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Manuel Rusca Weddings Photographer
Based In: Genova, Italy
Other Locations: Italy - Liguria, Portofino, Cinque Terre, Piedmont, Tuscany

My name is Manuel Rusca, a specialized photographer to crown your dream of love, with splendid pictures of rare and precious moments in an unforgettable wedding party. I always loved photography, but I started being seriously invested in it…

Piedmont Wedding Photographers | Manuel Rusca Weddings Photographer

Fulvio Pettinato Fotografia
Based In: Verbania (Piedmont - Italy)
Other Locations: Switzerland - Ticino l Italy - Como, Milano, Trento, Torino

Emotion reportage photographer. Natural photos without being intrusive. Always looking for unique and more 'real moments, all conducted with intense sensitivity which is the basis for a good photograph. Verbania wedding photographer

Piedmont Wedding Photographers | Fulvio Pettinato Fotografia

How lovely that you will be exchanging your wedding vows in gorgeous Piedmont – our famous award-winning Piedmont wedding photographers certainly agree that you are marrying in one of the most romantic places in the world. This is absolutely as close to paradise and romance as you can get. Our modern Piedmont wedding photographers love to take wedding photos in Santuario Basilica La Conolata, Palazzo Borromeo, Piazza San Carlo, Piazza Castelllo, Museo Nazionale del Dinema, Mole Antonelliana, as well as along Lake Orta or Lago Maggiore (just to name a few locations). No matter where your wedding is being held, our top wedding photographers in Piedmont will be absolutely delighted to spend your wedding day with you – just give them the location of your church and venue and they will take it from there. Make sure you book early in your wedding planning to ensure they will be available for you.

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