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Over the years I have come to appreciate that our most important job is listening to you, learning about your family and the plans for your wedding. Your wedding is not my photo shoot. Your wedding is a very special family event. My objective…

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If you are looking for modern and professional Decatur wedding photographers, you've come to the right place. This is the ideal location for wedding photographs especially if you love to be steeped in history and culture. If you happen to be getting married downtown, why not get a shot in front of our beloved statue of Abraham Lincoln? A few other suggestions would be in any of the conservation areas and parks for fabulous scenic backgrounds – Central Park is also a favorite. And let’s not forget along the shores of Lake Decatur and Sangamon River – oh those lovely sunsets too. Your search is over for top-notch wedding photographers in Decatur. Our members represent some of the top wedding photographers working in the area. If you choose one of our Decatur wedding photographers, please let them know you found them on Best of Wedding Photography.

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