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Dani Alda Photography
Based In: San José, Costa Rica
Other Locations: Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá l Belpomán, Belize l Cancún, México l Lima, Perú l New York, EEUU

I’m Dani Alda, I was born in Madrid, but actually I live in Costa Rica. Those who know me tell about me I’m cheerful, genuine, committed and a passionate person in what I do. I love movies, music, nature, cats and photography. I’m a…

Panama Wedding Photographers | Dani Alda Photography

Welcome and congratulations from our talented and professional Panama wedding photographers at Best of Wedding Photography. So you are getting married in the ‘Crossroads of the Americas’ – such a lovely and romantic place. Imagine exchanging loving glances on your wedding day captured in a photo forever along the beach of Playa Las Lajas. Oh how about in the quaint and picturesque village of Isla Taboga? These are just two of the hundreds of places for wedding photographs and our best Panama wedding photographers would be delighted to work with you close to your venue. From Pearls Islands to Sanata Catalina to the San Blas Islands to stunning Sendero Los Quetzales to the lovely view along the Amador Causeway, idyllic locates are endless. Be sure to book our wedding photographers in Panama early in your planning process so that they are available for your once in a lifetime special day.

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