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Mon Conte de Fées – Iwona Paczek
Based In: Paris and Toulouse, France
Other Locations: Bordeaux, Saint Tropez, Nice, Arcachon

Iwona Paczek est photographe et Mon Conte de Fées est sa vison de la photographie de mariage : la poésie et le pouvoir de capturer des moments importants de votre mariage sont les deux aspects essentiels de son travail. Elle propose…

Toulouse Wedding Photographers | Mon Conte de Fées – Iwona Paczek

If you are getting married in beautiful Toulouse, then our Toulouse wedding photographers will be extremely proud to display our rich heritage in your wedding photos. And what can be more romantic than a city that is referred to as the Ville Rose. Our Toulouse wedding photographers have captured some dreamy photographs among the gorgeous botanical gardens of Jardin des Plantes and along the Canal du Midi. Some of our history buff newlyweds enjoyed having their wedding photos taken on the Le Bazacle Bridge, the 1555 Fondation Bemberg mansion, and the beautiful Basilique de la Daurade. What is your favorite setting? Our wedding photographers in Toulouse would be happy to recommend some fabulous locations close to your wedding venue. You will be amazed by the brilliant and professional photographs of your wedding. Don’t wait too long.

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