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Claire Morgan Photography
Based In: Mallorca, Spain
Other Locations: Ibiza, Menorca

Allowing the spontaneity of the people to emerge and being there to capture it. These are the true memories of each unique wedding; the laughter, the tears and the warm tender moments. These are the memories that we carry with us into the…

Menorca Wedding Photographers | Claire Morgan Photography

You must be so excited to be getting married in Menorca and you two are not the only ones, so are our Menorca wedding photographers. Welcome to the land of romance and gorgeous sunsets. Let our Menorca wedding photographers tell you about some amazing locations with our previous newlyweds like the breathtaking landscape along the sandy beaches – Cala Turqueta, Play de Son Bou, Playas de Algaiarensto just to mention a few for your wedding photographs. If you are a history buff and lover of architecture, there’s the La Mola de Menorca and the Cathedral Ciudadela and Isla del Ray or Fornells Tower or Esglesia de Santa Maria, etc. This is your lucky day – you just located the very, very, best modern, artistic, and creative wedding photographers in Menorca that you will ever find right here on Best of Wedding Photography. Forgot to mention, they are also the very best in the world. Warm wishes to you on your wedding day!

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