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Other Locations: Maui, Hawaii l Jamaica l Mexico l Greece l Italy l Worldwide

As a child, my father introduced me to the joys of photography and I think I eventually managed to steal (or perhaps I should say borrow) every piece of camera gear he ever owned. I spent years running around in the mountains photographing wildlife and landscapes without a single human or manmade object of any kind in the images. Then my friends started getting married. And my sister got married. And much to my surprise I enjoyed doing this wedding photography thing. It wasn't long before someone told somebody else and they told someone else and before I knew what was happening, I was being hired on to shoot small weddings. My mom still teases me about the phone call -- Mom, I just got hired to shoot a wedding and they're gonna pay me THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

That was 15 years ago. Since then wedding photography has completely taken over my life and I couldn't be happier with the winding roads I've traveled with a camera in hand. Along the way, one of the most valuable photography lessons I've learned is that you can either do a lot of things poorly, or one thing really well. That's why for the past 10 years I've dedicated my business to shooting weddings, and ONLY weddings.

My style is to be a storyteller. I come to your wedding with my mind totally open - no expectations of what can or can't be done in a wedding photo and no expectations of how the story of your day will unfold itself.

Most weddings follow a somewhat traditional outline, but within that framework, every wedding is full of unique twists and small details... so to me, the true art of wedding photography is in the photographer's ability to see the uniqueness of your wedding and capture the day in a complete story. My goal is to create a visual story that will amaze and entertain your family and friends long into the future.

I suppose I've been drawn to wedding photography because I love people and I thrive on the creative challenge of doing something different every day. I truly enjoy meeting new people, seeing new cultures and new places, and most of all, I really do enjoy being a part of your family and your world on such a special occasion. I love that I get to be a witness, and a recorder, and a friend in this incredible moment of your life.

My primary style of shooting during most of the wedding day, is photojournalistic. I prefer to stay in the background quietly documenting everything I see and I won't embarrass you by yelling, Stop! Hold that pose! or anything like that.

During the family group time, I'm not shy - years of substitute teaching and working as a rafting guide (prior to becoming a photographer) taught me a lot about how to wrangle a crowd, so organizing everyone for a couple group shots will not be a problem.

Over the past 10 years I've photographed hundreds of weddings in the US and roughly 50 destination weddings outside the US, in locations such as Jamaica, Mexico, the Bahamas, Aruba, Hawaii, Barbados, Tortola, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Italy, Fiji, Tahiti, and Hong Kong.... Whew! And the list keeps growing all the time as couples surprise me with new destinations I've never even heard of. You brides never cease to amaze me with your cool choices of locations.

In 2006 I was approached by the publisher John Wiley & Sons to write a book on wedding photography. After many grueling months behind the laptop that project finally became a reality and you can now find Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories on the shelves at any major bookstore and online at I still can't believe it myself so every time I go into Borders I have to run straight to the photography section to check, and there's my book sitting there on the shelves with all the others.

Prices, contract and calendar can be found on my website as well as a selection of articles I've written that will help you plan your wedding day to get the most out of your photographer. If you don't have a location yet, here are a few suggestions from places I've seen.

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