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EduFederice Photo e Film
Based In: Brazil – São Paulo – Rio – Recife
Other Locations: Italy - Milan, Tuscany, Como l California l Utah l New York

The EduFederice Photo and Film was created in the United States, in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. The opportunity to follow the story of couples from different countries, such as Argentina, United States, Mexico and Uruguay, enriched the…

Recife Wedding Photographers | EduFederice Photo e Film

Your search for the greatest Recife wedding photographers is finally over – you just found them here on Best of Wedding Photography. Beautiful and enchanting Recife ‘the Venice of Brazil’ – congratulations you two from our highly skilled Recife wedding photographers! Can you just imagine being photographed sharing a precious moment with your sweetheart as the gorgeous sun sets on the Boa Viagem Beach that is lined with pretty coconut palms? Cabo de Santo Agostinho is also lovely. And if you love historical and stunning baroque churches and colonial buildings, there are many that our professional Recife wedding photographers can take you to. And if you fancy culture and activity, Recife’s Carnival is spectacular. You will be delighted with the results of your final treasured wedding album. Be sure to book early to ensure our wedding photographers in Recife are available.

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