Best of Wedding Photography

David Zaveloff Photography
Based In: Philadelphia, PA
Other Locations: New Jersey l Delaware l Maryland l New York

My approach is vintage modern. It’s about respect. Respect for the craft, respect for history, respect for the perpetuity of your images.

I don’t like to follow fads, using the same gear and techniques as everyone else. The method is about crafting images that are as ageless as your bond, images that hold their power and emotion long after trends have come and gone.

I take the artisan’s approach. Choose the best tools for the moment.

Create something eternal. Be innovative. Stand on the shoulders of those that have come before.

I blend in and avoid directing the action, capturing splendor and authenticity as they happen. I truly believe that there is beauty in the unscripted, that the truth of the moment is lost when the photographer intervenes.