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Guido Grauer Wedding Photographer
Based In: Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
Other Locations: Switzerland - Zurich, Luzern, Ticino l South Africa - Greater Kruger Area l Tanzania l Zanzibar

Wedding photography is my passion. I accompany your wedding day in a unobtrusive way and become part of the wedding party. My goal is to make emotional pictures of you and the wedding guests. Iā€™m always in between - looking for special…

Zanzibar Wedding Photographers | Guido Grauer Wedding Photographer

Our professional Zanzibar wedding photographers unanimously agree that Zanzibar is a magical and stunning place to exchange your wedding vows ā€“ congratulations. Imagine sharing a tender glance or kiss while the sun sets on one of the gorgeous beaches ā€“ Paje Beach or Isola Nakupenda Beach or Uroa Bay. If you are in Stone Town, the views from Marahubi Palace are breathtaking or how about the Malindi Mosque or the fascinating Ngome Kongwe (old fort)? And if you love butterflies and want them in your wedding photos, then Zanzibar Butterfly Center is perfect. The Mtoni Palace Ruins are also quite fascinating. As you can see, depending on the location of your wedding venue, the possibilities are endless. Your Zanzibar wedding photographers will be happy to find idyllic locations for modern and artistic wedding photos. It is best to schedule early ā€“ our top wedding photographers in Zanzibar book quickly. Be prepared to be amazed at your final wedding album.