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Fotomanufaktur Wessel
Based In: Germany, North Rhine Westfalia
Other Locations: Germany - Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Leverkusen, Paderborn‎

My name is Michael Epke-Wessel. I am a wedding photographer and I am happy that you would like to learn more about me. One thing right off the bat: I do not hide behind Fotomanufaktur – I stand behind it with my entire being! I come from…

Essen Wedding Photographers | Fotomanufaktur Wessel

Our very talented Essen wedding photographers are anticipating capturing your wedding memories in the most beautiful coal mine of the world. Don’t let coal mine throw you off. Essen is a warm and architectural-rich city – simply amazing. Our Essen wedding photographers will be sure to guide you to ideal locations for your wedding photos if you do not already have some in mind. How about Grugapark Essen – a jewel of an oasis in the city? Villa Huegel is also lovely, as are Kruppsiedlung Nargarethenhohe and Alte Synagoge, and Kettwiger altstadt. Be sure to book your wedding photographers in Essen as soon as you can so that they can be available for one of the most important days of your lives. Congratulations!

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