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Yvonne Zemke – Wedding Photography
Based In: Düsseldorf, Germany
Other Locations: Germany: Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin l Austria l Italy

Yvonne Zemke has a passion for the vitality of a wedding day – a cornucopia of emotions just waiting to be transformed into a story.

"Reportage and Portraits, both have their place. I cannot imagine the one without the other. The reportage tells the story of the day, and captures the little moments that could, with time, be so easily forgotten. – whereas the portraits are the cherry on the cake – they reflect the bridal couple as they perceive themselves. The most important thing I ever learned has little to do with technology or photographic rules: creating an atmosphere with pictures.

If I had to choose some of my favourite moments of a wedding day, the getting-ready would definitely be one of them. The anticipation and anxiety that pervade the air, lend a special flair to the pictures. I especially love doing portraits when couples manage to forget about me, and lose themselves in each other – in total oblivion of all family and guests.

My work is influenced by a mixture of new school american wedding photography, with its vibrancy and tendency to break all traditional rules – and the classic European masters that inspire me most. I can get lost in black & white work. Perhaps this is one reason I have such a hard time deciding between colour and B&W when I develop my images."