New York - New York City, Long Island, The Hamptons l Colorado - Denver, Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Vail/Beaver Creek

Hi, I’m Gina! Originally from Michigan, my love for photography and adventure has taken me to Baltimore, Italy, Wales, Ireland and now Boston. During this time I studied documentary photography at the Maryland Institute of Art and the University of Wales. I was honored and delighted to receive the Grand Prize at the Nikon Discovery Awards, be selected for the 25 Under 25 Up and Coming American Photographers and have my work shown through exhibitions and publications.

I believe the most wonderful things happen when people are allowed to be themselves. This simple idea helps me create photographs that are authentic, honest and full of life; photographs that will stand the test of time and have you reliving awesome moments all over again. Making you and all your favorite people comfortable is super important to me. Soon after I arrive, you will completely forget about my camera and simply enjoy yourself. I work discreetly and efficiently, and am always anticipating what’s next so I don’t miss a beat. I am hyper-aware and will capture the big moments as well as the ones you never noticed. Your photographs will reflect who you are and tell your unique story in a true and awesome way.

Boston wedding photographer

Based In: Vienna, Austria
Other Locations: Italy - Venice, Tuscany l Switzerland - Zurich, St. Moritz l Austria - Salzburg, Kitzbühel

You want your story told? Shed a tear while watching your wedding pictures? Discover all the big and small moments of your wedding you have not even recognized? So let me cover your big day. I will catch the atmosphere without being noticed but always give you a helping hand when needed. International multi award winning wedding photography with passion in perfection.

Mukhina Ekaterina, Purlita photography
Based In: Moscow, Russia
Other Locations: UK - London, Cornwall, East Sussex, Dorset l Mauritius - Seychelles l Russia - St Petersburg l Iceland l French Polynesia (Tahiti - Bora-Bora)

Ekaterina Mukhina was born in Moscow, Russia, 1982, and obtained a degree in Sociology from National Research University Higher School of Economics before working as a wedding photographer. Ekaterina has been taking photographs since she was 16 years old and, in 2000, bought her first Canon film camera to start shooting extreme sports photography as a hobby after graduating from Moscow Academy of Photography. Since 2003 she concentrates mainly on shooting people and various events photography as a freelance professional photographer.

As for now, she has over a decade of experience covering more than 400 weddings and portrait photo sessions in Russia. Her work has also taken her on more than 80 private commercial assignments across Europe, North & South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, and most recently to South Pacific and New Zealand in the past 4 years.

The common thread running through destination weddings and engagement Ekaterina shoots is her clients’ enthusiasm for photography and the inventive portraits she creates with their collaboration. Her photojournalistic approach to capture wedding day is unobtrusive and emotional.

Recently Ekaterina Mukhina have had the great pleasure in being asked by Canon to be a part of their prestigious Ambassador Programme and I have been chosen to represent the field of wedding photography as an explorer of light. She uses the best photo equipment - Canon 1Dx, Canon 5D Mark III.

Ekaterina is a member of International Association of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) and Fearless photographers. From 2011 to 2012, 46 pictures from Ekaterina received prizes in various categories in the quarterly ISPWP photo contests, including first and second places for portrait photography. She was nominated by American Photo magazine editorial on Top 10 Best photographers in the world in 2013. The authoritative magazine Junebug weddings included one of her photographs in the collection of the 50 Best Wedding Photos 2011 and 50 Best Engagement Photos 2013.

In 2011, Ekaterina won the Mywed Award first place in the contest “Idea!” for the most creative wedding photo. And now she is included in the top 20 wedding photographers in Russia. She has won multiple Accolade of Excellence awards in print and album competitions at WPPI 2012, 2013 in Las Vegas.

Her work is represented in various private and public collections, published in Russian travel magazines and themed magazines "Wedding”, "Happy Wedding", "Vogue Sposa" as photo stories, where she is the author of articles and illustrations about destination weddings.

Livio Lacurre Photography
Based In: Italy - Tuscany, Florence
Other Locations: Italy - Amalfi, Venice, Santorini, Siena | Paris, France | London, UK |

Livio Lacurre is an internationally acclaimed photographer based in Arezzo, between Florence and Siena, in the heart of magical Tuscany.

Specializing in wedding photography services, he offers services in Italy as well as abroad.

A careful observer of human dynamics, he loves telling stories with a style which is mostly dedicated to capturing emotions.

His pictures are on show in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

Livio is a also member of the WPJA, AG|WPJA, FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS, SWPP, WPS , ANFM and many of his pictures have been awarded in their contests.

York Place Studios
Based In: York, Yorkshire, UK
Other Locations: France l Italy l UK - York, Leeds, Harrogate, Sheffield, Manchester, Newcastle

We are Dominique and Liam Shaw, brother and sister photography team, documentary wedding photographers and the creative partnership behind York Place Studios.

We shoot in a predominantly reportage style and throughout the day are constantly on the lookout for those magic little moments that encapsulate the tone of the celebrations and the true personalities of the Bride and Groom. We like to capture natural imagery as it happens without interfering in events: documenting without directing.

Our work has received widespread critical acclaim from our peers and been featured in many top wedding blogs, but more importantly our photographs have been loved and cherished by countless overjoyed couples, happy to have chosen York Place Studios to keep their memories alive forever.

Based In: Treviso - Venice, Italy
Other Locations: Rome , Florence , Como Lake | Paris, France l London, UK | Moscow, Russia

I'm a very enthusiastic wedding photographer for 15 years based in north of Italy (Treviso-Venice). Every time a couple asks me to take part in their wedding day I feel honored to receive such an important job. I love working with people and telling their stories through photography and through my vision. I like developing emotions through pictures, I like to be a silent witness without interfering with the scene, capturing details, intimate and happy moments, romantic atmospheres that can be revisited for generations.

Nicola Nesi – Photographer
Based In: Como, Italy
Other Locations: France – Paris l Switzerland l United Kingdom – London l Italy – Lombardia, Venice, Tuscany, Portovenere, Almalfi, Lake of Como

I was born in 1968, specializing in photojournalism in wedding photography, style spontaneous, but refined, with pictures to tell the emotions of your special day.

FineArt Studio — Boutique Wedding Photography
Based In: Riviera Maya - Mexico
Other Locations: Los Cabos - Mexico l Milan - Italy



The name Fine Art (superior art), a term used in photography to define high-quality prints, is deliberately chosen to indicate the world-class quality that distinguishes services and products of the studio.

The passion for our work and the continuous search for new photographic styles and innovative products is a great source of motivating force and pride and for our customers an assurance of great emotions.

We are a team of international Photojournalist specializing in wedding photography in Riviera Maya Mexico.

Jacob and Pauline Photography
Based In: United Kingdom - London
Other Locations: Italy, France, Spain, New York, California

Hi! We’re Jacob and Pauline, a couple working together to photograph and film weddings around the world. We combine our individual specialisms – wedding photography and filmmaking – in an elegant, timeless style, which effortlessly matches the mood of each event. We love to combine elements of creativity with a classic twist.

It’s incredibly important for us to blend with the wedding itself and work in a subtle and unobtrusive way. We work with the flow of the day, reflecting the emotions of the wedding party and guests, and highlighting the look and feel of our surroundings.

For us, the most outstanding shots are those that preserve the detail of a moment – from the intricate details of the wedding ring to the spectacular panorama of the wedding destination – be it a remote beach, a majestic ballroom or a stunning cliff-top.

Simplicity is of paramount importance. We do not disturb the day with excessive gear, rather preferring to respect the natural current of the wedding and capture it as it unfolds, without being a noticeable fixture.

We’re available for photography and videography.

If you'd like to learn more about our photography and films you can visit our website here:

Wedding Photographers in London

Michael Anderson Photography
Based In: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Other Locations: Chicago, Illinois l Waikoloa/Maui, Hawaii l Minnesota - St. Paul, Duluth, Rochester, Brainerd, Stillwater l Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Since 1986, professional photographers Michael and Joannie Anderson have been capturing life's special moments. Formerly known as Anderson's Designer Portraits; in
2012 they changed their studio's name to Michael Anderson Photography.

Their unique style as a “Husband and Wife Wedding Photography Team” allows them to give their clients a more personal experience from start to finish. Together with Michael's artistic eye and Joannie's years of cosmetology experience, no detail will go overlooked.

Anderson's have the amazing ability to make you feel like the camera isn't even there! They put everyone at ease, enjoying the time spent with you and your family; while in reality they are capturing priceless moments!

Michael and Joannie specialize in many styles of photography, from traditional images to candid photojournalism, they have perfected it all. Their work has been recognized as:

Bride and Groom’s choice: The Knot "Best of Weddings" in 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2013.
“Twin Cities Best Wedding & Portrait Studios” in 2009.
"Minnesota's Best Wedding & Portrait Studios" in 2010, 2011 & 2012.
Best Of Wedding Photography (BOWP) in 2013.

Photographic services offered: Wedding Photography, Destination Weddings, Engagement, Family, Kids, High School Senior, Pet and business portraits as well as
event photography.

They are active members of the following professional organizations:

Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI)
National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)
Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce
Twin City Bridal Association (TCBA)

Give Anderson’s a call for your wedding photography or any future portrait needs. You’ll be very glad that you did!

Rino Cordella photographer
Based In: LECCE – Puglia
Other Locations: Italy - Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como , Sicily l Belgium l Switzerland l UK l France l Dubai l USA

RINO CORDELLA was born in Brussels, the European city where he could breathe as a child, some of the most important artistic movements that allowed him to open his own window on the world of art.

Then, with time and artistic maturity, he chose the magic and the energy of Salento to create his newest studio in Copertino (Lecce).

And it's here that, through his shots, he shows and expresses the emotions of the photographer capturing unique moments with the sensibility of a storyteller, who is discreetly there to catch a smile, a look or a thought. For Rino photographing is always as telling a new story, a different challenge between passion and technique, a world to be represented with subtle sophistication… but above all it's a magic moment to be returned to those who, for one day, have entrusted themselves to the eye of his special camera.

He received numerous awards from various national and international associations such as the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) - AGWPJA (Artistic Guild of the WPJA) - ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers) - Fearless Photographers.

In 2010 he came in at 12th place in the AGWPJA final standings.

In 2012 receives the QIP and the QEP qualifications in the Marriage category, two highly coveted certifications in Italy as well as in Europe.

Finally in 2013, his pictures are rewarded with one silver and three bronze awards during the FIOF Nikon awards contest that allowed him to qualify on the first position in the wedding category.

Lecce wedding photographer

Janis Ratnieks Photography
Based In: London, United Kingdom
Other Locations: France - Paris, Nice, Cannes l Italy - Portofino, Florence, Venice

Here at Janis Ratnieks Photography we are a team of award-winning photographer and fabulous retoucher renowned for our conceptual wedding imagery and producing the finest wedding photographs there are. In nine years we have captured hundreds of weddings in 22 countries around the globe receiving countless accolades.

Being based in London we are still highly sought after wedding photographers across Europe including UK, France and Italy as well as more exotic locations like Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Tunisia and Russia.

Our sense of colour and eye for detail result in fashionable and exquisite designer wedding albums - the perfect way to preserve your wedding memories. Your wedding day should be glamorous so indulge yourself and let the true professionals take care of the rest.

Giota Zoumpou PhotostudioGT
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Cyprus, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes l Italy - Rome, Venezia

Real beauty is timeless. Real photos are magic. They can bring a smile or a tear no matter how many years have passed. My wedding photography formula is to capture emotions and relationships in a photojournalistic style.

The result will be amazing: wedding photos will tell the story of you and your wedding day.

As experienced wedding photographer meet your requirements and provide you a professional, exclusive wedding photography service. I promise dedication, commitment and an unforgettable experience.

After all, i am here to create a fairy tale you’ll never forget.

Based In: Vis, Croatia
Other Locations: Austria l Croatia - Dubrovnik l Italy - Tuscany, Venice, Vienna, Lake Como

Living in North Croatia gives us a great geo position to easily reach some of the most popular wedding destinations in the world like Venice, Tuscany, Lake Come, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Vis...

But no destination is off the grid. For amazing weddings we travel anywhere in the world.

We are a small team of two photographers, and we combine our knowledge, our energy and our passion. We are committed to capturing you looking the best you have ever looked in your life. Glamorous and fashionable yet a natural illustration of shared emotions ensuring your perfect REFLEXION.

Vis Wedding Photographers

Joachim Schmitt Photography
Based In: Germany - Stuttgart
Other Locations: Germany - Heilbronn, Ulm, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Baden Baden, Calw l International l Spain - Ibiza, Majorca

Wedding photography at a high level - Joachim Schmitt Photography
Wedding photographer for your wedding in Pforzheim, Stuttgart, Calw, Ludwigsburg, International

Dear newlyweds,

Nice that you have decided to celebrate your wedding day and capture it through unforgettable wedding photos.

On the following pages you will see a section demanding my wedding photography from the past 12 months. You will find all the details about the end of the wedding photography of their wedding day or bridal couple shoots, and all information about wedding reportage.

I'm happy to introduce you to my work and wish you a lot of fun watching the wedding pictures.

... because nothing is more beautiful than the moment!

Dipl.-Des. Kirill Brusilovsky Photodesign
Based In: Hamburg, Germany
Other Locations: Germany - Dusseldorf, Berlin, Cologne l France l Italy

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Kirill photographs all around Germany and abroad. Kirill has studied design and photography at the famous Volkwang University in Essen, Germany.

He is a member of several prestigious international photographers’ associations and was acknowledged by [AG]WPJA as an award-winning photographer and one of the worldwide top photographers in 2011. His works have been published in photography and wedding Magazines, Online portals and books, such as “Wedding Photography – guide to Posing”.

Kirill’s approach is a mix of modern journalist-style photography and classical aesthetic concepts. His works are distinguished by unique color moods and skillful work with light and transport the authentic atmosphere and moods of the day.

Douglas Fry Wedding Photographer
Based In: London UK
Other Locations: Oxford

Douglas Fry is a professional wedding photographer with many years of experience. Douglas’ photographs convey the events of the wedding day as natural, elegant images. He uses ‘no flash’ allowing for minimum disruption and no distraction, he does not stage manage the bride and groom or guests so that they can enjoy the day to the fullest.

We provide a full package of website, prints and disc.

Douglas is highly recommended.

Yueko Image
Based In: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Other Locations: Banff/ Canmore Alberta Canada Edmonton Alberta Canada Red Deer Alberta Canada Vancouver British Columbia Hongkong, China

Vivian Yue and Ken Ko--a super fun husband and wife photographer team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have traveled the world capturing couples sharing moments of love, joy and romance. We each have an unique style. Ken loves lighting and edgy images, and Vivian is romantic and sweet. Our primary vision is to mix elements of elegance, colour , and reality to create a romantic, fine-art sensibility. People describe our images as " honest, bold, fresh and beautiful". We get our inspirations from everything around us-- family, friends, places and cultures. We believe in that every couple is unique and our style should reflect their diversity and document all emotions. Our work has been featured in various wedding blogs and magazines, including Weddings in Alberta, Calgary Bridal Guide and Avenue Magazine.



Alan Law Photography
Based In: Cornwall, UK
Other Locations: London, Bath, Bristol, Dorset, Birmingham, Wales l All of UK

As winner of ‘Best Reportage Wedding Photographer in Cornwall & Devon’ at the Westcountry Wedding Awards 2013, my approach is all about capturing the real moments of your day – no posing, no ‘look at the camera’, no interfering at all. After all, your wedding is exactly that – your wedding, not a photoshoot, and I just think that a natural capture is worth a thousand set-up shots.

Everyone has a camera at weddings – and that’s great, the more the merrier! – but it’s my aim as your chosen photographer to record your day uniquely and creatively, capturing different angles, striking compositions, and artistic imagery. I don’t work to a shot list, I don’t re-create the same photos that I shot before – afterall, as each and every wedding is unique, so indeed should your wedding photographs be.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my work featured in various publications, such as WED Magazine and Pure Weddings, and various wedding blogs and websites such as Aspirational Bride, Far From The Wedding Crowd, Before The Big Day and more.

Predominantly covering Cornwall and Devon, I also cover weddings throughout the UK and Europe. If you like what you see, please do visit my website for more information.

Adriano Mazzocchetti Fotografo
Based In: Teramo, Italy
Other Locations: Italy: Rome - Florence - Lake Como - Venice - Amalfi Coast - Capri l Europe

I was born in 1973 and I started photographing wedding events ten years ago. I love entering the fray and documenting everything that is happening around me with my shots. I love to understand what the bride and the groom want and imagine for their wedding shoot, in order to tell their story in the most spontaneous and genuine way, joining my style with their expectations. I love giving attention to details, telling that particular story in every singe peculiarity, giving that attention which might revive the emotions of the most beautiful day.

Teramo Wedding Photographer

Ilan Mor
Based In: Tel Aviv, Israel + Jerusalem, Israel
Other Locations: Any Place

Ilan Mor is a photographer and an artist.

Using the most advanced and modern cameras and computerized photography equipment, in his unique and artistic way, Ilan will make sure that the documentation of your event will be done with the most professional way.

Standing above all is his warm personality, a great deal of sensitivity, empathy, attention and listening to his client’s wishes and desires.

Ilan will be more than happy to set up a meeting so you can plan together a memorable package of your greatest event,” tailor made” especially for you and fitting your taste, wishes and needs.

Mike Garrard Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: Italy - Lake Garda, Amalfi l UK - Oxford, Hampshire, Kent, Reading, Nottingham, Surrey, Bath

Hi, I'm a creative documentary photographer based near London, and specialise in producing story-telling images with a natural feel. We're honoured to have been voted one of the best wedding photography studios in the UK, and are always looking to innovate and produce something that's not run of the mill. I also love to travel and shoot a lot of amazing destination weddings all over Europe each year. If you'd like to chat about your wedding, come and see us at our studio in Amersham, we'd love to hear all about your wedding!

gb giorgio baruffi photography
Based In: Brescia – Garda Lake – Franciacorta - Italy
Other Locations: London – UK l Paris – France l Italy: Venezia, Verona, Firenze, Roma, Como Lake, Sicily, Tuscany.

How exciting it will be, after the wedding, to browse your photo collection?

I believe that your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life together. This day deserves so much attention and surely the best documentation possible.

That’s why I photograph these moments as well as in the role of a reporter I will tell your story: watching everything carefully and taking candid pictures of all memorable moments.

I really love my work and this is the reason why I create unique memories that you can enjoy over the years, you and your lovely family. I use photography to tell the story of your wedding day as it unfolds, spontaneously.

I prefer to let the day’s events take place naturally, trying to always to be ready to capture them in real time, occasionally I like to create a little fun involving couples and / or guests in unexpected photographs that are witty and funny.

However, for most of the day, I try to stay “in the background” as a silent observer, paying great attention to genuine and sincere interactions, ready to capture them. All this with a simple and elegant style, living with you the day of your wedding: emotions, smiles, atmosphere and colors.

Who am I?

I have been a photographer for many years and I live and work in Brescia, near Garda and Como Lakes, and I like working in any place in my beautiful country, places like Venice, Verona, Florence, but also in the wonderful Tuscan hills in the home of the best Italian sparkling wines, the Franciacorta region.

I’m also part of ANFM, the Italian organization that supports excellence in this wonderful profession. Being part of the Italian Association of Wedding Photographers is an important goal for a wedding photographer, and now you can find me also here, in the Best of Wedding Photographers, exciting isn’t it?

I’m really proud to be part of this organizations it is an honor and, at the same time, an incentive to offer always my best, for you and for your story, that is as unique as you are.

Danilo Coluccio wedding photographer
Based In: Calabria, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Taormina, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Sicily, Liguria, Basilicata

I was born in 1976 in Siderno, a charming town that overlooks a magnificent stretch of the Ionian coast of Calabria. I started photographing from early childhood by helping my father Mario, photographer, whose images since 1954 have told the story and the feelings of an entire generation.

In 1994 I achieved artistic maturity. I have been a professional photographer since 2001. While living and working mainly in Siderno as a photographer for ceremonies, I carried out a number of services in the most beautiful places in Italy including Rome, Perugia, Benevento, some areas of Sicily and beyond, to Sao Paulo in Brazil.

As a fan of the art in its wider sense, since a young age I have given rise to an intense research activity and not only convinced that any form of art, such as painting, could provide an important cue to my growth.

I joined this personal studio and attended courses and workshops that allowed me to meet people in the industry as strong photographers "La Scala Theatre of Milan" Roberto Masotti and Silvia Lelli, during the workshop "photographing the show" held between 2000 and 2001, helped me understand the importance of "moment" in photography.

I recently attended several workshops, including one of Joe Buissink in Milan. My passion for photography is based on the desire to incorporate into an image that symbolizes the life, love, happiness and the perfect moment for the couple.

Sansom Photography
Based In: Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Other Locations: France l Spain l London, Lancashire, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, All of UK

We are Chris and Verity Sansom, in the last 3 years we’ve shot over 130 weddings, working incredibly hard to hone our talents and to carve out our own unique style in a fiercely competitive market. We now shoot no more than 40 weddings per year to ensure each and every couple gets our full attention. Our genuinely relaxed attitude and highly emotive photography has seen our business go from strength to strength.

We met at University in Leeds, Chris studied at the Northern Film School department of Leeds Met and Verity studied Fine Art. We both loved our degree subjects yet knew we weren’t in the right industry. We just knew we wanted photography to be what paid the bills. In the months before we graduated we started shooting weddings. Our first paid wedding together was in Kendal with Chris, Sarah and their son Nico. There were no guests, just a private ceremony followed by an incredible honeymoon in Europe and the US. Their witnesses, recorded forever on their marriage licence are Chris Sansom and Verity Woolf. We still think of that day and remember how connected we felt to the occasion, we’d only spoken to Chris and Sarah via email yet being so close to such a special and intimate day showed us the beauty and importance in what we do. Since then we have both pursued this passion for capturing the intangible, unrepeatable and unforgettable moments from the happiest day of two people’s lives. Being able to work together every single day is an incredible feeling that brings us an overwhelming gratitude to each and every couple that books us.

We are a young, fresh husband and wife team who approach weddings differently. We work together, blending our styles to create truly atmospheric wedding albums full of character and emotion. Chris draws heavily on his Film Production background, creating images with the feel of a silver screen romance while Verity’s Fine art background gives us that breath-taking ‘Wow factor’ every bride needs. We are both talented and acclaimed photographers who share our lives together as well as our passion for Wedding Photography and being the best at what we do.

Andreas Feusi Photography
Based In: Zug, Switzerland
Other Locations: Switzerland - Zurich, Lucerne, Berne, Geneva, St. Moritz | Greece | Dubai UAE | All destinations worldwide

Andreas Feusi is a Switzerland wedding photographer of fine and exclusive photography and is available throughout Europe and internationally.

Andreas is passionate and creative about wedding photography and will enjoy every unique moment of your special and wonderful day. Every wedding is a journey full of discoveries and surprises. His style is non-intrusive as he narrates your wedding story through beautiful images.

Danny Halim Productions
Based In: Bali - Indonesia
Other Locations: Jakarta, Surabaya, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Australia

A Photo has A Lot of Meaning

It’s Your story...

Laugh - Love - Hope

We’ll invite you to share the unforgettable wonderful moments in your life. You are reminded of how you walked down the altar, glancing at the love of your life. Feeling the thumping of your heart again and the legs quivered with excitement.

Danny Halim Productions is a Bali Wedding Photography Company, who sets the highest standard for artistic wedding photojournalism in Bali and the other country. We want to share your unforgettable and relivable moments with your loved ones. Whether it's the sweet smile from the love of your life, the tears of happiness from your family or your love story.

We offer customization and flexibility like no other. Create pictures that capture your love and tell your story.

We will translate your own unique original story, unforgettable moment into amazing everlasting photographs.


We also offers photography and movie works for couples, engagement, wedding, pre-wedding, kids, families, fashion, documentary, journalism, events, product, interior, company profile, video clip, dinner, and any event that can be captured by a lens.

Book your special date now
For further details and complementary consultation feel free to contact us by Yahoo Messenger or e-mailing us at

Website: Bali wedding photographer
Blog: Blog

John Lee Photography
Based In: Hong Kong in China
Other Locations: Paris, France l Malaysia l Macau, China l London, UK

I specialize in wedding photography with a distinctive photojournalistic style in Hong Kong. My many satisfied clients testify that my style is all about capturing the right moment at the right time with the right perspective at the right place.

I am passionate about wedding photography because it focuses on the natural joy and happiness of the event. The beaming brides are usually enchanting while grooms are the most charming on that special day. Apart from the couple, I also like to capture different expressions from guests and easily-missed details on the day that make it special.

Friends I have known for more than 14 years, Hinnie and Ka invited me to their wedding and I brought my camera along and was taking photographs for them throughout the night as a surprise wedding gift. What made the wedding unforgettable however was that the whole night was packed full of surprises. I captured the thrilling and touching moments when the groom surprised the bride by singing and later presenting her with a picture he has drawn for her. The couple’s uncle also followed up with a song and dance routine. I captured all the fun, tears and emotions into photographs and am grateful I was part of the wedding party.


Marco Fantauzzo Photographer
Based In: Tuscany - Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Siena, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Como, Sicily

Marco Fantauzzo, born in Sicily in 1970, soon embraced the world of photography thanks to his first camera, a Yashica MG1 that still he still preserves with love and care. From that moment on he never stopped photographing, rivers of film to capture breathtaking landscapes, ordinary people, and everyday life.

In 2003 he decided to devote himself full time to wedding photography, interpreting it always naturally and spontaneously without any intrusion, using the light of the moment, for a reportage style of the "day".

Marco has several publications in major magazines dedicated to the world of weddings.

Tuscany wedding photographer

Borzacchiello Photographer
Based In: Naples, Italy
Other Locations: Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, Firenze, Venezia

My name is Rosario Borzacchiello and I am a wedding reporter/photographer from Italy with over 20 years of experience. I am currently based in Naples and just a few minutes from Amalfitan Coast. So, differently from other colleagues that should afford several km to get there, I already live here and this gave me the opportunity to work for many international couples. Anywhere, I love travelling, meeting people and freezing authentic stories of love and unrepeatable moments in human existence. I'm here to make your day unique just as you look through my lenses: I'm here to find the best in every single woman and man while living the most important hours of their lives. No matter if you are enjoying a wedding or an engagement or family session or bachelorette party, I will be there for the pleasure to write a light fairy tale.


I like to be renowed as a discreet reporter more than a portraiture photographer. I sanctioned wedding photo journalism in my Country in the late 1990s and I guess to be one of the purest photographer: real life is much better than a phony scene. I love true reportage

Naples wedding photographer

Antoine Photo
Based In: Paris
Other Locations: Marocco: Marrakech, Tanger, Casablanca, Fès l Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Lausanne l Dubai and all destination Worldwide

Antoine has been photographing weddings for over ten years.

During your special day, Antoine will take natural and aesthetic pictures, while remaining very discreet.

His one and only purpose: to tell your story with pictures just like you are.

Antoine lives in Paris and travels throughout France and abroad.

Paris wedding photographer

Dylan McBurney Wedding Photographer
Based In: Belfast - Ireland
Other Locations: Ireland - Dublin, Donegal, Galway l France - Lorient, Quimper l Spain - Barcelona

I’m a street photographer at heart. I’m also a romantic soul and when I photograph people at weddings I like to put myself in my subjects’ shoes. I like to be invisible. I like to wonder about the mystery of a photograph. I like to imagine what people are thinking and what they are feeling at the very moment I press the shutter. What is it that transforms an event the minute you put four edges around it and take a photograph?

I am humbled and thankful for every opportunity I’m given at my clients weddings and I accept gifts to my camera as graciously as they are given.

I currently live with my family, my wife, my daughter and my son in Carrickfergus just outside Belfast in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Andrea Cittadini Photography
Based In: Umbria - and all of Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Como Lake, Ravello l London l Paris l Dubai l New York

Are you getting married in Tuscany and you're looking for an Italian wedding photographer able to tell the story of your big day with spontaneous and wonderful photos?
Here I am!! 😀

I’m one of the best Italian wedding photographers based in Umbria (very close to Tuscany and right in the center of the Italy) and I love to travel.

I can easily reach all parts of Italy and Europe as well.

I already worked also in Venice, Ravello, Positano, Florence, Rome, Paris, London, Barcelona and Mallorca and I would like to work everywhere there is a love story to tell!

I represent the AGWPJA as the Photographer of The Year 2012 and the Second Runner-up Photographer of the Year 2011 and I received more than 100 international awards.

Dino Gomez Photography
Based In: Bogota, Colombia
Other Locations: Mexico - Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, Zihuatanejo, Puerto Vallerta l USA - Portland, California, New York l Colombia - Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena


I specialize in Photographing Destination Weddings

I'm Dino Gomez, International Wedding Photographer, I focus in capturing stunningly beautiful pictures on your Destination Wedding, in an organic fashion and with a documentary style I can highlight the stories, emotions and moments unfolding around you.


I am drawn by the uniqueness of each couple, the enormous joy of two families celebrating together as one and the sparkling happiness of your friends walking by your side. I look for fun, outgoing and creative couples wanting to have priceless photographs taken on their Destination Wedding day by an International Professional Photographer.


The real secret to my wedding photography is love.

Not the fancy gear I use, nor the several hours I spend training or at workshops keeping up with the new trends. Not even the solid technique acquired over the years. But the profound love you feel for each other and how you express it as well as the love I feel for what I do. It is a deep satisfaction, knowing that my artistry has filled with love & care, each one of the hundreds of homes it lives in today.

That's my secret.

Bogota wedding photographer

Nikos P. Gogas
Based In: Santorini - Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Creta,Corfu, Rhodes, Athens, Halkidiki

I love to take photographs of a kiss with passion, truth and honesty, the art of black and white, sexy and sensitivity, summer time day light, people with emotions, children, grandmother, wedding dress and high heels, crazy party, your best portrait.

Santorini wedding photographer

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer
Based In: Trapani Sicily, Italy
Other Locations: New York | Montreal | Tokyo | Shanghai | Mykonos | New Delhi | Europe | Italy: Taormina, Venice, Amalfi, Palermo, Capri

Nino Lombardo is a Sicily wedding photographer who will capture a realistic and natural picture on your wedding day. He literally loves black and white reportage, the play of light and shadows, the emotions, the joys of marriage and you and your guests – a clean, linear style based on a great wedding photography experience. Nino likes to travel to photograph weddings all over the world to continually witness new emotions!

Nino Lombardo, photographer class '71, began his photographic career in the 80’s and specializes his services in wedding photography. Long apprenticeship, great experience. He also creates reportage and landscape photographs. He has been an NPS (Nikon Professional Services) photographer since 2004. He is the author of several photography books and canvas landscapes that are appreciated as works of fine art sold all over the world. In 2001 he published his first book dedicated to the marriage: "Emotions of light and shadow, reportage wedding in a city."

Finally, he worked on an interesting and unique personal research project that was developed in 2002 in Spain during Semana Santa in Seville to understand and compare the traditions associated with Easter processions in Sicily and Spain. Four of his photos are on display in the permanent exhibition of San Francisco at the Museo Italo Americano.

Among the most significant exhibitions, his "personal" to "The Salerniana" Gallery of Contemporary Art in Erice. The most important work of his portfolio include projects in various parts of the world: the work carried out in Madagascar in 2003, the non-profit association "Trapani for the Third World," a documentary in India in 2004 for the production of a marriage with the Hindu ritual, in 2005, the report on "America’s Cup Special LouisVuitton (Acts 8 & 9)" and in Argentina in 2005 with "James Candela" Musical Association.

Since 2006 several couples from all over have chosen Italy and Nino Lombardo as their wedding photographer.

In 2008 he took a course of study on digital developments organizing events in Italy. In March 2011 Nino undertook a study of Eastern traditions and customs through a relationship in Japan between Gheshe, Maiko, and tea houses. In September 2012 – an exhibition of his personal work in Sicily: "All you need in love" dedicated to the wedding ceremony.

His personal website, is constantly upgraded.

Cristiano Ostinelli Photographer
Based In: Como, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Milano, Venizia, Lombardia, Tuscany l Hong Kong

Cristiano was born in Como in 1968 and has been in the photojournalism field since 1995. He has photographed prestigious weddings and has a spontaneous and very sophisticated style.  Cristiano also teaches photography in Milan and Como.

Fabio Azanha Photography
Based In: Portugal: Lisbon, Oporto, Algarve
Other Locations: Brazil l Spain l Italy l France l Greece l UK l Indonesia l South Korea

We are Maria and Fábio, Portugal based wedding photographers that share love for one another and great passion for photography.

We were the first South American photographers to scoop an award by WPJA back in 2007, and we have been continuously recognized by other prestigious associations: ISPWP, Fearless Photographers of which we are active members.

In 2013 we were one of the juries in the Collection II WPS International Excellence Awards, and in 2014 we had been selected as a judging panel for the ISPWP Fall 2014 Photography contest.

We have photographed weddings across Europe and Brazil- Fábio’s native country.
For us each and every wedding is an opportunity to re-live our own wedding and therefore we give our heart and soul to make our clients´ special day as memorable as possible through registering the highlights of a wedding day but also through imputing our creativity in making outstanding portrait shoots.

Blog: Portugal Wedding Photographer

Edo Bertona Wedding and Personal Photographer
Based In: Borgomanero (Novara, Maggiore Lake & Orta Lake)
Other Locations: Italy - Milano, Portofino l Monaco - Montecarlo l Switzerland l France - Paris l Lebanon - Beirut l Dubai

For 27 years, I have been in professional photography. I was one of the first Italian photographers to take care of wedding photojournalism and the first Italian wedding photographer qualified at the QIP in 2001. I prefer spontaneous photography and I try to capture the emotions of a special day with utmost discretion by always establishing a good feeling with the couple. I'm currently the only certified Italian wedding photographer that prints on art Digigraphie®, ensuring a very high quality wedding album.

What I want to do is capture the intangible overall atmosphere of the day, and condense it into images that are small drops of strong emotional intensity; "drops" that remain available to those who want to in the future "quench" the thirst memory of his marriage; drops that vanish and evaporates one into another, making the unitary idea of the flow of feelings that you have lived and returning them in an album cleverly composed and printed in a professional manner.

What I intend to do, as a wedding-photographer, is to be a professional presence, "thin" and non-intrusive, but at the same time curious about everything, even of the most elusive and indefinite, and this is perhaps the most important, the day of your marriage.

Yiannis Alefantou
Based In: Peloponnese, South Greece
Other Locations: Italy l South France l Greece - Monemvasia, Spetses, Mykonos, Sifnos, Santorini, Folegandros

Life is about the journey… and who you travel with is more important than any destination. The presence of people is what can make a good story into a great story that is worth sharing...


Europe destination wedding photographer

Jerry Ghionis Photography
Based In: Melbourne, Australia
Other Locations: Beverly Hills, CA l New York, NY

Jerry Ghionis started his professional career in 1994 and has emerged as one of the most influential wedding photographers of the 21st century. Australian born and of Greek heritage, he is based in Melbourne, Australia and travels frequently on international assignments.

He was obsessed with photography after he was given his first camera at the age of fifteen. After completing high school in 1990, Jerry started a four year photography course and quit after a year as he was tired of his teachers trying to teach him to save the world with one photograph.

In 1994, after working at a few camera retail stores, Jerry approached a popular studio in Melbourne and offered to work for no pay on weekends and did so for the next year. He soon adopted the role as studio manager and principal photographer. Eager to spread his wings, Jerry started his own business in 1997 and has since been the backbone of one of Australia’s largest and most respected studios.

In 2004, Jerry was bestowed the title of Master of Photography by the A.I.P.P. (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) With an uncompromising pursuit for excellence, Jerry’s success can be attributed to consistency and the constant reinvention of himself and his company. With his biggest reinvention to date, Jerry launched his new boutique studio in 2009 that bears his name in the prestigious Docklands precinct of Victoria Harbour in Melbourne and caters to discerning clients who only demand the best.

Continuing to raise the bar and push the photography industry, Jerry stamps a recognizable and unique style with everything he photographs. His versatility extends to the wedding, portrait and fashion fields with a reputation for creating theatrical and iconic image of his subjects. With the flair of a fashion designer and the ingenuity of an architect, his style can be described where vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion.

In 2007 alone, he was the only Australian named as one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the world by American Photo magazine and was named an "Icon of Imaging" by Microsoft. He was the only photographer outside the U.S. to be named an Icon and is one of 13 people in the world to be included in the coveted list of photography pioneers. In 2009 Jerry won his 6th International Wedding Album of the Year Award at W.P.P.I. (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) among 8 awards as well as being named by WPPI as one of the top 5 Wedding photographers in the World.

For three years in a row, Jerry has achieved the Diamond level Photographer of the Year Award from PPA (Professional Photographers of America) with all 12 of his entries for the past three years making the P.P.A. loan collection.

Jerry has been named as the A.I.P.P. National Wedding Photographer of the Year and has also twice won the A.I.P.P. State Wedding and Professional Photographer of the Year Awards and many others at State and National levels respectively.

Jerry has been featured in articles published in American Photo, Rangefinder, Professional Photographer, Pro Photo, Image Maker, Capture, The Age, The Sun, The City Weekly and many others. His images have graced the covers of over thirty magazines and countless fashion editorials.

Known as the “MacGyver” of photography, Jerry has the innate ability to turn ordinary situations into extraordinary images.

Emerging as the undisputed leader of a new generation of photographers, Jerry has the rare gift of being a celebrated artist, a natural entrepreneur and an inspirational teacher. He continues to raise the benchmark of excellence as an artist who is admired and respected by his peers and loved by his clients. As a dynamic public speaker, Jerry inspires and educates fellow professional photographers all over the world with his passionate approach to photography and his natural business acumen that has made him a leader in the photography industry. His educational website the has set the standard for online learning and his various other educational products have inspired photographers from all over the world.

Jerry’s most recent passion is the creation of his non-profit charitable foundation named the Soul Society, which cares for poor, homeless and orphan children in third world countries.

His first project is to build a new home for 27 children in Cambodia. He realizes that he can’t save the world with one photograph but can change the world, one photograph at a time.

Jerry is available for wedding, portrait, fashion, special event and speaking engagements anywhere in the world.

Visit Jerry’s blog at

Seminars, Workshops, Educational Products and online learning, visit

Allister Freeman Photography
Based In: Wiltshire, England
Other Locations: England, London, Somerset, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, International

Documentary wedding photographer and wedding photojournalist Allister Freeman produces distinct, creative reportage style wedding photography for customers throughout the UK and internationally in a style that is particularly personal and thought provoking.

Allister's reportage wedding photographs have a timeless appeal and are incredibly creative in both their storytelling qualities and fine art style composition.

Wiltshire wedding photographer

Deborah Coleman Photography
Based In: San Francisco, California
Other Locations: Hawaii l Mexico l Los Angeles, Napa Valley / Sonoma, Palm Springs - California l New York City l Chicago l Seattle l Miami l Dallas

Deborah Coleman is a professional photojournalist, and has worked in the industry for over a decade. Prior to becoming a wedding photographer, she was posted in the White House during the Clinton administration, and worked as a newspaper photographer in Florida, Texas and California. The San Francisco Bay Area is home, but she travels all over the world on assignment. Deborah approaches weddings with a photojournalistic style, while using light, color, and her artistic eye to capture and transform moments into memories.

Photo27 Italian Wedding Photographers
Based In: Milan‚ Italy
Other Locations: Roma, Venice, Tuscany, Portofino, Amalfi Coast, Italy l Greece l UK l Japan

In a general context, in a situation, I simply cut out something that excites me, and I turned it into photography. To thrill the other, to move you.

With my eye I see things that others see in different forms, playing with the light, with backgrounds, with the details all around you.

My eyes are my camera, and I click these moments.

Diego Taroni, Owner and President

Milan wedding photographer

Brad Wilken
Based In: Omaha, Nebraska
Other Locations: South Dakota - Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Yankton l Iowa - Des Moines, Sioux City l Montana - Bozeman

I'm Brad Wilken, a lifestyle and wedding photographer. I grew up on a small family farm in the northeastern part of Nebraska and grew to love the simple things in life. I recently married my best friend, Katie, and we have an amazing little boy Logan. We now reside in the greater Omaha area and love taking in the great outdoors and traveling as much as possible!

I shoot with a modern, journalistic style of photography and have a passion to capture your moments in a creative, nonintrusive way. To see the latest images from both my personal and professional life, please check out my website:

George Michalas
Based In: Athens, Greece
Other Locations: Greece - Santorini, Mykonos l Cyprus l Italy

George’s energy combined with his talent makes him a much sought after wedding photographer. It is his intention that when photographing a wedding he has as much fun as possible and bring out the fun…sexy… beauty in you… to create magical images that will still be treasured years after.

“At the end of the day, and this is something that I promised myself, I shoot for my clients and the only thing that is important to me is that the photographs I'm shooting tomorrow are better than the photographs I shot yesterday, and that the photographs you hold in your hands forty years from now bring the same smile to your face as they do today. So, if you like what I do…then you’d like me to do what I like!!!”

Jeremy Foo Photography
Based In: Singapore
Other Locations: Australia - Brisbane, Adelaide l Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto

Creative instinct has been the ethos of Jeremy’s imagery. Widely known for his fresh and bona fide approach, Jeremy believes in marrying the mood of your wedding and captivating imagery that celebrates your natural persona. He specializes in translating intricate wedding moments into peaceful minimalist images. Jeremy is an award winning photographer and also International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) contest judge in 2012.

We welcome you to take a walk into his vision of artistry as he unveils the grace and grandeur of your special day.

Singapore wedding photographer

Shira Weinberger Photography
Based In: New York City, NY
Other Locations: India l Paris l Mexico l Caribbean l Italy l California (Destination Weddings Internationally)

Shira Weinberger is a New York based photographer and an award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).

Her work has been published and acclaimed internationally, appearing in Brides Magazine, Anhelo (Japan), The Knot, and The Knot China.

Originally from Israel, she has had the pleasure of photographing many French, Yemenite, Ethiopian, Indian, and Moroccan weddings and events. Through her photojournalistic style, Shira captures the spontaneity, joy, emotion and ambiance of the important day with photos that present an unfolding story.

It is Shira's desire to bring a fresh perspective to the beautiful people she works with. Telling people's stories fully and authentically from a unique artistic perspective is her true passion. Through hard work and effort, she captures those natural, unanticipated moments that are the essence of real emotion. She believes the quality and sensitivity of her work are what have contributed to a growing list of clients.

Matteo Cuzzola Photography
Based In: Milan, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Udine, Venice, Como Lake, Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Florence, Tuscany

I absolutely love what I do!

I am an enthusiastic photographer since childhood and I have the privilege of documenting the most important moments in people's lives.

I have always been intrigued by photography, I studied photography in Milan and I worked for years with great photographers in Italy .

My approach and philosophy to wedding photography is photojournalism. I like to create great pictures unobtrusively. I will record those special moments in a documentary and authentic style.

I won't spend hours putting the couple in a fashion shoot, I won't put the bride in strange positions near the groom , and I won't say "Cheese!" 😀

My style is to capture the great moments, and those are usually the images that the subjects didn't even know I was shooting.

I like to meet and know the couple before the wedding, to learn their approach to the most important day, how to capture their sensations and happiness.

I am based in Milan but I love to travel and photograph destination weddings like Venice, Como Lake, Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Florence and Tuscany.

Ray Anthony Photography
Based In: Detroit, MI
Other Locations: California: Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, San Diego, San Francisco l Florida: Naples, Tampa, Clearwater, Palm Beach, Sarasota, Key West

My full name is Ray Anthony Iavasile, and I accept commissions to artistically photograph "documentary wedding stories" across the country and beyond. I have two showroom locations to meet personally: Villa Park in Orange County, California and Birmingham, Michigan.

I am motivated by a love and passion to photograph what is real: real life, real moments, real emotions, real people. My style is specifically documentary and often called "wedding photojounalism." Having come from a career in Hollywood behind the camera, I have taken the good and the bad from the movie industry. I don't want to create something phony or suppositious, but rather, to find the existent and authentic story, reality with all of its beauty and flaws. I have mastered the "art" of telling the story photographically.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. My work has been published in several bridal magazines and I am listed in several preferred vendor lists from prominent venues. I have held memberships with PPA, WPPI, WPJA, and ISPWP. I have also been the recipient of the Top Knots Wedding and Event Photography award as well as Wedding Wire's Brides' Choice awards.

EYE Jogia Photography
Based In: London, United Kingdom
Other Locations: Dubai, Italy, Monaco, Kenya, India, Lake Garda, Los Angeles, Rome, Venice, Indonesia, Hong Kong, New York

Sanjay and Roshni Jogia are EYE Jogia Photography from London.

Together we see, feel and encapsulate the love, energy, excitement and fun that makes a wedding. Whether it’s the natural moments, details (large or small), or beautiful portraits, we will understand and convey the bond between the bride and groom and pour our heart and soul into making the images meaningful.

Reality + Fantasy

[Reality] Our approach is to be completely discreet during ceremonies so that we can capture the wedding in its natural state, and not alter its flow.

[Fantasy] During the creative portraits however, we like to be encouraging and energetic so that we can create beautiful images inspired by fashion, movies and art.

The result is that we always tell the whole story from the documentary images, through the fashion inspired portraits to the group shots.

Sanjay: I am the soul. 

My passion and vision for photography is augmented by my background as an Architect.  This means I appreciate innovation, creativity, form, light, surface and space; all of the things our images consist of.  I also believe that (like architecture) amazing photography is the synergy of creativity and technology, in other words, we understand our equipment just like our best friends!

Roshni: I am the heart.

I love meeting people and making things happen.  There’s nothing better than meeting two people who are head over heels in love and making them realise their dream of becoming one.  Couples love the ‘female touch’.  For me it’s all about giving personal attention, my vision, organisation and support and make sure everything goes smoothly on the day.

‘Love + Light ‘




Jasmine Star
Based In: Orange County, California
Other Locations: Costa Rica l Mexico l New York l California - Los Angeles * San Diego * San Francisco

I'm Jasmine Star and I'm an international wedding photographer based in Orange County, California. Though I've garnished awards for my work and was voted Top 10 Wedding Photographer by American Photo Magazine (in 2009), my crowning accomplishment was making meatloaf for the first time last year. I, however, still need to work on making the meatloaf edible.

Beginning just four years ago, I developed a voice and online brand by leveraging social media and developing techniques to empower clients to become the voice of my brand. I live with my husband and fabulous dog, and at times struggle to determine who is my favorite. I love to eat chocolate, run on the beach, and spend too much time writing on my blog. I hope to take the wedding industry by storm. Or learn how to make meatloaf. Whichever comes first.

Jasmine's Blog

Regeti’s Photography
Based In: Washington DC
Other Locations: Maryland and Virgina ll India ll We are also available for travel to any destination.

Regeti's Photography is a company owned and operated by husband and wife photographic teams. We pride ourselves on the understanding of every unique relationship not only that the client has as a couple together, but the entire dynamics that will surround you on the day of your wedding. Part of being able to capture and document a moment is being able to know and understand what will happen next, some call it intuition, not just being there in the moment, but truly being part of it and understanding it.

The Regeti's have become well known in the industry for the edginess of their style, the crisp clarity in their imagery and the ability to make an image come alive to the viewer. Among their peers they are respected for their knowledge in the field and their willingness to share during their speaking engagements offered during DWF (Digital Wedding Forum) and WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Professionals International). The Regeti's were featured on Nightline ABC considered to be "A Sign of the Times" as they have brought back and re-introduced the business of wedding boudoir to their peers and discerning clientele. Published within several publications worldwide from North America to Southeast Asia their work can be found published around the globe.

Asked what sets them apart The Regeti's would agree that it is their approach when it comes to their special clientele:

"When a client calls our studio it's at that point that we can tell if she is a "Regeti's Bride". She is infectious, her attitude totally worth catching. The excitement generates right through you so much that it is hard to even think of having a bad day. Our clients know what they want even before they arrive, but once they come to the studio and have spent time with us they say to us, "We never imagined that we could have been more blown away then we already were before we arrived." This is why we continue to do what we do, this is why we love what we do, this is in the end why we limit what we offer."

The Regeti's only accept 25 clients every calendar year. For them these are 25 "Friends for Life" and one will never be confused with the next, for each one their day is the only one that will matter and for the Regeti's it's the only way to ensure that quality will always be in front of quantity at their studio.

Morgan Lynn Photography
Based In: Houston, Texas USA
Other Locations: New Orleans, LA l Maui, Hawaii l Denver * Breckenridge, CO l New York, NY l Riviera May, Mexico

"When I was fifteen, I met the two great loves of my life. My husband and my camera. I have been capturing real love stories ever since."

-Morgan Lynn

Based in Houston, Texas yet a Colorado girl at heart, Morgan began her career while studying photography and business at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Wedding commissions have taken Morgan to South and Central America, the Caribbean and all over the U.S.

Maison di Veronica Masserdotti
Based In: Brescia, Lombardia ‚ Italy
Other Locations: Greece l Spain l Italy, Lombardia‚ Garda Lake‚ Verona‚ Bergamo‚ Mantova - Milan

Veronica Masserdotti was born in Brescia in the north of Italy in 1972.

She studied photography at Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera in Milan and has exibited her conceptual-photography in Italian art galleries.

In 1994 she began working as a wedding photographer specializing in photojournalistic style. Now she is a member of the best national and international photographic associations, and her photos have won several awards.

Style: Veronica is an “unconventional” photojournalistic wedding photographer. She tells the story of the wedding day with spontaneous images, unusual shots and many details.

Veronica' s wedding photography is essential, clean and elegant.

Work: Maison di Veronica Masserdotti is based in Brescia – Lombardy – Italy but Veronica works in all cities of Italy, Europe, USA and worldwide.

Philip Tsang Photography
Based In: Hong Kong
Other Locations: United Kingdom l France l London l Paris l Manchester l Liverpool l Wales

Philip is an award-winning photographer based in Hong Kong. He photographs local weddings and also travels to different regions in the world to capture the emotion and true joy of wedding couples. Philip is also a qualified lawyer in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. His passion in photography stemmed from his early childhood, which had become so strong that he eventually decided to leave the legal profession so that he can now devote all his energy to creating beautiful images.

Philip is a winner of local wedding photography awards as well as WPPI print competition awards. Apart from being a member of the renowned Best of Wedding Photography, Philip is also an active member of WPPI, WPJA, AGWPJA and WPHK. Philip's skill in wedding photojournalism ensures that touching and profound moments of weddings are captured in an artistic, romantic and elegant way. Philip strives to create images that have a real meaning to his clients.

Elle Jae
Based In: San Francisco, California
Other Locations: Sonoma l Napa l San Jose

Elle Jae Photography is the love child of San Francisco wedding photographers James Sanders and Lisa Crawford. Shooting together and independently, they seek out moments and gestures of emotion and honesty to create a genuine, beautiful representation of your wedding day. Each wedding becomes a wonderful exploration of culture, personality, feeling, light and motion. It’s this creative challenge that keeps everything fresh and exciting for this photography super-duo.

James comes from a fine art background in photography and has been using images to reveal the world around him since his awkward pre-teen years. After school for film & cinematography, Lisa went into theater production which lead to event/wedding design and coordination. From there it was a short (and happy) transition to wedding photography.

Together, their talents combine to give depth and breadth to the body of work produced for their brides and grooms.

“We have the best clients, the best weddings and the best time capturing beautiful and meaningful images. Every wedding is a blissful adventure and we feel honored to be invited. - Also, our moms’ say we are very talented ; )” -Lisa & James

Elle Jae's Blog

Jeff Ascough
Based In: UK/Lytham, Lancashire (England)
Other Locations: Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, North West, UK

Unobtrusive. This is the word that I like to use whenever anyone asks me to describe my approach to photographing a wedding. The dictionary definition is simple and concise; not conspicuous or attracting attention. It sums up my philosophy perfectly.

For me, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should be photographed quietly, sympathetically, and without the photographer dictating what happens in front of him. As soon as a photographer engages the subject or directs or controls the event, the wedding becomes the photographer's idea of what the wedding should look like, rather than what it actually is. Out of respect for the day, I prefer to record it in such a way as to produce images which are honest and truthful, and can be enjoyed for generations to come.

On the wedding day I set myself the challenge of finding pictures without directing, and by only using the available light. Within these pictures I set myself the further challenge. of finding geometry and rhythm; bringing together light, composition, and storytelling into each image. For me, a picture must not only be pleasing to the eye, but it should also have content which is strong enough to evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

For twenty years, photographing weddings has been my sole source of income, and my passion. I've covered over 1,000 wedding assignments in my career for people from all walks of life; from the girl-next-door to celebrities like Kevin Pietersen and Jessica Taylor, Jill Halfpenny and Craig Conway, and Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien.

My work has been exhibited all over Europe, and published worldwide; it has been featured in publications such as The Washington Post, Professional Photographer, British Journal of Photography, and The Master Photographer. I am the only British wedding photographer to be included in American Photo's list of the ten best wedding photographers in the world, and I was voted one of the top five wedding photographers in the world by the BBC and featured in the TV documentary 'Masters of Wedding Photography.' Italian luxury bridal magazine 'Just Married' named me as one of the world's best wedding photographers, and I've been voted 'You and Your Wedding' magazine's wedding photographer of the year three times.

Away from taking pictures, I am an international Ambassador for Canon cameras, and spend time each year education wedding photographers from all over the world.

My studio is based in the beautiful coastal town of Lytham in Lancashire, and although my preference is to work within the North West, I will often consider the occasional assignment further afield.

Chris+Lynn Photographers
Based In: Cabo, MEXICO (additional cities in Mexico include Puerto Vallerta & Riviera Maya)
Other Locations: CANADA - Vancouver, British Columbia l CALIFORNIA - Los Angles and Orange County

Is there anything better than doing what you love with the one you love? Husband and wife photographers Chris+Lynn bring their passion for life and for each other everywhere they go. An Emmy-award winning team, their cinematic style defines their imagery. Story-tellers at heart, their bold artistic vision and photojournalistic talent have won them international recognition and the love of their wedding clients around the world. When not photographing fabulous weddings of fabulous people, they like to collect passport stamps, get lost in foreign cities, backpack among the grizzlies, stargaze on their sailboat, and drink lime margaritas under the palms of their Baja beach home. Specializing in Cabo weddings and international destination events.

Graddy Photography
Based In: Minneapolis/St. Paul
Other Locations: Mexico l Jamaica

International Award-Winning studio located in Minneapolis/St. Paul. What sets us apart in the industry is our ability to portray the emotions and events of your wedding day in an unscripted, unobtrusive manner. We feel our work is distinct, passionate, and exclusive. We take a fresh, colorful approach to each wedding we cover with unmatched style, vision, and creativity.

Stephen Dohring Photography
Based In: Tampa FL
Other Locations: Bahamas, Caribbean ll Clearwater, Miami, Orlando, St. Augustine, Gainesville, Tallahassee

Stephen’s clients value their pictures more than any other purchase. It is the one wedding purchase that is forever and increases in value over time. More than just pretty pictures Stephen's modern approach is authentic to each couple with class and taste. Stephen personally handles every image from capture to final print to include the highest level of artistry and quality. He is warm, sincere, pleasant to be around, and even a little funny, (he thinks). Ready to travel and being based FL Stephen can offer a real advantage with travel plans for couples that desire unique wedding photography in Tropical destinations. Tampa wedding photographer

Allyson Magda Photography
Based In: Smack in the middle of Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA
Other Locations: San Francisco, Carmel, Napa, Orange County l Mexico l Hawaii

I have been a creative being since my feet hit the earth. I have lived all my life on the Coast of California, from Newport to Santa Cruz, I'm a California girl to the core. I love to travel, shooting along the way, with whatever camera I have with me at the time. I love my husband, sunshine, biking, gardening, art, our pup, good food, fine wine, the central coast, an outfit compromised of flipflops and jeans, authenticity, and sharing my vision of life with others through my work. I love life. Los Angeles wedding photographer

Aspect Photography by Shane ONeill
Based In: Waterford, Ireland
Other Locations: Ireland: Dublin l Cork l Kilkenny l Wexford l Galway l All of Ireland

Clients who enquire about their wedding photography usually have a few things in common: they are looking for natural images without too much fuss while searching for an alternative to the same old wedding photography.

So I have devised an approach which blends stylish documentary with stunning artistic imagery.

The documentary images reflect an emotional and atmospheric visualization of what actually happened on your wedding day. The artistic shots compliment these by creating high impact photos that have a wow factor and are captured in a timely manner. No posing required! The days of three hour post wedding shoots are over.

My photography has been recognised internationally, I am a full time member of the prestigious Wedding Photo Journalist’s Association, The Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist’s, The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and now The Best of Wedding Photography. All of my packages include a slick online presentation of your story and a copy of the wedding proofs.

My aim is always to exceed people’s expectations; I regularly receive comments complimenting my relaxed approach and the popular remark: “we didn’t even know you were there!” Waterford wedding photographer

Barbara Di Cretico Photography
Based In: Ascoli Piceno, Marche, Italy
Other Locations: Italy, Tuscany, Sicily l New York, Mexico l Hawaii

I had my first camera when I was 10 .... And I have never ceased to take photos. And study.

I think that the technique should be a means, important, but not the end.

When shooting, I forget everything, and the heart wins.

Every marriage, every love story, is different.

I like to understand what do you like, what people are important to you, and be invisible.

Take photos and tell.

I'm a member of WPJA and I was rewarded by this association. Ascoli Piceno wedding photographer

Greg Lappin Photography
Based In: St. Louis, Missouri
Other Locations: Chicago, Illinois l Available to travel in and outside the US

Greg Lappin is a Chicago award winning photographer who creates his images with an artistic style and creative eye. His work combines a blend of vintage, photojournalism, and fashion photography for a stunning contemporary result. He began his career with weddings and through that passion has diversified his talent into commercial and fashion photography. Outside of weddings commercial clients have included: BBDO New York, the NBA, and Rock Legend Chuck Berry. He is known for the personal relationships he builds with his clients which has brought him work from a diverse cliental both in and outside the US. He enjoys traveling to meet with clients and also works close to home in the St. Louis and Chicago area.

Nik Pekridis
Based In: Thessaloniki, Greece
Other Locations: Santorini, Mikonos, Rhodes, Corfu, Creta, Athens, Greece l Italy l United Kingdom

I have been a professional photographer for 25 years, and became a member of SWPP, WPPI, ISPWP and PWS in Greece in the last three years. I have won several awards through SWPP, WPPI, and PWS, for example, the 20x16 image completion. I am the only Greek photographer who received an award from ASWPP.

I categorize myself mostly as an editorial and fashion photographer, who likes the romance and feelings of happiness at weddings. I take posed and candid shots, with a ratio of 80-20 in fashion shots.

I just love weddings to feel the joy, glamour and happiness of the day. Thessaloniki wedding photographer


Steve Tinetti Photography
Based In: Denver, Colorado
Other Locations: Minnesota l Arizona l Phoenix l Minneapolis l St. Paul l Vail/Beaver Creek, Aspen, Breckenridge, Winter Park, Colorado

A photo may take only a moment to create, yet tells a story of a thousand words. As your professional artist, I am honored to capture as many stories as there are moments to share. Together, we will transcend the ordinary. Denver wedding photographer

Marco Miglianti Studio
Based In: Tuscany, Italy
Other Locations: Italy: Florence, Siena, Rome, Amalfi, Chianti, Portovenere l Foreign Locations: Europe, USA

Marco Miglianti Studio is a team of photographers specializing in photojournalistic wedding photography.

Our style is fresh and spontaneous; we get the simplicity of emotions to give back the genuine tale of your wedding.

Our studio is based in Tuscany (a few kilometers from Siena, Florence, Rome and Orvieto) but we work throughout Italy and foreign locations.

Tuscany wedding photographer

Studio Julie
Based In: Key West, Florida (Miami, Florida)
Other Locations: Naples, Florida l Palm Beach, Florida l Miami, Florida l Orlando, Florida l Bahamas l Cayman Islands l Dominican Republic

Bubbly on the surface and filled with Southern Charm throughout... Studio Julie giggles a lot and strives to be a fun, happy, easy going Miami wedding photographer. A lover of color, sunsets, kisses and crazy fun helps us drive the images that come out of our weddings!

del Sol Photography
Based In: Riviera Maya Mexico
Other Locations: Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Southeast USA | Atlanta GA

Matt and Sol are destination wedding photographers covering weddings throughout the Caribbean and specializing in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Together, as del Sol Photography, they were nominated as one of the Top 10 Wedding Photography studios by American Photo Magazine in 2009. Matt and Sol are off-camera flash experts who feature articles on the flash lighting blog and also specialize in the creative portrait. In addition, they have been embracing the phenomenon of the Trash the Dress photo session. They adapted a very equipment-heavy, technical style and take every photo shoot to the edge. Matt and Sol constantly seek out new and risky ideas that separate them from the competition.

Riviera Maya wedding photographer

Alisha + Brook Photographers
Based In: Napa Valley, CA
Other Locations: Los Gatos, Sonoma, San Francisco, Carmel, Los Angeles, CA l Hawaii l Mexico

Winners of the BOWP LENS & LIGHT HONOR, which recognizes true leaders in the wedding photography field.
-Best of Wedding Photography

Fabulous photographers capturing every moment, Brook and Alisha Todd.
-Oprah Winfrey

Among the 10 Best Wedding Photographers in the World
-American PHOTO 2007

About Alisha & Brook

Happily married over 10 years, Alisha and Brook share their passion for art in their blend of documentary and fine art photography. They also share a beautiful daughter they adore, Giada Bella. It could be said they left their hearts in San Francisco, as many of the weddings they photograph are in this city by the bay; as well as the vineyards of Napa Valley, and charming Carmel. With a love to travel, their destination weddings have taken them from the warm, sandy beaches of Mexico and Hawaii, to the breathtaking hills of romantic Tuscany, Italy.


Alisha and Brook were featured in American PHOTO's The 10 Best Wedding Photographers in the World. The duo was interviewed by anchor Richard Ques, on a show special on CNN International in Quest for the Perfect Photo.

The Oprah Show

In 2004, representing Eastman Kodak, Alisha and Brook photographed the nationally televised Fantasy Wedding Dreams Come True for the Oprah Show. The extravagant wedding was designed by celebrity event planner, Colin Cowie. As their images appeared at the conclusion of the Show, Oprah acknowledged them, "Fabulous photographers capturing every moment, Brook and Alisha Todd."

Alisha and Brook have photographed celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Shania Twain, jazz artists Diana Krall and Chris Botti, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, and the wedding of MLB, Pat Burrell of the Phillies.

Published in...

Alisha and Brook images have been published in many books including Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design, The Best of Wedding Photography, and The Portrait Photographers. Their images have graced the pages of many magazines including Destination Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Weddingbells, The Knot, Elegant Bride and Get Married. The duo has also been honored to be interviewed in articles of the following publications: Studio Photography, American PHOTO, Kodak's ProPass, and Rangefinder.

Napa Valley wedding photographer

Digital ProTalk
Based In: Cincinnati, Ohio
Other Locations:

David Ziser

Photographer, Lecturer, and Trainer

David Ziser, an internationally-renowned wedding photographer, has shared his knowledge with tens of thousands of photographers in five languages and in 14 countries worldwide. Studio Photography acclaimed "Award winning photographer, David Ziser, is showing the world how to take wedding pictures." The Dallas Morning News extolled Ziser as "wedding photographer extraordinaire." David is one of 101 worldwide who hold the highest honor of "Fellow" bestowed by the American Society of Photographers.

Current News

Almost 3 years ago David launched; a blog dedicated to the aspiring professional photographer looking to enhance his/her photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, and business skills. It's been called one of the best photo blogs out there. Readership continues to grow and is in excess of 165,000 page views per month. David also writes a monthly e-newsletter that emails to over 23,000 recipients.

By year end he will have completed 6 DVD's online for Kelby Training with 5 more planned for 2010.

David was asked by Professional Photographer Magazine to be a regular monthly contributor to their award winning publication.

He has also just partnered with the Digital Wedding Forum to be a monthly content provider. DWF is one of the most widely read wedding forums in the U.S.

David has just produced his first book on wedding photography entitled, "Captured By The Light, The Essential Guide On Extraordinary Wedding Photography." Kelby Media, who asked David to author the book provided assistance in design, layout, and marketing of the book. Kelby Media is the most successful producer of books of this kind in the world. Peachpit/New Riders have just finished publishing the book which will be in bookstores by mid-February 2010.

David was one of the leading platform speakers at WPPI lecturing to an enthusiastic audience of over 800 people.

He will be presenting again at both Photoshop World Conferences again in 2010.

David Ziser continues to be one of the leading trainers in the industry for over twenty years. His 2009 Digital WakeUp Call tour was called the best of the year and one of the best digital photography seminar series ever. He is currently planning another national tour for this year - 2010.

Cincinatti wedding photographer

Apresh Chavda Photography
Based In: London - United Kingdom
Other Locations: United Kingdom, Europe, India, Kenya, East Africa, United States

I am a storyteller, a visual artist with a true passion for wedding photography. My vision will capture real moments with emotion, honesty and creativity. My candid and unobtrusive approach to photography allows me to capture human emotions in their natural form throughout your wedding day.

London wedding photographer

Kate Harrison Photography
Based In: San Francisco Bay Area
Other Locations: Napa, Los Angeles, CA l Maui, Kauai, Hawaii l Bennington, VT

Kate joyously documents all your gorgeous, organic moments & details while you enjoy your wedding. Nothing cookie cutter or cheesy... just sweet, artistic photojournalism.

San Francisco wedding photographer

Lucida Photography
Based In: Vancouver, BC Canada
Other Locations: Hawaii - Kahului, Maui, Honolulu, Oahu l NY - New York

Melia holds a bachelor of Fine Art and has been photographing weddings since 2001.

Her style is the perfect blend of fine art portraiture and candid documentary photography. For over a decade she has served the culturally diverse brides and grooms of Vancouver and
spends half of the year on Maui, serving all the Hawaiian islands and Vancouver in the summer / fall. Available worldwide.

Vancouver wedding photographer

Tania Lezak Photographer
Based In: Philadelphia, PA
Other Locations: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Mexico, Caribbean

Tania Lezak is an international award winning wedding photographer, currently accepting commissions both domestically and internationally. Tania shoots destinations around the world, and has been a photographer for 14 years. She is an award-winning member of the AGWPJA, a member of WPPI, and is honored to be included among the elite Best of Wedding Photography group.

Carl Bower Photographs
Based In: Denver, Colorado
Other Locations: Maryland, Virginia l Washington, DC

As a documentary photographer, my primary concern has been making revealing, interpretive images of subjects both common and misunderstood. I began photographing weddings several years ago, approaching them in much the same way as my long-term projects or a magazine story.

Aside from taking the occasional group photos, during my normal coverage I don't arrange or stage my pictures in any way. I prefer to work with reality as I find it, and the authenticity of the resulting images is important to me. I want my subjects to look back at their photos ten, twenty, fifty years from now and remember precisely what they felt at the time. My focus is to convey the feeling of the day, the often complex relationships between those involved, and most of all, what is specific to them as individuals.

I work unobtrusively. It's hard to show people as they are if you're drawing attention to yourself. So I blend in, present but overlooked, quickly part of the background. I naturally concentrate on the couple, but also on their family and friends, what's happening in the corners, along the edges. I want the pictures to help them remember what they experienced, but also to show them things they never saw.

I tend to work with people seeking a different approach, those seeking not so much a book of Wedding Photos, but a series of beautiful, revealing pictures of one very specific point in their lives. Which just happens to be their wedding.

Denver wedding photographer

Viera Photographics
Based In: Portugal
Other Locations: Portugal - Cascais l California - San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sonoma, Napa l New York, NY l Rhode Island

Viera Photographics is a boutique wedding photography company specializing in creative, photojournalistic wedding photography. Our style of photography emphasizes stylish story telling with raw emotion. We combine elements of fashion photography, wedding photojournalism and reportage - discretely capturing the details and subtleties of life - telling your story your way in a visually compelling photographic essay. We are based in Portugal, but photograph all over the world!

Portugal wedding photographer

Johnstone Studios
Based In: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Other Locations: Lake Tahoe, California; Reno, Nevada; San Francisco, California; Napa Valley, California; Sacramento, California

After vows are exchanged and the last dance is done, your gorgeous photographs will be the reminder of the moments you cherished on your wedding day. Gift yourself the emotional, candid, creative photography of Tourine and Trevor Johnstone Lake Tahoe wedding photographers and you will be giving yourself memories to last a lifetime. Based in Lake Tahoe, this artistic team of photographers will capture the obvious and the unexpected. You will fall in love with their unassuming approach to capture all the details and moments both planned and unplanned throughout your day. Imagine seeing each other as you walk down the aisle, while going unnoticed is your family tearing up in the crowd, and the surprise discovery of these emotional and cherished moments simultaneously captured for your collection of photographs.

Luigi Rota Wedding Photographer
Based In: Lombardia, Italy
Other Locations: Lake Como, Milan, Rome, Venice, Sicily, Liguria, Tuscany l Switzerland l USA l France l London, UK l Dubai

Luigi Rota was born in 1973 at the age of 14 and immediately embarks on his training and adventure in the world of photography. With over 25 years of experience in the field, now owner of FOTOROTASTUDIO coordinates a team of professional photographers and videographers. Among the pioneers in Italy in the first photographers to bring the report in wedding photography, changing styles and techniques and creating dynamic images, non-standard and full of excitement and creativity. In 2007 he received important awards and international qualifications including: QIP and QEP- EFF on wedding photography and becomes part of the most important associations in the world of professional photographers: WPJA, AGWPJA, WPPI, ISPWP, FEARLESS, and those Italian: ANFM, Tau-Visual, FIOF, NPS. He is selected as a founding member for Italy from BOWP Best Of Wedding Photography which brings together the best wedding photographers in the world. Many of his images are used for magazines, exhibitions, books, publications and win important photographic competitions in the world. Photography teacher holds regular courses at various levels. From 2009 he was called as professor to hold some workshops on wedding photography aimed at professional photographers; Today her workshops are held in all Italy. Also selected by Nikon Italy as teacher "Nikon School". He collaborates with many agencies and companies in the industry including "Celebra Album" charge as Ambassador and Academy spokesperson. Evolving its technology, he devotes considerable time to research and experimentation.

Lombardia wedding photographer

David Beckstead
Based In: Spokane, Washington
Other Locations: Rome - Italy, London - England, Bahamas, Vancouver - Canada, Cabo San Lucas - Mexico

David was named “The Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo magazine:

David is truly a mountain man at heart! He has traveled to over 80 countries and almost every state in the US. He has hiked thousands of miles of backcountry, including above the base camp of Mt. Everest. He was one of the first registered trackers for Arizona Search and Rescue. He worked for the US Forest Service for 12 summers as a Hotshot firefighter fighting fires around the US and Canada, all the while carrying a Nikon SLR with a 50 mm 1.8 lens. David is a fine art watercolor painter and lover of all things artistic.

David lives out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere, NE Washington State. David mixes his passion for art and travel to run a 16 year destination wedding photography business. Kassandra, his wife (of 21 fabulous years!) and business partner, shares his passions. Together they have successfully mixed their lifestyle with their business. They have a 6 year old amazing girl named Asia! They have photographed weddings in Brazil, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, UK, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, Vietnam, Slovenia, Romania, Norway and many other destination style shoots.

David has a reputation for being honest and helpful and taking on life with passion and a smile!

Join David on his Facebook Page at

Check out: and

Spokane wedding photographer

Gandy Photographers
Based In: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Other Locations: Savannah, Valdosta, GA l Tallahassee, FL; St. Simon's Island, GA l Amelia Island, FL

Jeff and Julie are a husband and wife team of professional wedding and portrait photographers who share many passions. As a married couple, they appreciate the emotion that pours out of a wedding day, and as a photography team they complement one another in capturing that emotion in print. As wedding photographers, We see ourselves as artists documenting with our cameras the beauty and excitement of the day. Our goal is to capture the emotion of each couples story from beginning to end as we see it unfold. We create art by incorporating our subjects into the natural environment and primarily utilizing available light. We absolutely love what we do and if you ask those who know us, they will tell you the same.

Jeff and Julie's work has been published in Rangefinder Magazine, Studio Photography Magazine, Photo Industry Reporter, Southern Weddings Magazine, and The Knot Georgia, as well as many other regional publications. They have also been selected as a Five Star Platinum List vendor by Grace Ormonde's Wedding Style Magazine.

From your first consultation to the delivery of a world class custom designed wedding album, Jeff and Julie work together to give you an unforgettable photography experience.

Atlanta wedding photographer

Ben Chrisman
Based In: San Francisco, CA
Other Locations: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Hawaii, Chicago

Ben and Erin live in San Francisco, but travel nearly every weekend to weddings all around the United States and beyond. In 2007, Ben was ranked as the Photographer of the Year with the Wedding Photojournalist Association. In 2008, American Photo Magazine named Ben and Erin as two of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World. But more importantly, Ben and Erin love taking photographs that are meaningful, a little bit different and hopefully in the end, timeless.

San Francisco wedding photographer

Aperture Photographics
Based In: Eugene, Oregon
Other Locations: Maui, Hawaii l Jamaica l Mexico l Greece l Italy l Worldwide

As a child, my father introduced me to the joys of photography and I think I eventually managed to steal (or perhaps I should say borrow) every piece of camera gear he ever owned. I spent years running around in the mountains photographing wildlife and landscapes without a single human or manmade object of any kind in the images. Then my friends started getting married. And my sister got married. And much to my surprise I enjoyed doing this wedding photography thing. It wasn't long before someone told somebody else and they told someone else and before I knew what was happening, I was being hired on to shoot small weddings. My mom still teases me about the phone call -- Mom, I just got hired to shoot a wedding and they're gonna pay me THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

That was 15 years ago. Since then wedding photography has completely taken over my life and I couldn't be happier with the winding roads I've traveled with a camera in hand. Along the way, one of the most valuable photography lessons I've learned is that you can either do a lot of things poorly, or one thing really well. That's why for the past 10 years I've dedicated my business to shooting weddings, and ONLY weddings.

My style is to be a storyteller. I come to your wedding with my mind totally open - no expectations of what can or can't be done in a wedding photo and no expectations of how the story of your day will unfold itself.

Most weddings follow a somewhat traditional outline, but within that framework, every wedding is full of unique twists and small details... so to me, the true art of wedding photography is in the photographer's ability to see the uniqueness of your wedding and capture the day in a complete story. My goal is to create a visual story that will amaze and entertain your family and friends long into the future.

I suppose I've been drawn to wedding photography because I love people and I thrive on the creative challenge of doing something different every day. I truly enjoy meeting new people, seeing new cultures and new places, and most of all, I really do enjoy being a part of your family and your world on such a special occasion. I love that I get to be a witness, and a recorder, and a friend in this incredible moment of your life.

My primary style of shooting during most of the wedding day, is photojournalistic. I prefer to stay in the background quietly documenting everything I see and I won't embarrass you by yelling, Stop! Hold that pose! or anything like that.

During the family group time, I'm not shy - years of substitute teaching and working as a rafting guide (prior to becoming a photographer) taught me a lot about how to wrangle a crowd, so organizing everyone for a couple group shots will not be a problem.

Over the past 10 years I've photographed hundreds of weddings in the US and roughly 50 destination weddings outside the US, in locations such as Jamaica, Mexico, the Bahamas, Aruba, Hawaii, Barbados, Tortola, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Italy, Fiji, Tahiti, and Hong Kong.... Whew! And the list keeps growing all the time as couples surprise me with new destinations I've never even heard of. You brides never cease to amaze me with your cool choices of locations.

In 2006 I was approached by the publisher John Wiley & Sons to write a book on wedding photography. After many grueling months behind the laptop that project finally became a reality and you can now find Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories on the shelves at any major bookstore and online at I still can't believe it myself so every time I go into Borders I have to run straight to the photography section to check, and there's my book sitting there on the shelves with all the others.

Prices, contract and calendar can be found on my website as well as a selection of articles I've written that will help you plan your wedding day to get the most out of your photographer. If you don't have a location yet, here are a few suggestions from places I've seen.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Eugene wedding photographer

Anna Kuperberg
Based In: San Francisco
Other Locations: Los Angeles l New York l Hawaii l Tahoe l Any place!

Anna Kuperberg is a wedding photographer based in San Francisco. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart, InStyle, and Real Simple magazines. She was named one of the top 10 photographers in the world by American Photo magazine.

Crash Taylor – International Documentary Wedding Photographer
Based In: London, United Kindgdom
Other Locations: Spain l France l Italy l Los Angeles, California

Born in Los Angeles, International Wedding Photographer Crash Taylor is one of the United Kingdom's most in demand documentary wedding photographers. In 2009, Crash was named one of the top 10 UK winter wedding photographers by Professional Photographer magazine. Based in England, he is known for his use of light, location, artistic eye and unobtrusive style. These four elements are used to create stunning images that elicit rave reviews time after time. He photographs 35 wedding adventures each year and has shot weddings in Spain, France, Finland and Hawaii. When he is not shooting weddings he spends his time eating pretzels and travelling the world with his wife and best friend Ilona and their son Jake. He believes life without family, passion and photography is unforgivable.

London wedding photographer

Ira Lippke Studios
Based In: New York, NY
Other Locations: Long Beach, California l Paris, France l Brazil l India

With studios in both New York and Southern California, Ira Lippke shoots extraordinary events each year in international locations as diverse as a Tuscan castle, a Balinese beachfront, a royal Punjab Indian landscape, and many of the finest resorts around the world. He is the recipient of the Photographer of the Year award from the Wedding Photojournalist Association, First Place in Brides Magazine international Photo Competition and Peter Jennings' "Person of the Week", and is featured regularly in such prestigious venues as Elegant Bride, Inside Weddings, The Knot, and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.

Ira Lippke was born to bohemian parents who raised him and his four younger siblings in a converted school bus in Colorado and Washington State. With forests, orchards and mountains serving as his schoolhouse, Lippke developed an acute visual sensibility that found its perfect outlet in photography, which he immersed himself in from the age of 14. Without the intrusion of mainstream culture's image-saturated mediascape, Lippke was able to develop ann ability to fram the everyday in an unusual and distinctly personal way. Lippke has become one of the country's most celebrated wedding photographers, known for his ability to capture the distinct style and emotional ambience of every event with sophistication and professionalism. Lippke is an avid collector of contemporary fine-art photography and spends his free time surfing, riding his motorcycle, following independent film and music, reading and engaging family and friends in lively conversation.

New York City Wedding Photographer

Edoardo Agresti – Photographer
Based In: Florence - Tuscany - Italy
Other Locations: New York/USA - London/UK - Moscow/Russia - Paris/France - Puerto Vallarda/Mexico

Born in Florence, Edoardo inherited his father’s passion for travel and for photography so much so it became his profession. Edoardo’s travels began at the age of 9 (he has travelled on more than 130 expeditions all over the world) and has allowed him to develop a special sensitivity in his mind and heart allowing him to grasp reality in all its beauty and depth.

His photography is reportage - whether it be a trip, a wedding or a backstage event. His meetings with important international photographers has allowed him to grow and learn to photograph in relation to his subject. The advice and teachings of Steve McCurry on the study of light were valuable lessons and left an indelible mark on his way to shoot photography. For the last several years, Edoardo’s photography has been undergoing a new change under the influence of new photographers such as Paolo Pellegrin and his ways of telling stories and Micheal Ackerman for his perception of reality.

Edoardo is a member of important international associations: Wedding Photojournalistic Association, Artistic Guild WPJA, ISPWP. These associations are some of the most important associations that welcome American and British photographers after careful screening and only select the best international photographers that shoot wedding photography in reportage style. Edoardo is also founder of Best of Wedding Photography.

Edoardo has also participated in reportage photography and wedding photography in numerous events, seminars and workshops in Italy, in 2013 and in 2014 he was invited as a speaker in Spain and in Brazil in some of the most important conventions on wedding photography in the world.

Edoardo and his team of wedding photographers have been requested all over the world by the most important international wedding planners: Perth (Australia), St. Petersburg (Russia), New Orleans, New York, Bozeman (USA), Puerto Vallarda (Mexico), London, Brighton, Oxford (UK), Paris (France), Lagos (Nigeria), Edinburgh (Scotland) and others.


Photojournalism and documentary
Over the past 10 years he has received numerous awards in wedding photography and travel reportage. Among the most important are: the first prize in the category People in the UK contest Black and White Spider, winner of the National Geographic Contest, first place in the Masters Cup Color American; first place in Photojournalism category at International Color Awards; silver medal in One Eyeland Photography contest and honorable mentions in the IPA (Lucie Awards) in the sections' feature essay 'and' wedding 'and the Royal Geographic Society in TPOY. Winner of SIPA Siena International Contest in 2017 and one of the four Honarable Mentions in Human World - Photography competition nel 2018.

Edoardo Agresti was elected in 2008, 2009 and 2011 "Photographer of the Year" by the National Association of wedding photographers Also in 2011 he was elected POY - Photographer Of the Year - by the American Association AGWPJA, Edoardo entered the list of the most important 50 wedding photographers in the world by the prestigious Association Junebug in 2009, 2011 and 2014.

In 2015 Edoardo has been selected to be one of the international judges in the most important chinese photographic festival CPA.

In 2016 First prize for 'Wedding album (single photographer)' at WPPI annual contest in Las Vegas'

Tuscany wedding photographer


Flavio Bandiera – Wedding Photography
Based In: Baldissero Torinese - Turin - Italy
Other Locations: Monte Carlo, Switzerland, U.K., Hong Kong, U.S.A.

Flavio Bandiera was born in 1970, and lives with his wife in Turin, in the north of Italy. He is an an award-winning Turin wedding photographer who has been dedicated for over fifteen years to international photographic projects and has received numerous accolades for his dedication to maximizing the artistic side of his favorite subject, wedding photography.

In 2008, Flavio became the QIP of the year (the Italian Qualification for professional Photographers) and in the same year he receives the QEP title (the European Qualification) in Wedding Photography. His personal touch in photography allows him to work all over, meeting and knowing new cultures and discovering the different tastes in the world of weddings. He has an agent in Hong Kong for works in Singapore, China, Japan and Malaysia.