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Over the years I have come to appreciate that our most important job is listening to you, learning about your family and the plans for your wedding. Your wedding is not my photo shoot. Your wedding is a very special family event. My objective…

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Hello and congratulations from our Indianapolis wedding photographers. There are plenty of gorgeous places to have your wedding pictures taken and we will only mention a few and can recommend places close to your venue. Avon Gardens is absolutely beautiful, as is the Garfield Conservatory and Sunken Gardens filled with lovely roses, a pretty waterfall and lily pads. Or get two in one – beauty and history – luscious flowers and ‘the ruins’ at Holiday Park. Here you will find sculptures from the St. Paul building in New York City. More pretty gardens -- Eagle Creek Park, White River Gardens, and Oldfields-Lilly House and Gardens. Do you love architecture and churches? Then the Scottish Rite Cathedral is perfect for you! Our Indianapolis wedding photographers will be delighted to help you find the perfect location for your wedding photos. And you are fortunate – you just found the greatest wedding photographers in Indianapolis here at Best of Wedding Photography.

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