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Dani Alda Photography
Based In: San José, Costa Rica
Other Locations: Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá l Belpomán, Belize l Cancún, México l Lima, Perú l New York, EEUU

I’m Dani Alda, I was born in Madrid, but actually I live in Costa Rica. Those who know me tell about me I’m cheerful, genuine, committed and a passionate person in what I do. I love movies, music, nature, cats and photography. I’m a…

Belpoman Wedding Photographers | Dani Alda Photography

Our award-winning and best Belpomán wedding photographers can hardly wait to capture your special day. It’s amazing to be getting married in Belize but even more incredible in Belpomán. Wherever you chose to get married, there is a ‘Garden of Eden’ right around the corner from you – brilliant seas surrounded by unspoiled and uncrowded sandy and white beaches. Perhaps you will decide to make your vows aboard a yacht. Ah, we can see a romantic sunset wedding photograph in store for you. And breathtaking tropical flowers are everywhere. And who better to take your wedding pictures than our Belpomán wedding photographers – the ‘cream of the crop’ across the whole world. Be prepared to be awed by the beauty captured in your treasured wedding album by your wedding photographers in Belpomán. Your friends and family will be happy for you and perhaps a tad envious.

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