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Rik Pennington Photography
Based In: London, UK
Other Locations: UK - East Sussex l France - Dordogne, Aix en Provence l Italy - Tuscany, Amalfi

I'm a London wedding photographer shooting in a documentary style combined with creative couple portraits. My aim is to constantly push the boundaries of creative wedding photography and exceed my couple's expectations. I tell the story of…

Aix en Provence Wedding Photographers | Rik Pennington Photography

Simon Cassanas – ScPhoto
Based In: Paris - France
Other Locations: Monte-Carlo - Monaco l Qatar l Dubai l France - Reunion, Aix en Provence, Lyon l Tahiti

I love weddings, these moment are really rich, which is good and positive feelings for everyone… It is one of the most important events in life, and being in charge of photographing it, is a privilege… I am fully aware of this…

Aix en Provence Wedding Photographers | Simon Cassanas - ScPhoto

Zasil Studio
Based In: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Other Locations: Worldwide l New York l Aix en Provence, France l Europe

Back in the days when I was a child, before I had a photo team and competition running wild, I could find mysterious forms seeing through an old broken cam. This became a teenage passion: Drawing With the Light, A real discipline and Finding…

Aix en Provence Wedding Photographers | Zasil Studio

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One of the most legendary cities in Provence -- Aix en Provence – what can be more perfect than exchanging your vows in this beautiful city? Our Aix en Provence wedding photographers know plenty of locations for stunning wedding photos. So rich with culture and history – from Eglise Saint-Jean-de-Malte, La Place De La Maitie, to the Cathedrale Saint-Sauver. The Mazarin Quarter with its checkered pattern streets is another fabulous location, as well as the Albertas Gardens complete with awesome ponds. And our Aix en Provence wedding photographers would like to list a few more gorgeous gardens: Bastide De Romégas Gardens, Vendôme Pavilion Gardens, Georges Vilers Park, and Torse Walk. And there are so many more – our ‘cream of the crop’ wedding photographers in Aix en Provence will be delighted to help you locate your paradise for your wedding photos.

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