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Based In: Vancouver, BC Canada
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Melia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2002. After several years of drawing and painting, she came to photography in the last semester of her last year. Unlike many photographers, she was not given her father’s camera at an early age but was, happily, allowed to borrow it in that last year of art school to shoot her first wedding for the cost of the film. The week spent waiting for the proofs was agonizing but ultimately rewarding when the photos not only ‘worked’ but managed to capture some character of the families and some beautiful light to boot.

Today Melia and her husband Jules document a very limited number of Vancouver weddings in the summer and the odd winter destination for couples who seek a largely documentary approach but also desire strong creative portraits. Melia seeks to collaborate with clients to make unusual and delightful images which reflect their character and connection as well as their beauty.

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